HL-800 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

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$1,800.00 / m.t.
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1000000 Ton m.t./month

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Product Description:

HL-800 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer



. Description

HL-800 is environment-friendly polycarboxylate modified ether type high performance water reducer which developed by our company, with high water reducing rate and excellent bartender collapse performance, can make the fresh concrete keep long time construction performance, especially applied in flowing concrete such as self compact concrete, premixed concrete in long distance transport and hot climate conditions.


HL-800 Polycarboxylate

HL-800 Polycarboxylate

HL-800 Polycarboxylate



. Specifications of HL-800 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer



The factory technical indicators



Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Density (%)



pH value



Solid Content (%)



fluidity of cement 



chlorine ion content

(according to solid content changing)



Total  alkali Content (according to solid content changing)



formaldehyde content

 (according to solid content changing)



Remark: Base on National Standard GB8077-2000For test method of concrete admixtures homogeneity


. The using method of HL-800 Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

1This product recommended content is 0.25% -0.85% of the total weight of cementitious material, actually content should be experimentally determined.

2.  Due to the adaptive differences between different types of the cement and admixtures, the adaptive test of cement and admixture should be done before using or changing the cement type.

3.  In order to achieve better water-reducing effect, and ensure the quality of concrete, the mixing time is recommended at least 120 second before the concrete mixing test. 

4.  This product is sold as raw material, and it shows good compatibility with a variety of retarders, defoamers and air-entraining agent. Processing compound is not recommended to be used directly on the concrete and other materials. It is strongly recommended through trial and complex technology to determine the using method and conditions prior to use. It can be used as a masterbatch that mixed with different characteristics agent to produce retarded setting agent, early strength agent cryoprotective agent and pumping agent, it can fully meet the requirements of the different categories of engineering, construction technology, construction technique and temperature conditions.


. Packaging, transport and storage

(1) It is packed in 1000 Liter per IBC Tank, Other special package can also be available according to prior consultation.

(2) Special measures should be taken to ensure entire package. Keep waterproof during transportation.

(3) Dry and well ventilated warehouse is needed for storage. Quality guarantee of HL-800 is six months under normal conditions. If storage has surpassed the time, test must be done to confirm the validity. 


. Health and safety

(1) Once splashed into eyes and skin, wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment.

(2) Inedible. When eating by mistake, drink sufficient water to urge to vomiting, and then go to hospital.

(3) No littering. Caution should be taken to protect environment.


. Customer services

Data in this manual is only for reference. Technical data about dosage and mix proportion is available if necessary. Professional services in site are also available. More information needed, please direct all inquiries to company.


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Q:what is the difference between concrete and cement and stuco?
cement is one of the products used to produce concrete and stucco. Concrete is used for slabs and sometimes walls and floors of buildings. Stucco is used to coat walls as a finish product.
Q:What is the cheapest way to add color to cement?
Maybe you could ask a concrete company close to you if you could buy a small amount of color pigment. They have charts there so you can see the colors and I am sure since you don't need that much for your project (it is not a whole driveway) they might sell you some. Ths way you know how it would look and that it works with concrete.
Q:How do I attach cloth to cement? I want to close my AC for winter.?
If the cement is dry, dry brush it briskly and apply a 2 strip of double sided tape like they use for carpets. The other choice is to use that Velcro tape. It comes in a roll in a dispenser. It has tremendous holding power. A third choice would be to drill some 3/16 plastic plug holes, then drill a matching piece of 1x2. The 1x2's will hold the plastic in place when you screw the wood to the cement wall. Hope this helps.
Q:what blocks wifi more cement or glass?
Definetly cement.
Q:How does cement set? Don't say Just add water!?
Concrete has chemical fixers added to it that allow it to dry -- even under water. Or else those bridge anchors could never happen
Q:Cement Truck Drivers?
ok, if u r driving a cement truck y do u think u need a tanker endorsment? A cement truck is a 10+ wheeled straight truck with a cement mixer on back...it needs class b with airbrake (if equipped) endorsment.
Q:What procedure should I take to cement my weed infested yard ?
First off, its concrete, not cement. Cement is only an ingredient in concrete. Second of all, whats wrong with worms and critters. Yikes, without them we wouldn't have food, our eco system would collapse, and we would all die. Third of all, weeds can be used as nicely as lawns, achieving that perfect piece of lawn is ugly and harsh on our enviroment. Of course you can concrete a section of your yard, you level and grade it and then have it poured. To achieve you perfect lawn apply toxic herbicides and pesticides, continue to pollute our soils and waterways further, kill off beneficial insects such as bees and bugs, let those poisions run off into our water ways, kill our fish, and contribute to the demise of the eco system just a little bit further. Then go ahead and plant some grass seed that doesn't even thrive in you climate, then you will need to pump tons of water and fertilizer into monthly to achieve that perfect look. Then sit back and enjoy your little piece of toxic heaven. Now enjoy it a lot, because you will be enjoying for you great grand children as well, because they won't have a planet to live on. A conciseness person would think to themselves, why not just clean it up by hand and plant a garden, feed you family, feed a friend, feed the neighbor hood, and take care of your own just a little bit and conquer your complete dependence on the grocery store.
Q:Is it safe to get into a cement well pit under your house during a tornado?
If you're in tornado land chances are something was built in the home you live in to protect from the weather. If that's all there is it'll most certainly prove to work.
Q:How can I stop the cement going really dry on my new brick bbq?
probably the house builder added a colorant to the mortar, which makes it darker. You can actually stain the dry cement on your BBQ (with wood stain) or add a matte sealer, which will darken it some.
Q:Can we use quarry dust instead of sand for cement mix for brick laying, plastering or concrete?
not sure but iv never heard it used before.for concrete what my firm uses is 4parts concrete mix(a mix of type1 aggregate and sharp sand)to1 part ordinary portland cement and sufficient water to make the mix workable.bear in mind concrete cures at roughly an inch a month
We are one of the largest concrete admixture-products manufacture in China. We can produce different kinds of high quality conveyor belt and transmission belt.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing,China
Year Established 1992
Annual Output Value Above CNY ¥ 4 Billion
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 0.4
No.of Employees in Trade Department 500 People
Language Spoken: English;Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 200000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 20
Contract Manufacturing
Product Price Range Average