Homemade Beer Fermentation with CE Certificate

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China main port
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1 unit
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500 unit/month

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  • Processing: Storage Tank, cutting-rolling-welding-polishing-assembling-testing-warehousing

  • Condition: New

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: KUNBO

  • Model Number: bright tank, KB-006

  • Processing Types: Alcohol

  • Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

  • Certification: B&V; CE


Homemade Beer Fermentation with CE Certificate

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:export standard package
Delivery Detail:25 - 45 days after deposit received


1.manhole 2.CIP spraying ball 3.adjusting feet 4.sample valve 5.temperature gauge 6.pressure gauge 7.level gauge

Homemade Beer Fermentation

Company introducationWe Kuangbo is a production enterprise of pharmaceutical, dairy, food and beer-making equipment, alongside biological engineering, chemical containers, and bespoke products. Our products are widely used in beer production, pharmaceuticals, beverage industries, biotechnology and other fields.
Usageit is used for beer storage
Material1.SUS304, 316L
2.jacket: dimple jacket
3.insulation layer: PU
4.as to the thickness, we can make it according to your requirement.
2.CIP spraying ball
3.adjusting feet
4.sample valve
5.temperature gauge
6.pressure gauge
7.level gauge
Our advantage1.we can supply various kinds of volume, minimum 50L, maximun 10,000L and even larger.
2.PU insulation is adopted
3.interior surface is 3A finish and exterior is 2B finish
4.competitive price and also higher quality tank.
Minimum orderone unit
Payment termT/T or L/C
Packageexport standard package
Marketat home and abroard

Homemade Beer Fermentation with CE Certificate 

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It might be clogged with lime. Drain the tank .
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FOR STEAM BOILER FURNACE: 1.Maintain air/fuel ratio. i.e. if is not getting maintained burner gun needs to be serviced.Check the blower ,its suction damper and discharge modulation unit. 2.distribution plate-infront of a flame-should be cleaned thoroughly. 3.Tubes and heating spirals should be thoroughly cleaned. 4.Blow-down at certain interval must be done. 5.If you are using water, check the quality of water.It is better to use R/O,D.M. WATER to get rid of scales which can be acts as a insulation. 6.Check your tubes , tube sheets and shell for any defects. You CAN ADOPT ultrasonic testing for indepth analysis. 7.Analyse the flue gas for perfect complete combustion.otherwise you will not get sufficient volumetric efficiency and you will face the carbon deposits. 8.Monitor the stack temperature. If it is more than norms then it is a indicator of deposite inside of tubes. There are many more maintanance procedure depending upon type of boiler. Adhere to the manufactures guidelines for preventive and planned maintenance.
Q:suitable heater for a 30 psi model boiler ?
Model boilers are covered under Miniature Boiler Code having found widespread application. In the USA the Licensing authority is the ASME. The relevant Code is: ASME BPVC (Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code) B31.1, PTC 25, NQA-1 Miniature boilers have somewhat relaxed requirements when heat exchange surface is less than 20ft^2 Typical inputs are up to 10kW. A suitable heater will depend on the anticipated output rating.
Q:Can saturated steam be reheated to have superheated steam far from the boiler?
Yes it can. Depending on the local legal requirements the device that does this may or may not be considered a boiler and therefore may or may not require supervision during operation. In most places a reheater is not a boiler since there is no change of state of the water. Remember it is all about the BTU's so you need to see which process uses the least energy. You also need to determine if superheated steam is really required or not. Superheated steam is usually only required for certain power usages but even steam turbines can be operated on saturated steam.
Q:How is a condenser boiler different from a combi boiler?
You were given false information and he is probably doing it to persuade you to order a new boiler from him. My daughter has just had a new combi boiler installed and it is also a condenser. It doesn't matter whether it's a straight boiler or a combi, it can still have the right technology installed to make it a condenser. As this guy has given you false information you should get rid and find another guy who is more honest. My next move would be to take into account that most boilers have a life of around 15 years and start to put some money aside for when you may need a new boiler in around four years time.
Q:what is a boiler plate, and why wouldn't you just say template?
Template is just the outline, boiler plate has all the purple prose included. They actually have somewhat different origins. In the days of hand set printing presses canned material (illustrations, inspirational poetry, advertixements, etc.) came in solid blocks of metal that were set into the press bed. These were fairly heavy and were compared to the thick plates of steel used to make steam boilers. Thus boilerplate came to mean formulaic material that takes up space without contributing meaning. Templates are full scale patterns used to lay out an assembly, so the use of this in writing is more obvious.

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