Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Unit

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Product Description:



Overall length


Rated power


Wind protection mode

Pitch-regulated,   electromagnetic brake and electronic unloading

Cut-in wind speed



Permanent magnet synchronous   generator

Rated wind speed



Direct drive

Cut-out wind speed


Blade material

Reinforced glass steel

Safe wind speed



Maximum altitude at rated   working conditions: 1000m

Number of blades

3 pieces

Temperature and humidity

Temperature: -40ºC~ +55ºC,   humidity: 0 ~90%

Wind wheel diameter


Environmental requirements

50m/s wind resistant(It may   be used in the harsh environments such as the dusty and salty conditions)



Product Description


The unit is composed of blades, pitch-regulated device, hub, electromagnetic brake, permanent magnet generator, cabin, rudder, cable, etc. Unique pitch-regulated device has wind protection, so that the blades reach the optimal energy efficiency at low winds. Electromagnetic brake with high braking torque can ensure the safety and stability of impeller at wind speed of 50m/s.



Pitch-regulated device, electromagnetic brake and electronic load multiple wind protection;

Cabin frame is of unique body structure to greatly reduce the impact on the generator;

Blades are made of reinforced glass steel, and they are safe and durable. Blade shape has the superior aerodynamic performance and leading edge has a wear layer;

Pitch-regulated device works with dual springs with the starting pitch adjusted according to the specific conditions of user to maximize the generation performance at low speeds. Stall regulation protection works at low speeds, and generation performance at middle and low speeds are excellent;

Specially optimized permanent magnet generator for horizontal-axis wind turbine;

Flow line design, low wind resistance and elegant appearance.

Simple and easy installation and maintenance;

Simple structure, safe and reliable, long service life

 Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Unit

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