Horizontal pump for slurry CNBM From China

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China main port
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1 set
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200 set/month

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Product Description:

  • Quick Details

    • Model Number: YQ ZGM

    • Theory: Centrifugal Pump

    • Structure: Single-stage Pump

    • Usage: Water

    • Power: Electric

    • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

    • Fuel: Diesel

    • Pressure: High Pressure

    • Application: Sewage

    • color: any color

    • certification: ISO9001

    • application: sewage, mining industry

    • Mode: horizontal

    • theory: centrifugal pump

    • packing: wooden case

    • MOQ: 1 set

    • OEM: welcome

    • payment: TT or LC

    • warranty: 1 year

    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:standard exporting wooden case or as the customer's request
    Delivery Detail:within 10-20 days upon the receipt of the payment

    Product Description


                                              ZGM horizontal pump for slurry




    ZGM/ZJ slurry pump


    Centrifugal pump


    The pump is widely used to transport strong-wearing and high-density slurry, such as rejects,

     finished ore, trash, coal mud and sand slurry  cement slurry for the industrial 

    department of mine, metallurgy, power and coal.


    Function range

    Flow rate:4-2330m3/h


    Motor power



    Solid-liquid slurry pumps of type ZJ and ZGM are effective wearproof slurry pumps 


    The pumps can not only convert the solid-liquid energy in the pump body fully but also 

    improve away the worn conditions of overcurrent parts.


    With advanced waterpower design, rational construction and high-rigidity wearproof materials, comparing with other pumps, the pumps have the characters of high efficiency, excellent cavitation, long service life and steady operation.


    The pump is widely used to transport strong-wearing and high-density slurry, such as rejects,

     finished ore, trash, coal mud and sand slurry for the industrial department of mine, metallurgy, 

    power and coal.









    Type-ZJ and ZJM slurry pumps are new-type effective energy-saving anti-ablation pumps designed and developed by Hebei Yongquan Pump Industry Co., Ltd. And Tsinghua University jointly .




    The pumps have comprehensively absorbed advantage of similar products ar home and abroad and are innovated in terms of hydraulic design , structure design and wearproof materials used , which have the characters of high efficiency energy saving low noise steady operation long service ife and convenient maintenance, etc.





    They can be widely applied to transport slurry with solid particles for such industries as electricity, metallurgy, coal and building materials, for example, for hydraulic removal of ashes in thermal power station, mine slurry delivery in metallurgy concentrating mill and delivery of coal slurry and heavy media in coal separation plants . The allowable maximum slurry weight concentration, Cw, for delivery is :45% for grout and coal slurry,60% for mine slurry and heavy media.

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Q:water pump....?
Why would u want this? Your fish would suffocate, you bacterial bed will die, there will be no water movement in your tank. If you want to have a good filter that makes no noise, makes air, and filters, then buy the JEPO liquid filter which is under water but attached to your glass, it makes bubbles and filters.
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Not it's because you have a cracked cylinder head. Does the exhaust spew out a lot of white smoke? Edit: Having a blown head gasket does not explain the missing coolant. If you had a misfire or the engine was struggling a little then yes the head gasket would explain that. If you've never seen white smoke from the exhaust or under the hood, then I would say it is because the fan is not working properly. The gurgling that you hear is the boiling water going from the radiator to the reservoir tank. It is probably overfilling the reservoir tank and evaporating as well.
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Forehead... Flow do not understand it....
Q:What is the reason that the water supply of pump is getting smaller?
1., first look at the external situation, to see whether the water pump is running, the water level is not normal, the water inlet has nothing blocked.2., exclude the external situation, or small water, the pump itself may leak, it will also make water smaller
Q:Do you have to replace the water pump when you replace the timing belt on a 2004 Chevy Aveo LS?
your water pump wont break because you are doing a timing belt. BUT keep in mind that if your water pump should leak in the near future they would have to take the timing belt back off because you have to remove the inside timing cover to get to the water pump. I think that they are trying to actually save you some money in the long run.think of it as insurance. if something happens after the water pump is replaced. you have a warranty on that part(s) and find out how long of a warranty for both parts and labor.
Q:2002 Mitsubishi eclipse water pump?
i would get out of that thing they are nothing but trouble always! a have a freind got a nice chevy ,never been happier?
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This okorder.com/... Look on the front of the engine and see if it is there with a pulley and normal belt on it.
Q:Can I use Ultra Blue gasket maker on a water pump?
i could replace the gasket now particularly of attempting to recollect on end leak. reckoning on the place you reside, it somewhat is gonna get chilly authentic quickly. Wrenching in chilly climate sucks. And if the unique water pump has by no skill been replaced, you're able to think of approximately doing that while you have it aside, no count if it is not too costly for a clean/rebuilt pump. i be responsive to it could be in simple terms my success to take all of it aside, replace the gaskets, then have the water pump crap out 2 months later. DOH!
Q:What causes a water pump on a car to go bad?????
Bearing siezes/ Housing leaks/ Seals wear out. All do to use, expanding/contracting due to heat and cool down, and time also. Just a side note for Bryan K a car being FWD or RWD has no bearing on how much room you have for the waterpump or vice versa. This is a generalized statement that holds no truth. I'll give you one example that makes that statement false : when replacing a timing belt/water pump 96-01 Audi A4 1.8t 4cyl the entire front bumper and support must be removed in order to gain access to the timing belt and water pump. However this method is true for both FWD/AWD models. 99.5 to 2004 volkswagens have the same 1.8t engine but they are not longitudinally orientated the water pump and timing belt can be accessed fairly easy a lot less labor than the audi and the jetta is also available in FWD and AWD. Before someone contradicts the AWD jetta look up 4motion volkswagens. There are not alot in the states but they exist. Thanks for allowing me to throw inmy two cents in correcting generalized truths that are not true.

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