Horizontal Pump For Firefighting

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Singlestage double suction,horizontal firefighting pump set is newly developed according to market needs.Its executive standard is GB6245《Fire pump》,and the most advanced hydraulic model is applied,combining with the characteristics of double suction pump.It is high efficient and energy-saving,reliable performance,easy to install and use.It is used to transport clean water or liquid with physical and chemical property similar to clean water.Max temperature of liquid can not exceed 80℃.


It has been widely used in fire fighting and living water supply of industry the residence buildings.

Parameter range

Inlet diameter:150-300mm(6"-12")



Rate of rotation:2980r/min、1450r/min


Two seal types: stuffing seal or mechanical seal

Structural Characteristics

Both inlet and outlet of XBD-S type pump are below the pump’s axial central line.They are perpendicular with axial line and horizontally placed in the middle of pump casing.There is no need to remove inlet,discharge pipeline and electric motor(or some other motors).The pump rotates clockwise from the direction of the coupling.The pump which rotates anticlockwise can also be manufactured according to the requirements,but it should be specified when ordering.

  XBD-S type pump is mainly made up of pump casing(1),pump cover(2),impeller(3),shaft(4) and double suction seal ring(5),shaft sleeve(6) and bearing(15),etc.Except that the material for the bearing is first grade carbon steel,the remained are all made of cast steel(See the structural drawing of pump).

  Pump casing and pump cover compose an impeller’s working room.The installation vacuum gauge and pipeline bolt hole on the pressure gauge are designed for the inlet and outlet flange.After the static balance test on the impeller,it is fixed with the shaft sleeve and sleeve nuts on both sides.The axial location can be adjusted through the sleeve nut.The impeller’s axial force makes use of the symmetric layout of its vane to keep in balance.The rest little residual axial force is borne by the bearing at the shaft end.

  The pump is supported by two single-row radial ball bearings.The bearing is installed inside the bearing body at both sides of the pump casing,and lubricated with solid lubricant.The double suction seal ring is used to reduce the amount of leakage of water at the pump impeller.

  Pump is directly connected with the electric motor through elastic shaft coupling.(If the transmission with rubber belt must be applied,a support shall be mounted in addition.)

  The shaft seal adopts soft packing seal and mechanical seal.In order to cool down the lubricant seal chamber and also to prevent air from leaking into the pump,a water seal ring is mounted among the stuffing.While pump is running, slight amount of high pressure water passes through the concave groove on the centrally-split surface of pump cover into the packing chamber,which functions as water seal.

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Q:What does "dual purpose" of water pump mean? Please expert advice
2, the pump must pay attention to maintenance after use, for example, when the pump is used up, the water pump should be put clean, it is best to remove the water pipe, and then rinse with water.5, the water pump on the tape should be removed, and then rinse with water after drying in the light place, do not put the tape in the dark damp place. Water pump tape must not be stained with oil, not to tape coated with some sticky things.6, to carefully check whether there are cracks in the impeller, the impeller fixed to the bearing on whether there is loose, cracks and loose if the phenomenon to be timely maintenance, if the water pump impeller should also be above the earth clean.
Q:What is the "variable" of a variable pump?
These two don't mean the same thing? That is, the pump outlet can be changed
Q:Direct connection pump What is straight pump and non direct pump? What's the difference in structure?
Direct connected pump: pump impeller installed directly on the motor shaft, it looks like a whole, relatively compact, simple installation, but the general power is relatively small (big bad processing connection, but not absolute);Non direct pump: pumps and motors are independent of each other, through the coupling torque transmission, the structure is relatively large, complex installation, to adjust the level / concentricity and so on, the general power is relatively large
Q:What kind of motor does the hydraulic pump need?
First count the flow: Q=dn L / minD displacement / revN RPM / minThen calculate the actual power: N=QP/ (60K) kwQ flow L / minP MPa MPaK total efficiency (usually 0.85)
Q:How many concrete pump tube diameter
The pump is generally divided into 125 and 150 two, the inner diameter is 125mm and 150mm. And the two kinds of each have high and low pressure points. Low pressure type type 125 pump for the pipeline diameter is phi 133,
Q:What are the failures and causes of the replacement of the fuel pump assembly?
Gasoline pump is the gasoline from the gasoline tank suction and the gasoline tank has a certain pressure, thereby, it overcome the resistance of the pipeline, pipeline and fuel filter into the carburetor float chamber or electronically controlled injection engine in the guide frame.
Q:Why is the submersible pump tripped on an electrical switch?
Submersible pump cable or motor insulation is damaged.3) motor water solution
Q:Why does the centrifugal pump start and close first when the outlet valve is closed?
The operation rules of centrifugal pump strictly required to close the outlet valve before the shutdown, boot and then slowly open the outlet valve, regulating pipeline pressure and current range. The reason is: the centrifugal pump in the startup process in order to avoid large starting current caused by electrical faults, such as circuit breaker tripping,
Q:Difference between pump and compressor
Working principle:The impeller is installed in the pump casing and is fastened on the pump shaft 3, and the pump shaft is directly driven by the motor. There is a liquid suction in the center of the pump shell, and 4 is connected with the suction pipe 5. The liquid through the bottom valve 6 and the suction tube into the pump.The liquid discharge port 8 on the pump housing is connected with the discharge pipe 9. Before the pump starts, the pump shell is filled with the liquid to be transported; after starting, the impeller is driven by the shaft to rotate at high speed, and the liquid between the blades must also rotate. Under the influence of centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown from the center of the impeller to the outer edge and obtains energy, and leaves the outer edge of the impeller at high speed to enter the volute pump shell.
Q:Rules for operation of centrifugal pumps
3, start the pump, wait until the speed reaches the normal speed, slowly open the outlet valve, observe the ammeter at the same time, and control the current in the rated current range of the motor.4, the operation requires smooth operation of water pumps, no abnormal noise, no pressure fluctuations. The abnormal situation should be stopped in time.

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