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Product Name

2015 hot sale new design cushion


90% cotton, 10% Polyester


PP Cotton


16x16 inch, 18x18 inch. Other Size is Available



Fabric Colour

Green, Blue, Grey (Other Colour is Available)

Sample Cost

Will be Free of Charge if 1Pc Each for the Interested Items

Sample Freight

Should be Borne by Our Customers

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Approx 7 Working Days After Confirmed

Mass Production Time

Within 30days Upon Receipt of the Deposit, or the Original LC.




AZO Free and can Catch the EU Standard




Q: What is the filling in the cushion?

A: The filling in the cushion is cotton. It is safe, environmentally friendly.


Q: How can I do when the cushion is dirty?

A: You can just wash it. Don’t worry; the color of the cushion will not fade.


Q: Are these cushions poisonous?

A: No, all of our products are safe and environmentally friendly, we have OEKO certificate.


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Q:Excuse me, what brand of sofa cushion quality is better?
We should learn to judge the quality of fabric sofa by ourselves.1., see whether the sofa frame is firm, which is related to the service life and quality guarantee of the sofa. The concrete method is to lift one end of the three person's sofa and notice that when the part is lifted away from the ground, the other leg of the 10cm is off the ground and only the other side is away from the ground.2. look at the quality of the filling material of the sofa. The specific method is to use the hand to the sofa armrest and backrest, if we can clearly notice that the existence, it is proved that this sofa filling density is not high, flexibility is not good enough. Easily according to the wooden sofa sofa sets would accelerate wear, reduce the service life of sofa.
Q:How to adjust the headrest cushion in the back seat of Lang Yi?
There is a button at the bottom of the headrest and the backrest. You can adjust it when you press and hold it. I hope my answer can help you.
Q:How to set the car rear seat
Then according to the down button next to the rear backrest headrest backrest, remove the head (a hand to put on the pillow, one hand on the pillow sleeve out until the head rest with a flexible button). Set the backrest and the headrest sleeve.Two little back, if possible with a wrench or socket screw up down below is removed, no conditions with plastic sheet of the seat cover edge excess into the gap in the good side.So far, restore all, how to dismantle, how to install?!
Q:Blue car air conditioning seat cushion?
A sudden change, it seems like a bolt from the blue, let the car relaxed, brand founder Mr. Zhou Hantao was shocked! This scene in the movie took place in the car, relaxed. Interests, betrayals, ties, trade, pain, choice, back...... Because of the inability to speak out, Mr Zhou Hantao and the other founder of the car, relaxed, were falling apart in the summer of all sorts of emotions!
Q:Bordeaux sofa cushion and backrest with light gray, what color curtains
The choice and collocation of the house color should be based on the principle of the mental feelings of the host. Usually, there are ways to match these tones:1, light exquisite color: indoor center color is yellow, orange, carpet with orange, curtain and bedspread with yellow white calico, sofa and ceiling with gray tone, add some green plants foil, the atmosphere is unique.2, soft and romantic tone: indoor color center for soft pink, red and white carpet, lampshade, curtains, furniture with white, light blue, a local ornament room romantic atmosphere.3, elegant and beautiful tone: indoor center color is pink, sofa and lampshade are also pink, curtain and cushion are pink calico, floor light brown, wall milk white, this tone is suitable for young women and girls.
Q:WTB cushion advantages and ordinary cushion difference?
Many kinds of WTB have many levels, corresponding to the different price, refer to several famous WTB speed V, Merida Challenger 500, with this, more popular. The WTB pure V cushion is softer and more comfortable (recommended). WTB, rocket, V, this is what I'm using. The novice doesn't recommend the competition. It's hard and narrow (easy to force). It's uncomfortable at first. It's a good riding experience
Q:Installation method of Volkswagen New Bright cushion
Rear seat cushion installation.(1) before installation, please observe the installation of the rear seat. There are two kinds of back seat, one is buckle type, and one is without buckle type.Buckle type automobile seatA car seat without buttons(2) the seat that does not have buckle type can pull out long seat forcibly directly, the long chair that has lock, press lock catch, pull out long seat again. Some seats are screwed with the car body, and then the screws have to be taken apart. Separate the long seat from the rear.(3) after separating the seat and the back of the cushion, the cushion passes through the bayonet on the cushion of the car and is fixed with a long cushion. This can also be set back into the back seat on the cap.(4) finally, after the long seat is installed, be careful that the seat belt should be reset. Then, insert the cushion of the car seat, the cushion of the back and the back of the back into the slot, and then flatten the cushion of the car.(5) the rear row head, pillow and seat of some cars are conjoined, and can be directly sheathed.
Q:The car has a seat ventilation, and is it necessary to put a cushion on it? Is it harmful to the seat if it is opened and ventilated?
Seat ventilation is the "summer" device for car seat air conditioners". Although the automatic air-conditioning in summer can maintain the constant temperature inside the car, but because the occupant's body and seat close contact, contact part of the air is not circulating, is not conducive to sweat removal, will make people feel uncomfortable. Seat ventilation and air conditioning air circulation system is unique, Everfount will flow from the fresh air holes on the seat cushion and backrest, prevent hip and back sweat, provide comfortable riding environment, effectively improve the human body and the seat surface contact part of the air circulation environment, even take a long time, the contact surface on the seat body will dry and comfortable.
Q:What is super sensitive leather? What about the quality of the car cushion? Where can I buy it?
Super leather is a new kind of cloth, not leather! From the Italy high-grade fabrics, leather no pores, environmental protection breathable, full beyond ordinary leather is a material used in four seasons.
Q:How to wash Australian wool cushion
1. Take the dust before washing, then soak it in cold water for 10-20 minutes. (wool fabric will shrink at 30 degrees or more in water solution. It should be soaked in cold water for a short time.);2, in the blue moon silk hair net cleaning liquid or blue moon liquid detergent water and gently knead clothes, avoid vigorously scrub, to choose light gear (washing machine temperature not exceeding 40 degrees);3 rinse with clean water and squeeze it out.

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