HK 1816 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:



Brand Name:


Bore Size:

18 mm

Outside Diameter:

24 mm

Model Number:

HK 1816

Precision Rating:


Seals Type:

Open or Sealed

Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Chrome Steel


Grease Lubrication


Plastic Bag and Box


HK 1816

Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearing :

The outer ring of drawn cup needle roller bearing is punched with the high-quality steel sheet. The outer ring has thin wall.The drawn cup needle roller bearing has the characterstics of small radial section area, large load carring capacity ,less inertia and economic manufacture. It is suitable for small section heght, or when the housing bore isnot used for raceway , this type is recommended to use .The bearing is assembled into the housing bore under a certain pressure without fu rther axial location.


The draw up needle roller bearing generally takes its shaft diameter as the internal raceway .However , the proper LR type inner ring can be  used in accordance with application condition.

Product Advantage:

1. High accuracy, High speed

2. ISO 9001:2000

3. Can be customized according to your needs

4. Can provide small & miniature standard and non-standard ball berings

5. Reasonable price

6. Technology: low vibration, low noise, high precision and durability

Our Advantages:

1. Excellent and high quality control

2. Prompt delivery

3. Competitive price

4. Small order accepted 

5. Customers' drawing or samples accepted

6. OEM service

Application Area:

Needle roller bearings are mainly used in car engines, transmissions, compressors, cranes, etc.



1.More than 28 years export experience

2.Strict quality control

3.Delivery in time

4.OEM service are available with good price

5.Low MOQ

HK 1816 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

HK 1816 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

HK 1816 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

HK 1816 Needle Bearing HK Series High Precision

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Q:f-250 changing front wheel bearings?
Well, what's the problem? Do you need to know how to do it? How much it cost? What are wheel bearings? You have tapered bearings. When they go bad you change the inner and outer bearing plus wheel grease seals then get them repacked. Sometimes you can just have them tightened and that fixes it
Q:Skateboard problem (wheels and bearings)?
If you aren't using speed ring, use them. Replace axle nuts. Could be bearing migration from excess bearing lube. Remove bearings and wipe outer race with denatured alcohol. Wash the wheels with dish soap and water. Make sure to wash the bearing seats. Dry before placing the bearings back in. If it happens only on one side but not the other, it's axle slip. Send trucks back to manufacturer.
Q:97 Prelude. What happens when the bearings and drive shaft go bad? How long before I have to replace?
Very unusual for front wheel bearing to fail. Why did you say drive shaft earlier? The car has CV axles that act like drive shafts. If one fails, you are going to have to have a tow. Jack up the car on one side then the other. Look for a shaft that goes to the wheel from the trans axle. There should be 2 boots per axle. If the boots crack they will be covered with dirt and grease. This will eventually precipitate the universal joint within the boot to fail and break. On wheel bearings, if they are bad, you may or may not be able to drive the car until one of them seizes. Then you will need a tow. Maybe you should get used to using public transportation. Either way, you are going to have to get your problem fixed. It's like my wife. Her Honda needs both CV axles, a timing chain and ball joints on both sides. I want her to drive my 89 Pontiac until I can fix her Honda, but she complains that she doesn't like the gas mileage on the Pontiac. I told her, what does it matter? She has three things that are eventually going to drop her in the middle of the freeway and maybe getting run over by a semi truck. I plan on sabotaging her Honda so she if forced to use the Pontiac. Don't get yourself stuck out on a limb. Either park the Honda and get on public transportation or get it fixed. By the way, my wife's Honda Accord has 450,000 miles on it.
Q:Trouble locating bearing for wheel of 2002 Hyundai Sonata. Do Hyundai bearings come with numbers on them?
Get the bearing and look for yourself. Go to auto parts store and ask them for a front wheel bearing for your vehicle. Look it up online at Auto Zone. com.There are a number of ways to find out. Get out of there and find a shop that knows what they are doing. Why are they working on the wheels to repair an alternator. Sounds like you are getting ripped.
Q:Possible bad wheel bearings in my 2003 Dodge Ram1500?
More likely the brake is tighter on that side. If you can , back it off a notch or two and see if that helps. However, at 7 years old it would be a good idea to clean and repack the bearings, or even replace them, the races and seals.
Q:which skateboard bearings are faster?
bones reds are faster, and lasted me longer than black panther did. theres a smiply reasoning behind this. Reds are made by Bones with speicallizes in skateboard bearings and makes the most top of the line bearings out there Black Panthers, made by Shorty's arent nearly as good quality as the majority of shorty's efforts go to things like decks bushings hardwear and bearings so they cant make them of such a good quality.
Q:Roller needle roller bearings can be used directly as a wheel?
Yes, but it is not recommended.I. cost valueThe KR58 driven roller bearings are of great value. The purpose of the design is to maximize the effect with minimal cost, and the cost of the bearing is undoubtedly high. For example: ordinary 6306 bearings, a single bearing can withstand 1500 kilograms of weight, with 10 can be, the value of KR58 is much smaller.Two 、 operation flexibility and endurancePlain ball bearings are much more flexible than roller bearings. They are easy to purchase on the market, and it is easy to solve the problem of poor working conditions with bearings with sealed coversSome of the printing equipment is had to use this kind of bearing, the car to do this, put fine timber to petty use!!
Q:Should I replace the wheel bearings with the brakes?
to the best of my knowledge, you don't really need to if they are original, in good condition. the thing is, can you check and verify the condition of the wheel bearings? just because you are taking everything else in that department out, shouldn't mean you have to replace the bearings as well. BUT, if you want, if the truck has high mileage, by all means go for it. after everything's done, you might want to do an alignment job.
Q:Do skateboard bearings need to be broken in after cleaning them?
It might seem that way but the bearings are gonna be fast.. You should ride the board to test the bearings .. Spining them helps a little but when you ride them your weight is on they will give you a better feel of how they perform.. They probably faster than what you think .. yeah just go ahead put the spacers back.. It will protect the bearings trucks.. Do to the friction they might share here there.. You have like the best wheels bearings outhere.. Bones is the best when it comes down to wheels bearings.. Lucky dude.
Q:Will my Bones Swiss longboard bearings rust if they get wet?
Yes. You should dry off your bearings after a riding in the rain. You were better off buying 4 or 5 sets of Magic or MileHighSkate bearings for the same price. You can use certain types of lube to make your bearings pretty waterproof, mainly greases. Try using White Lithium Grease, Ballistol, Tri-Flow, Phil's Waterproof Grease, or 3 in 1 Lube. Do not use WD-40

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