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Product Name

2015 hot sale new design cushion


90% cotton, 10% Polyester


PP Cotton


16x16 inch, 18x18 inch. Other Size is Available



Fabric Colour

Green, Blue, Grey (Other Colour is Available)

Sample Cost

Will be Free of Charge if 1Pc Each for the Interested Items

Sample Freight

Should be Borne by Our Customers

Sample Lead Time

Approx 7 Working Days After Confirmed

Mass Production Time

Within 30days Upon Receipt of the Deposit, or the Original LC.




AZO Free and can Catch the EU Standard




Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is cotton. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.



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Q:Does the fabric fleece seat wear necessary?
Because of the difficulty of cleaning this material, it is necessary to carry on the "dressing and wearing hat" project. But after the open seat, the seat cloth material will certainly leave a variety of large and small coil hair ball, replacing seat so need uninterrupted. For a plush seat, it's a big problem whether you use a seat or not for a seat with flannel.Simple car seat fabric material relatively easy to clean, so the interior is light colored car owners should use car seat cover, can protect better the seat; and for the interior for the dark owners should not be used to maintain the original style of the car. The use of full cashmere or cashmere material of car seats, it is recommended for owners to use seat sets, and frequently replaced and washed. No matter what kind of material the car seat is, it should avoid eating in the compartment. This will minimize the chance to mess up the car.
Q:How to open the cushion lock of Phoenix electric car?
If you can't open it, should be the car seat cover lock spring is broken, can not return to open after the best advice, replacement, or lock steel line runs lubricating oil, and then look at the fixed lock screw is loose, if they can't repair the best customer service service station to let them help you get it.
Q:Excuse me, what brand of sofa cushion quality is better?
Pay attention to sofa detail handling. Matching pillows opened the zipper, observe and touch with their hands inside the crinoline and filler; lift the sofa to see the bottom of the handle is meticulous, sofa legs are straight, surface treatment is smooth, whether the bottom leg mat, etc. details. A good sofa keeps its quality in detail.
Q:Silk cushion is what material? Polypropylene fiber?
Ice silk cushion is divided into two kinds of polyester filament is a polypropylene fiber silk fiber is harmful, but also easy to fall when you taste color to buy don't choose the polypropylene fiber silk
Q:How do I clean toilet mats?
Note: the toilet is in close contact with human skin and is easily a vector for the transmission of germs, especially Escherichia coli. Now many families use the toilet mat, and soft cloth more dangerous germs shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, and more. Liang Jiansheng, head of the disinfection Department of the municipal epidemic prevention station, reminds people to disinfect the toilet regularly. It's easy to disinfect the toilet, just clean it with disinfectant sold on the market, but keep the disinfectant for half an hour or so.
Q:What brand of office chair cushion is good?
. It's not necessary to go to the shopping mall to buy such things. If for convenience, it is recommended to buy from the Internet, saving time.
Q:Ask, what is the difference between cushion and seat cushion?
In addition, the seat is the verb and the seat is the place. It can also be distinguished from the words: the cushion is not fixed, and the cushion is easy to move. The cushion is a fixed cushion, usually with laces for fixing.
Q:What materials do you have for filling a sofa?
Down。 Usually used in advanced sofas or in combination with sponges. The sofa is a feather, feather (including 5% cashmere) as a filler to make a sofa sofa, each and every local use of feathers which are different specifications and different proportion, instead of the traditional local sponge and silk. According to the principle of down sleeping bag, the wooden wooden frame is wrapped up, and the outer layer is sheathed with a commoner coat. The formation of a can and can sit more comfortable and products, compared with cotton sofa, down sofa sitting comfort, small deformation and long-term use, service life than the general long sofa;
Q:What padding is best for a cushion?
Just put some better cotton on it! You can sell it where you buy a cross stitch!And it's a cushion that you can see with your own eyes! Will rely on relatively reassuring ah!
Q:The car's wool cushion hardens after washing, so what can be done to soften it?
For wool fabrics, they must be cleaned immediately so as not to leave traces. The longer the stain stays on, the less likely it is to be washed away; and, for a long time, the stain will seep into the fiber and will rub it harder when it is clean, making it more likely to cause clothing damage.For with mild local stains, try with a towel dipped in liquid detergent or neutral detergent for wool silk solution and gently wipe the hair, remove stains, the same way with a clean towel dipped in water clear liquid detergent residue. Repeat several times. During the operation, try not to soak the skin board and dry in the shade in time.

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