Hook Rug Grey-White Backing

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Product Description:


1 Material : 100% polyester
2 Pile height:3-5mm
3 Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt
4 Good price and quality, best service

Detailed description:

Material: 100% polyester with grey/white back or cotton washable

  1. Pile height:3-5mm

  2. Pile Weight:1600-2400/sq.mt

  3. Back: White-grey back with latex adhensive .

  4. Any Design: Modern design, children design, traditional design, Persian design,etc. Can make according to customer’s artwork and colors. Colors better control within 6 colors per design.

  5. Size and shape: Max size is 70x140CM, can make size as per client’s requirement.  Shapes are rectangle, square, shape size, etc. Our standard sizes are: 40*60cm, 50*80cm, 60x90cm, 70x140cm.  1.75’X2.75’, 1.83’X2.83’, 2’X3’, 5’X8’, 8’X10’

  6. Lead time: about 30-45days which depend on the order quantity.

  7. MOQ: 500SQ.MT per order.

  8. Feature: cheap, soft and affordable.

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Q:Ok;I think I need some color help with a rug?
Anything will work. I would suggest that to give the room some interest that you pick a rug that has more in it than green and use some of those colors for accessorizing and pictures and such - unless you want to go for a room that is in just one color, of course. If you're not sure about what colors the rug should have other than green, just look at your favorite comfortor or sweater or go to the carpet store and see what kind of colors - not styles - jump at you. Colors can be tricky - but if they are using them together in carpets or fabrics that it's a pretty safe bet that they will all work together when you use them.
Q:What does carpet mean?
The blankets that lay on the ground, some of which are made of plastic; some are made of wool; some are made of chemical fiber.
Q:Will rug doctor work on my heavily stained carpet?
Personally, I was not all that impressed when I used the rug doctor on my carpet. I didn't think the water got that hot and the cleaner didn't get the stains out. I've gone online since I've used the machine and have read that ammonia or vinegar make great cleaning agents, especially if you mix it with extremely hot water. Google homemade carpet cleaners and you can find recipes on how to mix it. I've read you can add it to the machine. My advice to you is if you use the rug doctor make sure you add super hot water to it.
Q:Why does rug burn hurt so much?
friction burns
Q:Laminate floor to carpet transition?
They make transition pieces go to where you purchase the flooring. Tell the clerk what you're doing and he will give you the proper transition pieces. Good luck
Q:What is best for removing nail polish from carpet?
When you're trying to remove nail polish from fabric, carpeting or upholstered furniture, you have two problems: the first one is removing the polish and the second one is removing the color stain left in the fibers. Both nail polish and polish remover can damage fibers seriously, especially acetate. If the spill occurred on fabric or carpets that contain acetate, you'll need to call a professional cleaner. Pre-test area first… Some dyes are not colorfast to polish remover. So, before you put polish remover on a fabric, test it by applying a drop or two in an inconspicuous area. If there's no damage to the spot, use the following suggestions to remove the polish. If the nail polish is still wet… Absorb as much of it as possible on a dry cloth or tissue. Be careful not to spread the stain. Then, go over the stained area with a nonflammable cleaning solvent. Apply solvent with quick, light motions. Wipe the stained area repeatedly with a cloth dampened in clear water. If the nail polish has hardened… Apply polish remover to the stained area with an eyedropper. Wait a few minutes for the polish remover to penetrate and soften the polish. If necessary, repeat the treatment. Alternative steps for removing hardened nail polish. Using a spoon with a dull edge, scrape off as much polish as possible. Then: apply polish remover to the stained area and blot the excess. Go over the stained area with a cloth saturated with nonflammable cleaning fluid. Use light, quick motions Wipe the stained area with a cloth dampened in clear water Don't forget, always pre-test before you use nail polish remover on any fabric or carpet.
Q:How to remove Wood Stain from carpet?
If you have olefin carpeting you can use anything to get it out. If you have a blend then you are out of luck. If it can penetrate wood to stain it, it will penetrate carpet fiber. We use a solvent to break down oil stains. Water based cleaners will not work. Like takes out like. Be careful with solvent cleaners. If you use too much it can beak down the glue on you carpet backing. You can get solvent spotters from carpet cleaning supply stores. We consider this to be carpet damage not a stain.
Q:Is it safe to drive remote control cars on carpet?
Its safe to run remote control cars on carpet, you should be careful of the type of the carpet because if it is shag or another long carpet there are chances that it will get wrapped up on the wheels. If it is an expensive carpeting cars with studded wheels are possibly not the best thing because when they are sliding around they can cause small snags, its nothing serious for normal high traffic carpet but something like carpet in your office where it is designed more for decoration than actually being walked over repeatedly with high traffic will suffer more. Short answer is normal short carpeting you can play with almost any type of car, shag or longer carpet taller cars with more lift is better, smooth carpeting something with harder racing or normal car wheels will do fine. Don't stress too much and have fun with your son, maybe you can get a car and the 2 of you can race them
Q:how to latch rug making?
Google in how to make a latch hook rug
Q:What is the best carpet out there?
Carpet is such a taste thing. I like level loop carpet (like most commercial carpet.) In fact, I like commercial carpet period, as long as it is made of nylon. IN your case, if you use commericial carpeting, make sure it is continuous backing that is water proof. Nylon will not stain, is very easy to clean with a steam extractor (buy one and keep it handy if you have doggies). The most important part is the water proof continuous backing...water cannot penetrate the backing and therefore, will not drag up dirt into the top when the carpet dries! Commercial carpeting is all moving towards squares that, when laid, look like a continuous carpet..the glue used makes it easy to remove and replace a square should it become badly damaged...no problems with the entire carpet! BUT it is expensive (and well worth the money)...figure about 30.00 a yard installed. No padding is used. Furniture does NOT have to be removed from the room. And it will last probably a lifetime under your wear/tear conditions. Install once and be done with it...therefore, choose a neutral tweed...biege with brown, black, gray, copper flecks will go with everything, anything in the future. Good luck, Goldwing

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