Horizontal Biomass Hot Water Hrsg Boiler

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Horizontal biomass hot water hrsg boiler

Horizontal biomass hot water hrsg boiler


1.Horizontal biomass hot water hrsg boiler 
2.30000 Kcal 
3.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
4.Can be customized



Reasonable boiler structure and special combustion method make automatic biomass gasification water boiler solved the deflagration and coking phenomenon from the source. Reasonable boiler structure and special combustion method make automatic biomass gasification water boiler solved the deflagration and coking phenomenon from the source.



Key Features 

  • Control system: microcomputer control system, temperature setting, cycle control and fault alarm function, simple and easy to use.

  • High automation: we use advanced rotary screw to drive automatic feed device to feed the fuel automatically, only need to fill the storage hopper one time to satisfy 1-2 days need.

  • Convenient: boiler overall structure is compact, small size, no need to set up a tall chimney, easy installation, low failure rate.


 Application Range


It can be widely used in garment manufacturing, food processing industries, hotel services, petrochemicals, schools, hospitals and enterprises, especially for the users in those areas have high requirements on environmental protection and energy saving.






Rated heating valueKcal3×1047×10415×10420×10460×104
Rated working pressureMPa0
Rated supply and return water temperature°C85/60
Thermal efficiency%≥90
Water yieldL≥600≥1500≥3300≥4000≥12000
Reference heating aream2200~300500~7001000~15001500~20004000~5000
Hot and cold water calibermm50506565100
Induced draft fanKW0.080.550.750.753
Heater bandKW44444
Chimney exit diametermmdia140dia140dia140dia140dia250
Hauled weightKg3804305107801860
Fuel consumption rateKg/h8194256168
Material storage apacityKg100100200300500


1.The data is for reference only, technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

2. Our products can be customized. If any other parameters are needed, please contact me.




Q:What's my consideration when i choose a gas stove?

A:  -The style and size of your kitchen.

     -The food or cooking style you prefer.

Q:Can i be a distributor of CNBM?

A: Of course you can.

Q:What are the benefits of being your gas stove distributor?

A:   - Marketing protection.

     - Priority of launching new design.

     - Point to point technical supports and after sales services.

Q: How can i become a distributor of CNBM stoves?

A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.


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Q:Why biodiesel should be reconciled with diesel oil
Biodiesel is a kind of fatty acid alkyl ester, which is obtained by transesterification of animal and vegetable fats (triglycerides) and alcohol (methanol or ethanol). The chemical composition is different. Biodiesel contains no hydrocarbons, esters, while diesel contains only hydrocarbons. Biodiesel is obtained through the extraction of plant seeds containing oil, which is obtained through the extraction of underground petroleum resources.
Q:Bio oil and bio diesel
Existing oil grass:1>. America: Squirrel grass, a yield of 1 tons of oil, if the artificial hybridization, can produce 6 tons of oil;2>. Japan: elephant grass, 1 hectares producing 12 tons of oil;3>. 3 and northern Australia: Eucalyptus mudar;
Q:Biodiesel methanol content
This method uses 2- propanol as internal standard, the double column backblowing (a SE-54 capillary column, 2m * 0.32mm diameter for pretreatment, the other one is 25m * 0.20mm diameter OV-1 polar capillary column for analysis) method, divided into the analysis column to prevent restructuring. The instrument has the function of electronic flow control (EPC), which can realize the reverse blowing through the change of the pressure of the column.
Q:Using waste oil to produce biodiesel to benefit mankind
Because the element is the same as the total number of atoms with the same charge, so salt contains iodine, zinc, calcium, selenium and so on, usually refers to elements, sodium chloride is a salt is composed of sodium ions and chloride ions;The results are as follows: (1) C, H; O; (2) element; ion
Q:Biodiesel can be used directly as fuel for diesel engines
But the ratio is not too high, Europe is currently 7%, the study shows that the maximum should not exceed 20%
Q:Is it safe?Will explode? Leak? Is it safe to build at school?
Good use is safe, not good is not safe. Most of the biogas tank accidents are man-made, improper operation caused by.Safety management measures1, the methane tank inlet and outlet to be stamped, in case of human and animal fall into casualties.2, each biogas digesters to install pressure gauge, check pressure gauge water changes, when the production of biogas pool gas Wang Cheng, tank pressure is too large, you want to use gas to prevent inflation, deflation, bad air box, open pool cover accident. If the pool cover has been made, should immediately go out near the fireworks, so as to avoid fire.
Q:Bio fuels are made of what raw materials
Maximum up to 30%-45%. Water can reduce the oil viscosity and improve the stability, but reduces the calorific value of oil; 2) pH value is low, so the storage device is the best corrosion materials; 3) greater density than water, and the water ratio is about 1.2; 4) with "aging" tendency, heating should not exceed 80 DEG C, Yi avoid light, avoid contact with air preservation; 5) good lubricating performance. Biodiesel can be used as fuel for boilers, turbines, diesel engines and so on.
Q:Who knows how much the cost of biodiesel production in the United States per ton
I do not know abroad, the domestic side is said to be recycling waste oil, then probably about 4600 yuan a ton, then the middle link, but fortunately, the last one can sell a ton of 7000 yuan
Q:What is the main composition of the chemical composition of methane
Biogas combustion power generation is a biogas whichappears with development of large-scale construction of biogas and biogas comprehensive utilization of the use of technology, it will produce the biogas anaerobic fermentation process for the engine, and equipped with integrated power generation device to generate electricity and heat. Biogas power generation has many advantages, such as high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection.
Q:How many cubic meters of methane per hour is 1 tons of methane boiler?
So, 1 tons of biogas boiler biogas consumption per hour is about 140 cubic meters / hour (calorific value calculation), in actual use, industrial type biogas generating device of biogas is about 140-150 cubic meters / hour, produced a simple type methane generating device of methane in the 160-180 cubic meters / hour, homemade produce biogas the biogas generating device of 200 cubic meters / hour.

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