HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

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900000 set/month

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:



Brand Name:


Bore Size:

14 mm

Outside Diameter:

20 mm

Model Number:

HK 1412

Precision Rating:


Seals Type:

Open or Sealed

Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Chrome Steel


Grease Lubrication


Plastic Bag and Box


HK 1412

Product Applications: 

Needle roller bearings are mainly used in car engines, transmissions, compressors, cranes, etc.

Product Advantages:

1.Bearing Manufactory ( Have our own technical department)

2.High quality products (Long Life and low noise)

3.Well-daserved Reputation (Good Stock Guarantee)

4.Professional service ( Promptly shippment)

5.OEM Service,Sample is available

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1.industrial packing 
4.according to your requirements

Delivery Detail:

in stock or 15-30days after P.O



We have complete process for the production and quality assurance to make sure

our products can meet your requirement. And our quality can compare with the

most chinese famous bearing manufacture. we have the same technology. Such as 
1. Assembly
2. Windage test
3. Cleaning
4. Rotary test
5. Greasing and gland
6. Noise inspection
7. Appearance inspection
8. Rust prevention
9. Product packaging

HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1412 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

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Q:How many hrs does it take to replace rod bearings?
Ask yourself WHY this need to be done when your engine should last for 300,000 miles WITHOUT needing ANY internal parts. The answer of course is that you have benn using INFERIOR WAX based engine oils. Even now, you PROBABLY do NOT need new bearings, but you DO need an engine flush and switch over to any of the good synthetic oils with a 0 series rating. Your engine life will extend and your bearings will be protected in the coldest weather, even at START_UP, which is where most engine wear actually occurs. TRUST ME, I know!! You shouldn' tneed crank resurfacing, but take the time to platigage the bearings, or have someone who KNOWS what they are doing repair this thing, Usualy a little crocus cloth will clean the crank surfaces perfectly. THINK AHEAD, and LEARN form this experience. USE DEXOS oil of Mobil One or Amsoil in the future. You will save money and your engine sensors and converter will last longest. GOOD LUCK and HAPPY REBUILDING!!!
Q:Skateboard problem (wheels and bearings)?
If you aren't using speed ring, use them. Replace axle nuts. Could be bearing migration from excess bearing lube. Remove bearings and wipe outer race with denatured alcohol. Wash the wheels with dish soap and water. Make sure to wash the bearing seats. Dry before placing the bearings back in. If it happens only on one side but not the other, it's axle slip. Send trucks back to manufacturer.
Q:what are bearings on a fishing reel?
the bearings are inside of what ever on the reel rotates... what they are are little circles with greese and ball bearins inside of them and what they do is first off act as a lub and second the allow whatever it is taht you are using rotate more freely and smoothly
Q:How much is a good set of spark plug return bearings? ?
Where I live, the car-owner is not obliged to patronise any particular shop. Go to the next one if you are not satisfied
Q:How do i change my swingarm bearings?
the bearings are press fit. you drive them out with a hammer and a punch. You need a hydraulic press to push the new bearings in place. The best way is to remove the swingarm and take it to the dealer to replace the bearings. The bearings usually get rusted up before they actually wear out. You might be able to clean them with solvent and regrease them.
Q:2003 Suzuki Ozark 250 bearings help?
is almost the same, the only diff is how the wheel is opened up,,, i believe they seal the bearings so you will haft to press them out i think,, if not then then its the same,,, ive only came across 2 types of 4wheelers that had to do that,, they were polarius models that floated on the water,,, now lookin at yours its the same as a car,,, after removing the wheel you take off the spindle ( for a car its called a rotor) then pick out the bearing clean out the grease add new grease, and pack the bearings with grease befor you put it in,, the more grease the better lol
Q:How to put in balls in bearings?
I have found that impossible to put back in, trying to do that with skateboard bearings. I would rather recommend replacing the bearings with a new set. Since the balls have broken out of the race way, it will not perform too good. Either grinding unevenly against the walls of the race way, or not spinning at all.
Q:cleaning my skateboard bearings?
I'd recommend using denatured alcohol since it contains no water. Your rubbing alcohol is still 9% water. Be sure the bottle is clean and dry before using. Cleaning time should be at minimum 15 mins. An hour if they are really dirty. You will need to remove the shield to clean the bearings. If the shield is crimped on, it is not removable. Luckys use metal shields, so you will have to carefully remove the retainer, fine wire around the outside of the shield before cleaning. Speed Cream will work for any skate bearings, nit just Bones.
Q:Why do some roller bearings have tapered bores on the inner rings?
The tapered ones are made to take a side force. .
Q:What's the difference between ABEC 3 and 5 rollarblade bearings?
Abec 5 bearings are manufactured with a higher standard of precision than abec 3 bearings. Pretty much, with the abec rated bearings, the higher the number the higher quality of the bearings.

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