HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

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900000 set/month

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:



Brand Name:


Bore Size:

14 mm

Outside Diameter:

20 mm

Model Number:

HK 1412

Precision Rating:


Seals Type:

Open or Sealed

Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Chrome Steel


Grease Lubrication


Plastic Bag and Box


HK 1412

Product Applications: 

Needle roller bearings are mainly used in car engines, transmissions, compressors, cranes, etc.

Product Advantages:

1.Bearing Manufactory ( Have our own technical department)

2.High quality products (Long Life and low noise)

3.Well-daserved Reputation (Good Stock Guarantee)

4.Professional service ( Promptly shippment)

5.OEM Service,Sample is available

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1.industrial packing 
4.according to your requirements

Delivery Detail:

in stock or 15-30days after P.O



We have complete process for the production and quality assurance to make sure

our products can meet your requirement. And our quality can compare with the

most chinese famous bearing manufacture. we have the same technology. Such as 
1. Assembly
2. Windage test
3. Cleaning
4. Rotary test
5. Greasing and gland
6. Noise inspection
7. Appearance inspection
8. Rust prevention
9. Product packaging

HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

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a) How do you know for sure it's the rod bearings and not the main bearings or a worn out oil pump? b) There is no temporary fix for worn out engine bearings if they're really worn and you are experiencing rod knock and extremely low oil pressure, but a higher viscosity oil and one of the many additives out there such as Lucas high mileage oil stabilizer might get you by for a short while IF and only if you don't run your engine very hard. Keep the rpm and speed as low as practical and be sure the oil temp stays low.
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The bad bearing could be causing a vibration, but probably won't cause the board to wobble. Usually bad bearings make noise and don't roll freely. It sounds like you might be getting speed wobble. This is caused by loose trucks at high speed. You can try tightening up the trucks when you go fast, but be sure to loosen them up for other riding. You might want to check for a blown bushing as this could be causing the wobble problem as well. You can also change your position on the board as well when riding at high speeds. Smaller, narrower boards are more prone to speed wobble than longer wider ones.
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on that car the bearings should be already pressed into the hub.all you need to do is tighten the hub bolts.
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Rollerblading is just a slang term for inline skating. There are two common sizes of bearings for inline skates and one of them is only popular for inline hockey. You can replace any bearing with another of the same size. If you want to change sizes, you need to replace the wheel, bearings, and bearing spacer at the same time. The 608 bearing is used on almost all skates and skateboards. They are 22mm (7/8 inch) in diameter. The 688 bearings are used in some hockey skates and were used for a short while in speed skates. They are much smaller at 16mm (5/8 inch) diameter.,

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