Horizontal Biomass Hot Water Hrsg Boiler

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Product Description:

Horizontal biomass hot water hrsg boiler

Horizontal biomass hot water hrsg boiler


1.Horizontal biomass hot water hrsg boiler 
2.30000 Kcal 
3.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
4.Can be customized



Reasonable boiler structure and special combustion method make automatic biomass gasification water boiler solved the deflagration and coking phenomenon from the source. Reasonable boiler structure and special combustion method make automatic biomass gasification water boiler solved the deflagration and coking phenomenon from the source.



Key Features 

  • Control system: microcomputer control system, temperature setting, cycle control and fault alarm function, simple and easy to use.

  • High automation: we use advanced rotary screw to drive automatic feed device to feed the fuel automatically, only need to fill the storage hopper one time to satisfy 1-2 days need.

  • Convenient: boiler overall structure is compact, small size, no need to set up a tall chimney, easy installation, low failure rate.


 Application Range


It can be widely used in garment manufacturing, food processing industries, hotel services, petrochemicals, schools, hospitals and enterprises, especially for the users in those areas have high requirements on environmental protection and energy saving.






Rated heating valueKcal3×1047×10415×10420×10460×104
Rated working pressureMPa0
Rated supply and return water temperature°C85/60
Thermal efficiency%≥90
Water yieldL≥600≥1500≥3300≥4000≥12000
Reference heating aream2200~300500~7001000~15001500~20004000~5000
Hot and cold water calibermm50506565100
Induced draft fanKW0.080.550.750.753
Heater bandKW44444
Chimney exit diametermmdia140dia140dia140dia140dia250
Hauled weightKg3804305107801860
Fuel consumption rateKg/h8194256168
Material storage apacityKg100100200300500


1.The data is for reference only, technical specifications may be subject to change without prior notice.

2. Our products can be customized. If any other parameters are needed, please contact me.




Q:What's my consideration when i choose a gas stove?

A:  -The style and size of your kitchen.

     -The food or cooking style you prefer.

Q:Can i be a distributor of CNBM?

A: Of course you can.

Q:What are the benefits of being your gas stove distributor?

A:   - Marketing protection.

     - Priority of launching new design.

     - Point to point technical supports and after sales services.

Q: How can i become a distributor of CNBM stoves?

A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.


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Q:Animal fat oil, refined into biodiesel oil, how to deal with?
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(4) blood cell counting plate (commonly used specifications for 1mm * 1mm * 0.1mm) are divided into two kinds, one kind is each counting room including 16 middle grid, each grid consists of 25 compartments, the counting plate count when sampling statistics for the four vertex in the lattice can; the other is each including the counting chamber 25 lattice, each lattice consists of 16 compartments, the counting plate count in a lattice sampling statistics of the four corners of the central counting. Also particularly in the experiment for determination of cell number of microbial culture regular M solution, they should immediately add fixed liquid in out of sample solution. Its purpose is ______. if the liquid sample was diluted 100 times using blood cell count, as shown in Figure 2 the distribution of cell counting chamber was observed, then cultured cell density of microbial M in the solution of ______ /L.
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The waste water of biogas digester is fermented in anaerobic environment
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(1) biogas is conducive to solving the problem of rural energy. A family of 3 - 4 people, the construction of a 10 cubic meters of biogas digesters, as long as the fermentation of raw materials, and well managed, can solve the problem of lighting, cooking fuel.(two) biogas is conducive to promoting the development of agricultural production. Since the establishment of a large number of livestock and poultry manure into biogas, biogas fermentation, biogas production, and a large number of high quality organic fertilizer retting, expand the source of organic fertilizer. The application of biogas fertilizer not only enhances the ability of drought resistance, but also improves the survival rate of seedlings. The application of biogas fertilizer not only saves the amount of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, but also is beneficial to the production of green pollution-free food.
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Q:Hazard of biodiesel in dining hall
Its original intention should be the harm of waste oil, waste oil because it contains a large number of harmful substances, after eating great harm to people's health

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