Horizontal Multistage Water Pump/Industry Pump

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Horizontal Multistage Water Pump/Industry Pump

Introduction of Horizontal Multistage Water Pump/Industry Pump

Single-suction multi-stage sectional-type centrifugal pump is used to transport the pure water containing no solid grains and the liquid with both physical and chemical natures similar to those of pure water, the temperature of the liquid is not over 80°C,suitable for water supply and drainage in mines, factories and cities.

Note: Use an explosion-proof motor when used in a coal well.

This series pump comply with the standards of GB/T3216 and GB/T5657 

Features of Horizontal Multistage Water Pump/Industry Pump

a) High efficiency

b) Horizontal structure

c) Multi-stage sectional-type

Applications of Horizontal Multistage Water Pump/Industry Pump

a) Water supply for high building

b) Water supply for city town 

c) Heat supply and warm circulation

d) Mining and plant

Technical data of Horizontal Multistage Water Pump/Industry Pump

a) Flow: 25 - 500cbm/h

b) Head: 60 - 1,798m

c) Medium temperature: -20 ~ 80oC

d) Operation pressure: ≤200bar

e) Diameter: 40 - 150mm


Q: Are your pumps protected against dry running?

A: No, unprotected centrifugal pumps are not generally designed for dry running. It is important to give us or your dealer as much information as possible about the system in which the pump is used. Inlet pressure, the type of liquid to be pumped, together with relative density, viscosity and temperature, for example, are required in order to allow CNBM to recommend the right pump with the right gaskets for a long operating lifetime.

Q: How can I get trained on CNBM products?

A: Yes, we provide training courses in our factory (products, general and specific pump technology, hydraulics, and practical applications). Please consult your sales manager or get in touch with our headquarters for more information.

Q: Are your pumps cheaper than those of your competitors?

A: CNBM aims to give its customers the highest standards of quality and service and delivery times, all at a reasonable price.

Q: Do you have self-priming pumps?

A: Yes, our product portfolio also includes two ranges of self-priming pumps: self-priming electric pumps and self-priming side channel pumps.

Q: Is it really necessary to fit a bleed valve for the boxes?

A: It is always best to have a bleed valve as the gas produced by the fermenting sewage is potentially hazardous.

Q: If I increase the power of the motor, must I also increase the power of the inverter?

A: You must select the size of converter that allows maximum absorption of the electric motor.

Horizontal Multistage Water Pump/Industry Pump

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Q:can i hook 2 water pumps together?
You can always use demand pumps to do the job. This way they just sit idle and wait on the call for water before they go to work.
Q:my rv water pump runs for a short time and then shuts off .?
Most RV water pumps have a pressure switch. They shut off a few seconds after you initially turn them on because they have pressurized the line. Once you open a water valve (faucet/toilet) the pump will start running again. Low flow could be caused by the size of the pump, size of plumbing, or line blockage.
Q:Has any one done this job (water pump) on lexus 2002 RX300?
Yes, I have done at least 100 of these water pumps. You are correct, remove the timing belt, cam gears and rear cover is the easiest route. I have done them without removing the rear metal shield all the way, and only removing the front cam gear as well. You can remove the front cam gear, and all 6 bolts to the rear shield and shift the cover enough to get the pump out from behind the cover. You shouldn't need to remove the water pump studs, but if you do get a set of stud removers. I bought a set from snap on for around $50 or so years ago. Sears also sells a set. You don't need a cam locking tool. You can make one out of a bar with two bolts through it to stop cam from rotating while you loosen the 17mm nut on the cam gear. I usually just use an impact gun on the bolt, and no tool is needed to hold it. Remember, the 1MZ-FE engine is an interference engine, and the timing belt must be aligned perfectly or the pistons WILL hit valves and engine will self destruct. If you are near ILlinois I can help with repairs if needed.
Q:Will installing an upgraded water pump void warranty?
You are correct about the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. Any part that doesn't change the form, fit, or function can be used in place of the OEM part. My question is what is this upgraded pump going to do for you. Does it deliver more water per minute? If you have no other modifications, my wouldn't a stock or exact replacement work for you? If the pump adds water delivery, then they could argue that the water is traveling too fast in the system to effectively cool the engine.
Q:How to change a water pump on a 1991 Mercury Topaz?
The post above me is right on just take your time and make the bolts tight but don't over do it . Flush out before install of new pump. good luck
Q:subaru imprezza water pump ?
www.okorder.com/... Difficulty is dependent on how comfortable you are with doing the above.
Q:I have a mechanical well how to choose the size of the pump
First, determine the size of the electrical well and then the depth. Is it water injection or pumping?The pressure of water injection pump is much higher. If you pump water, it depends on how much water you need every hour Plus you enter the water depth of +10 meters, you can basically a good selection.
Q:What is the most efficient type of hand powered water pump?
Although you may not think of it as a continuous source, an ancient Noria water wheel is quite effective and can be leveraged with gears and ratchets. The continuous flow is acheived by transferring the water to a reservoir at a higher elevation from which the water at a constant known pressure determined by the elevation can be drawn, excess water can be overflowed, regulating the pressure so long as the draw is less than the average delivery of water. Early mines were cleared of water with Norias as pumps could not pull beyond atmospheric pressure.
Q:Possible leak from water pump?
It;s the water pump.
Q:Water pump on Jeep Cherokee?
Special tools? What? They are real easy to do. You need only a 1/2 wrench, 5/8 socket, 9/16 socket, 8mm and 15mm. Remove belt (15mm to loosen tensioner pulley, then to loosen adjuster). Remove electric cooling fan (2 8mm bolts at top). Use 1/2 wrench to remove 4 nuts on viscous fan and remove fan. Remove water pump pulley (4 1/2 bolts). Remove hoses from water pump. Remove 2 5/8 bolts that secure water pump to P/S bracket. Remove 4 remaining 9/16 bolts holding water pump to block. Remove water pump. Installation is reverse. No special tools required. I've done hundreds of them and can do one in about 1.5 hours.

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