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Home Professional Slow juicer

Specifications :

*Power: 100W, 220-240V, 50/60Hz(100W,110-120V 60Hz)
*Plug:VDE/BS/US/SAA and other kinds of plug
*Power cord:3*0.5MM²*1.2M
*Perfect low speed of 40 RPM,no heat generate,no oxidation and juice more nutritional.
*High juice extracting rate more than 90% .
*Simple assembling and disassembling, then easy cleaning.
*Super-quiet working, Pure copper DC motor, controlling the sound below 45dB.
*Available for long continuous working time  of 20mins.
*Reverse rotation function to avoid stuck.
*Self-clean fucntion.
*Safety protection of overheating.
*S/S strainer with small holes for all kind of fruit & vegetable.
*Large feeding tube, with two big cups.  
*PEI auger of high temperature resistance & high hardness & high chemical stability

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Q:Juice extractor is able to juice separation good, or not separated good? Why
More than one function must be replaced, removed, separated, juicer is the same, you need it
Q:You can carry a juice extractor with a high speed rail
4. goods that can damage or contaminate vehicles;5. items of specifications or weight exceeding the baggage instructions.The train carries limited belongings:1. gas lighter, 5 safety matches, 20 small boxes.2. no more than 20ml nail polish, light removing agent, hair dye. Not more than 100ml of alcohol, perm lotion. Not more than 600ml of mousse, hair spray, pesticides, air fresheners.3. military personnel, armed police, public security personnel, militia, hunters, armed with firearms under the laws and regulations, proved to be armed with firearms and bullets.
Q:When using an electric extractor, do not press the lid with your hand
No, the design has been taken into consideration, centrifugal force will not make juice and debris out of the lid, do not worry
Q:How do you squeeze fruit?
There are two kinds of fruit juice extractor, the first is through stirring, juice and dregs are separated, drink juice, slag, do not. The second is to add water to stir, squeezed out of the juice is, juice and slag are together, you can drink a piece.Look, what you write is squeezed out is mud, there may be second kinds, in pressing apple must add appropriate amount of water, will become juice.
Q:Why is the juicer connected after the power supply, the juicer is ringing, the button is not lit, did not respond?
And don't put too much in at one time, no more than 1/3. Try again! (watermelon juicy drink ah? What apples are squeezed? Ha ha!)
Q:How to choose a juicer
2. has many functionsWith the production of vegetable juice, soybean milk, fruit juice, tofu and other functions, you can according to the needs of more quickly cooking. 3., simple operation, separation structure: container and host separation structure, easy to wash.3. remove foam functionThe top of the cup is covered with a lid, so that the foam can be removed, and the pure juice can be drunk.
Q:What's the difference between an extractor and a juicer?
The most obvious difference between the two is the use of different;Also known as extraction solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction (as distinct from the solid-liquid extraction, leaching, extraction (also known as) used in petroleum refining industry), is a kind of liquid extraction solution immiscible with the dual or multi-component solution, to achieve mass transfer separation separation process. Is a kind of widely used unit operation. Extraction machine common ultrasonic extraction machine, microwave extraction machine, centrifugal extraction machine, extraction machine using the compounds in two immiscible (or slightly soluble) solubility or the distribution coefficient of solvents, the compound transfer from one solvent to another solvent.
Q:Can I squeeze the juice out of the potatoes?
You'd better boil the potatoes and mash themLandlord, are you sure that the potatoes fried out of juice to drink? Well, deep fried, please.
Q:How do I use the juicer? (detailed description)
7, after the food processing, first unplug the power supply, and then pour out the processed food. 8, carefully clean the components inside and outside the juicer, but to avoid water flow into the motor. 9, juicer completely put in ventilated place to direct sunlight. END note: never use any item (especially finger) outside the push bar attached to the juicer to push the food into the juicer. The upper cover is not allowed to open when the motor is turned.
Q:Why is the juicer plugged in and the motor doesn't work?
Look for reasons in several ways:1, the easiest to ignore is a hidden switch between the part of the motor and the part of the container. It is designed to combine the parts of the motor with the container, not in place and not close enough to electrify the motor. This is to prevent accidents. When the switch's plastic bayonet does not rotate in place, or the plastic latch breaks. Will not work.2, from the outlet to the juicer, whether there is electricity?.3 、 high speed and low speed switch is bad or damaged.4 、 internal disconnection of motor.As long as careful search, to find the key reason.

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