Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs

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The slewing system adopts constant power viable displacement piston pump.
● Simple electric circuits, low trouble rates.
● It adopts chain wheels, featuring high efficiency, smooth operation and convenient service and maintenance.
● The advanced hydraulic system improves work efficiency by 15-20% compared with traditional hydraulic system, which reduces heat generation in the system by 50% and saves energy by 15-20%.
● The key parts adopt products from first-class hydraulic components ma


①directional drilling crossing construction not blocking traffic, do not destroy the green space, vegetation, does not affect the stores, hospitals, schools and people's normal life and work order.
②Modern through equipment, the high precision throughing
③Using horizontal directional drilling crossing, has no effect on the surrounding environment, don't destroy the landscape and environment, to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection.
④A high success rate, short construction period, less operators, construction safety and reliability
⑤In and out of the ground speedly, construction site can be flexibly adjusted, less construction field, low engineering cost, quick construction speed
⑥Can act as a natural antiseptic and thermal insulation function, to ensure pipeline operation time is longer.

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