HMLK2800C anti-collision and zone protection system tower crane load moment indicator

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HMLK-2800C anti-collision and zone protection system is applicable to almost all brands and types of construction tower crane hoisting,which can be installed and utilized so conveniently.This system adopt the 7 inch computer touch LCD screen,shows the visual and clear picture covering the state of site,dynamic operation picture and the current data etc,promising an effective and safe running for the operator.This system will show real-time trolley range(slewing angle),hoisting weight,hook height,rotation angle,moment rate,wind speed and so on,and pre-alarm or interference before the crane be in violation working.Through remote GPRS module,the system will transmit the real-time working data to the server.The customer will check and manage the real-time tower crane operation remote all over the country by the WEB browser;and also through the GPS module,will locate the accurate position of tower crane.Meanwhile,HMLK-2800C system hardware adopts module design,to assist the integration of high wireless communication equipment,high-precision digital orientation,angle sensor and so on,which promise a stable and reliable sensor system.

The HMLK-2800C series of products applicable to all level-jib,hammer head and luffing tower crane.


HMLK2800C system can be installed and utilized so conveniently.The on-site parameter setup of site and tower crane is simple and humanistic.You can finish the complete input about the tower crane data, prohibited zones,obstacle and boundary,making use of ground level portable computer,uploading all the parameters by a wireless network in a while.It is out of need for the system manager to deal with it by climbing up to the tower crane.While in use,if the height parameter changes,it just need to change the data and upload them wirelessly in the portable computer,however,it has no effect on the normal running of this system.Meanwhile,this system can be used as monitoring equipment,viewing the running state of this system clearly and directly.The friendly procedure screen can show the clear working state of tower crane which were installed with HMLK2800C system.

Temperature of working environment-40 °C~60 °C
Humidity of working environmentbelow 95%(25 °C)
Combined error of the systemwithin ± 5%
Supply voltageAC150V~270V
Data showingrated load,actual load,trolley range(slewing angle),rotation angle,hook height,wind speed and moment rate,group tower crane state
Pre-alarmyellow light stand for pre-alarm,buzzer sounding on and off;red light stand for alarm,buzzer sounding long time,relay output,stop the operating
Functiongraphic display,historical  notes check,sensor self-diagnostic,remote monitor,appling to all kinds of level-jib hammer head tower crane
Remote monitoring and GPS locationthrough the GPRS remote monitoring,real-time monitoring of tower crane operation,GPS global positioning



If the tower cranes are with the same height: this system can control and handle it effectively,once detecting that the running jibs interference with each other automatically.

While not with the same height: this system can also work effectively once anticipating the hook or cable of the higher tower crane may collide the jib or counter jib of tower crane.


Due to the complexity of some sites,the system can automatically and effectively determine up to 10 prohibited zones in which the hook or jib are not allowed to operate.


HMLK2800C system allows the operator to work at maximum efficient way and optimize the use of crane.Once monitoring the pre-set data for possible collision in crane interference area and over-flying of sensitive areas,there will be pre-alarm,visual and audible alarm,and the system will stop the operation automatically to maintain a safety margin.


Advanced communication protocol promises a high speed wireless communication link,and supports an independent network communication.Management capacity up to network control 20 sets of tower cranes.Reliable wireless communication distanced not less than 1.5 KM. Capable to remotely monitor or upload changed the tower crane data by PC in office at anytime,no have any impact on system's operation.

Note: HMLK2800,HMLK2800B,HMLK2800C optional functions

Identification function of IC card,fingerprint and puil of the operator.Wind speed,Tower crane remote locking,GPS global positioning and so on.

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