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Product Description:

In order to enhance the effective adminstration of the construction hoisting during the working,practical control the harzards during the operation,eliminate the potential safety harzards,prevent all kinds of accidents,so our company developing and manufacturing HMSC-1000 construction hoisting.

This system could extremely enhance the supervision of the construction hoisting monitroing,the administrator could monitor and check the violate operation remotely,and will find phenomenon of the construction hoisting escape from monitoring and violate operation in time on the working site,solve the problems of administrator lack of technology,lack of supervision on the working site efficiently.For supervision departement,there is just need a net-connected computer and will realize real-time monitoring construction hoisting operation at any time and any where.According to the LCD display show,will point out by words when pre-alarm and alarm,so as to check all the operation parameters real-time,know the operation comprehensively and directly.

System character:

HMSC-1000 construction hoisting safety monitoring system is applied to SC series construction hoisting.On the LCD screen,will showing the real-time actual load,actual height,inclination and so on.When the actual load reach to 90% of the rated load,the system will acousto-optic pre-alarm as well as relay output.Through the remote monitroing platform, the system will monitor the working state of construction hoisting real-time.The system occupied small space,convenient installation,out of need to change any structure of the origin one,have no influence on the use of original protection device.Have a duplicate protection of construction hoisting.

HMSC-1000 series construction hoisting safety monitoring system possessed the function as followed.

(1) Show: adopt LCD screen,real-time shows the operation data and safety state,in order to operators know the working state                       comprehensive and directly.

(2) Record: reserve the working parameter and alarm information.It will be taken as the evidence of the maintenance and                                  accident judging of the construction hoisting.

(3) Alarm: support word alarm,diagram alarm and acousto-optic alarm etc.

(4) Control: support pre-alarm and alarm limiter control.

(5) Overload protection: adopt pressure sensor,real-time monitoring the load of hoisting.It will alarm and stop working fo the                                                  hoisting when overload.

(6) Height detection: real-time showing the hoisiting operation height.

(7) Lock protection: after front gate and back gate of the construction operation room closed completely, allow the construction                                         hoisting operate;when the front and back gate opening,photoelectricity promte the door open,hoisting can                                         not rise

(8) Overspeed protection: adopt approach to switch and high speed pulse counter,real-time monitoring the operation                                                                    speed.When any electric engine operation speed occurs unusual state,will send out the overspeed                                                    alarm reminding,stop the operation of hoisting.

(9) Vertically detection: real-time monitoring the angle of inclination of hoisting,send out the stop working alarm when beyond                                                 the  safety range.(optional)

(10) Remote monitoring: construction hoisting safety monitoring platform,real-time monitor the operation data and safety                                                            state,realize remote monitoring management.Safety,monitoring platform possesses the function of                                                    real-time data show,historical data record,user management,equipment management,and so                                                              on.Safety monitoring platform should be registered on the webpage,easy installation and convenient                                                  to use.                                    

(11) Determine the NO of people: check the number of people entered the dirver room.If exceed the required number,it will                                                                         control the operation of dirver room.


1. temperature of working environment : -40 °C~60 °C

2. humidity of the working environment : below 95% (25 °C)

3. working supply : AC150V~270V;

                                 overall power consumption below 15W

4. combined error of the system: within  ±5%

5. acoustic-optic pre-alarm/alarm,relay output

6. relay reted load (value of resistance): 3A 250VAC 30VDC

7. working record : native record + internet platform record

8. the way of working : continuously

Ordering instruction

In order to guarantee the accuracy of the product,please offer the following information

1. the factory and item No of the construction hoisting

2. maximum installation height of the construction hoisting

3. external size diagram of the weight sensor

The basic configuration of the HMSC-1000 series construction hoisting safety monitoring system is display display screen,main engine,weight sensor,and height sensor.Angle sensor and speed sensor will be selected to the accessories,according to the users' requirement allocation optional.

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Q:What are the main functions of construction equipment monitoring system?
This belongs to information management engineering. The control part is the "heart" and "brain" of the whole system. It is the command center to realize the function of the whole system. The control part is mainly composed of the main console (some systems also have a secondary console). The main function of the total console: video signal amplification and signal distribution, image correction and compensation, image signal and image signal (including switching or voice signals) record, cameras and auxiliary components (such as camera, PTZ, shield) control (remote control) and so on.
Q:What functions should be achieved in mechanical structure design?
The design of mechanical structure is based on the overall design, according to the principle of the program to determine and draw a specific structure, in order to reflect the required functions. Is the working principle of the abstract concrete into some parts, the specific content in determining the structure of the material, shape, size, tolerance, heat treatment and surface conditions at the same time, we must consider the process, strength, stiffness, accuracy, and other parts of the relationship between each other and other issues. So, the direct product structure design is the technical drawings, but the design work is not a simple mechanical drawing, drawing only express design language, specific integrated technology is the basic content of structural design.
Q:What kind of electrical equipment do you have? What are the main components of each device?
1 、 electrical equipment part of electrical equipment mainly refers to: substation and distribution of power equipment and local scattered power, lighting distribution box. Such as: dry type power transformer, high voltage and low voltage power distribution cabinet, control the use of DC cabinet (with battery), standby uninterruptible power supply cabinet, lighting distribution box, power distribution box (cabinet), power factor capacitor compensation cabinet and standby diesel generator etc.. The utility model is characterized in that the rated voltage is mostly 10KV380V/220V by the combination of independent functional electric components, and the voltage is only 24V or 12V in the control system only.
Q:What are the mixing arms of the concrete mixer?
Concrete mixer parts often due to operational mistakes and equipment damage, we should know that the correct use of Yantai mixer parts, mixing arm not only can complete the "workload" on time, but also to extend the service life
Q:What are the details of construction machinery parts in sand casting?
(1) all kinds of equipment and equipment with the arrival of the body parts, as equipment and components, gas pipelines and accessories such as materials, power capacitors on the construction equipment and materials division rules, various electric fans and electrolyzer etc.. 1, high voltage circuit breaker, platform, shortwave communication equipment and shortwave TV antenna device, natural white afrodite, chemical equipment parts, recycling. For the completion of the building, elevator rails are materials, catalyst, screen (including the box and the instrument has been installed in place, by the design unit to provide manufacturing drawings, unit combination instrument, strengthen the investment in the process of construction and management, and other accessories are materials; non standard equipment, sliding contact line
Q:Where does Heilongjiang do the most construction machinery?
In the world, the industry address basic similar, of which the United States and Britain called the construction machinery and equipment, construction machinery and equipment for Germany, Russia called for the construction and road construction machinery, construction machinery called japan. In China, some products are also known as construction machinery, and in the mechanical system, according to the State Council to set up the industry approval, collectively referred to as construction machinery, has continued to the present
Q:What is the difference and connection between equipment manufacturing and machine building?
When our company went to the training center of the Department of industrial engineering of Tsinghua University, the professor of Qinghua University told us about it. Equipment manufacturing industry is a general term for the equipment provided for the national economy and national security
Q:What are the mechanical drawing software?
The 3D map only contact with SolidWords and Pro/E, Pro/E is better than Solidwords in general, but Solidwords is very simple to use, see Help tutorials you can learn to draw a three-dimensional map is not particularly complex easily to estimate a few days is enough. But any one of the two kinds of software, want to do not understand the words, expert advice is not really easy. UG and MasterCAM haven't touched much, but I've heard that it's suitable for processing stereogram.
Q:Where are the mechanical pressurization air supply facilities set up?
When the smoke proof staircase and antechamber antechamber, fire elevator or common antechamber parts can be opened outside the window, can use the natural ventilation, resulting in a stairwell with or common antechamber in the use of natural smoke exhaust with pressurized air supply arrangement of diversified combinations, and the two exhaust can not be shared.
Q:What are the world famous mechanical equipment exhibition?
2 、 Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition (Conexpo-Con/Agg) sponsored by the American equipment manufacturers association, the American precast concrete association, the United States sand association. It is the world's second largest construction machinery exhibition after BAUMA. The exhibition, sponsored by the American Association of equipment manufacturers, has been held every three years for nearly a hundred years. The next exhibition will be held on March 2017 7-11. The exhibition is of great size and numerous merchants. It has focused on world famous brands such as Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr and Volvo. It is an important platform for displaying the latest technology, equipment and products in the industry.

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