HK 1212 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

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900000 set/month

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Product Description:

Product Specifications:



Brand Name:


Bore Size:

12 mm

Outside Diameter:

16 mm

Model Number:

HK 1212

Precision Rating:


Seals Type:

Open or Sealed

Number of Row:

Single Row

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu, China (Mainland)


Chrome Steel


Grease Lubrication


Plastic Bag and Box


HK 1212

Product Applications: 

Needle roller bearings are mainly used in car engines, transmissions, compressors, cranes, etc.

Product Advantages:

1.Bearing Manufactory ( Have our own technical department)

2.High quality products (Long Life and low noise)

3.Well-daserved Reputation (Good Stock Guarantee)

4.Professional service ( Promptly shippment)

5.OEM Service,Sample is available

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

1.industrial packing 
4.according to your requirements

Delivery Detail:

in stock or 15-30days after P.O


HK 1212 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1212 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1212 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1212 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1212 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

HK 1212 Needle Roller Bearing Drawn Cup Needle Roller Supply High Precision

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Q:can i use finger acetone to clean my bearings?
?!?!?! NO! Finger acetone cannot be used to clean bearings. You can clean bearings with a few things, I can only remember WD-40 at this point of time. Remember to completely dry the bearings before adding the correct lubricant and re-capping them.
Q:Cherokee Oil Pressure -- Stumped (Oil Pump, Bearings, etc)?
A four stroke engine such as yours has pressure lubrication. The oil pump picks up oil from the sump, sends it through the filter, and than to the engine. Pressure depends on fluid pushed through a restriction. Do NOT drive your vehicle with low oil pressure, or you will do permanent damage if you were planning on a rebuild. Even if you use the incorrect oil weight, 5psi at idle and 15-20psi while driving has nothing to do with it. Oil is not getting pressurzed because of either the oil pump, oil pump pressure-relief malfunction, oil leaks at main bearings, connecting rod bearings, etc... If they changed the pump and gauge and you verified with a mechanical gauge that you have insufficient oil pressure, the engine has to be disassembled and inspected. Bearing gaps have to be measured with micrometers, calipers, plastigauge etc. I doubt that the dealership will perform this. If you're under warranty, perhaps you will get a new engine. If not, don't worry. I assume you have the 4.0L I6 which is very common. I was planning a rebuild once but found out that long-block engines can be had at wreckers for about $800 with super low mileage. Good Luck.
Q:is it good to have openings on your longboard bearings?
If the bearings have shields on one side, put the shielded side facing outward. The friction between the wheel and the bearing will keep the majority of the dirt out. You will still need to properly maintain your bearings and keep them out of water. Shields don't keep out water. Swiss bearings are the best. My longboards have Pig Swiss in them.
Q:Longboard bearings question?
Little room i try to keep them even not to mcuh or your have troubel trunring snd axle slip
Q:How much to replace 2 front wheel bearings on a 2001 grand prix gtp?
May I ask why are YOU not calling auto shops in your city and asking yourself? These types of auto services are not universally priced in all 50 states. And car names are proper names and must be capitalized. Grand Prix GTP is correct. I would like to meet the person who started this grammar anomaly of not capitalizing names and have a person to person chat about this subject. mike who answered you has this defect down pat. He wrote with 100% incorrect grammar. The next grammar error is punctuation. ALL sentences must end with a proper punctuation mark. Please do so. Otherwise, the world shall end as we know it. mike has no usable sentences and his writing is beyond chaotic and disorganized. He makes up words as well. I wonder it he ever went to school. Do not be like mike.
Q:2003 Suzuki Ozark 250 bearings help?
is almost the same, the only diff is how the wheel is opened up,,, i believe they seal the bearings so you will haft to press them out i think,, if not then then its the same,,, ive only came across 2 types of 4wheelers that had to do that,, they were polarius models that floated on the water,,, now lookin at yours its the same as a car,,, after removing the wheel you take off the spindle ( for a car its called a rotor) then pick out the bearing clean out the grease add new grease, and pack the bearings with grease befor you put it in,, the more grease the better lol
Q:Why do some roller bearings have tapered bores on the inner rings?
The tapered ones are made to take a side force. .
Q:Are these good rollerhockey bearings?
There really isn't that much difference between bearings. Mission won't want to get a bad rep by making bad bearings for their main customers. The price is probably a little higher than other bearings (without an OEM skate maker's name on them) than equivalent bearings from the top companies (Twin Cam, Zero Drag, Bones).
Q:what are the best bearings to put on a stereo vinyl cruiser (skateboard)?
IT'S SUPER fun to cruise around. I have a longboard, but that is a burden to carry around in between me classes in college. My little board is light; I can carry that piece of plastic beauty with one hand and no worries. However, it does scratch easily. It's plastic. Overall, I LOVE it. I'd change the bearings though (8 piece cylinder that allows more smoothness to your ride so you kick less. Bones Red $15) Glasses suck though, so that really isn't any big deal. 3 Am learning how to do tricks on it though. :d ♥♥♥STEREO♥♥
Q:Changed skateboard bearings to bones reds and it made it worse!?
Spin tests are useless, they give no indication of the bearing's performance under load. Bearings take a while to break in, especially Bones. Might take a few good days of riding. There should be a speed ring on either side of the wheel. Some Trucks do have a built in protrusion that does the same as a speed rind, so only the outer one is needed. Make sure you didn't tighten the axle nuts too much. There should be a little play in the wheels. Also, make sure your bearings are seated properly. Ditch the spacers as they often cause problems. If you skated in the rain with the new bearings, clean and re-lube them. . They might be salvageable, otherwise plan on buying another set of bearings.

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