HJD Type Chemical Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description:

1. Introduction

HJD is a centrifugal pump of horizontal, single suction, multistage, and radial split structure.

Conform to ISO9005, GB/T16907, API682 standard.

Head: 100~1100m

Capacity: 3~800mr/h


Max operating pressure: 15Mpa

2. Application

It is used to convey clean medium without particles or corrosive/non-corrosive medium with suspended substance.

Industrial water supply

Power plan(thermal power, nulcear power)

Petrochemical industry

Cooling or hearing system

City water supply

3. Material

For wetted parts in contact with medium, the common materials are as following,

304, 321, 316L, 0Cr25Ni6, TA2

4. Pump Structure

HJD Type Chemical Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

5. FAQ

1       Are your pumps acid-proofed?

To choose the right pumps for chemical applications, we do need further details on hydraulic operations as well as on the type, concentration and temperature of the liquid.

2       Can your pumps mount Eff.1 motors

Currently, only on request though this will shortly be a CNBM standard.

3       Are your pumps protected against dry running?

No, unprotected centrifugal pumps are not generally designed for dry running. It is important to give us or your dealer as much information as possible about the system in which the pump is used. Inlet pressure, the type of liquid to be pumped, together with relative density, viscosity and temperature, for example, are required in order to allow CNBM to recommend the right pump with the right gaskets for a long operating lifetime.

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Q:Is it safe to use Bar's Leaks Cooling System Water Pump Lube?
As far as I know Bars stop leak will not work on a moving part like the seal on a water pump. This is an opportunity to have fresh anti freeze in your car. Get the water pump replaced and have the system drained and filled with fresh. Use a pre-mix or dilute regular antifreeze with distilled water. Many places have hard water which clogs radiators and heater cores. Take care that the system is bled of any air when refilled.. Anti freeze contains water pump lubricant for the seal. If it had been changed last year you may not have this expense now.
Q:I need Water Pump help?
The impeller .
Q:Water pump Decision : NAPA $42 or GM $165. Labor about 4 hrs plan to keep the car.?
I would go with the NAPA one, the GM one that is on the car now did not last forever either, I have had very good luck with after market water pumps for GM vehicles. 4 hours seems a little steep though......Good luck
Q:What made my water pump lock up?
I have a '93 Cherokee too. So I can answer any question you have about it. Water pump failure is caused be bad seal or bearings. Since it locked up, your bearings were the problem. Maybe the belt was too tight? At any rate, before you give all of your money away on any more probs, give me a ring, K. BTW, I changed my water pump out last month. It was an Autozone special w/lifetime warranty. Since it was a replacement, I didn't pay a dime. Contact me via email with any more Jeep probs and I'll walk you through it. Water pumps on '93 Cherokees are tightened throught the Power Steering pump mounting bracket, no tensioner. Replacements is considerably more than a simple belt swap. You must remove the clutch and elec fan to access the water pump bolts. I had to unbolt the A/C compressor and move it out of way. It took me about 4 hours to do the waterpump and thermostat. Not for the faint of heart. But if you are willing to save a few bucks and have access to a few tools, it's all pretty easy.
Q:Safety head of water pump?
Pump selection should pay attention to the following points: (1) to meet the maximum load conditions, should try to reduce the waste of energy; (2) rational use of high efficiency section of the pump; (3) using the same type pump as much as possible, the type of neat, standby each other; (4) to the selection of large pump according to the actual situation, but also should consider taking into account the size, flexible deployment; (5) lack of H value changes, different types of collocation is optional pump operation. (6) to ensure the water conditions, take care of basic level, reduce the pumping depth; (7) consider the standby unit necessary; (8) check the fire with water; (9) considering the development, implementation of the combination of short and long term; (10) to the selection of water pump type local mass production.
Q:Water pump for distillation unit?
The only thing you might need a pump for is if you are distilling/refluxing something and it is not all condensing before it reaches the end/top of the tube, resulting in vapor escaping. In that case you would use a bucket of ice water with a submersible pump.
Q:1997 Civic-Timing belt/Water Pump?
water pump is usually replaced with the timing belt since it is easiest to get to when you are doing the timing belt. your water pump may go out on you tomorrow or last for another 300k miles, who knows. but with it not having been changed, you are still riding on a pump with 138k on it. lots of miles on that impeller. if it lasts, just have it changed next timing belt...which I would do @ around 160k miles ~ 80k is about right for a timing belt to last. civic water pumps are cheap...as are the timing belts.
Q:Is it true if your Heater is working then your water pump is working?
Not nessesarily. because the pump could still be pumping , but leaking. When the thermostat gives out and the coolant gets low, then the heater will not blow cool air out. Anything that has a leak could be a cause for the coolant being low. Every time you remove the coolant from the system, bleed it by turning the bleed screw that is near the thermostat housing. be sure the car is hot enough before turning the screw slightly. You did not mention the year , model , and engine of the car. so I am assuming only. Radiator flush works well to clean out motors . Buy a can and follow directions. it may also be a coolant temperature sensor. This is a very important sensor because it affects the signals the Computer is getting. It may not run well. Have it scanned for a trouble code free at Autozone ot other store.
Q:How do I calculate the power of the pump?
A 15kw pump, know how to calculate the head pumping water for an hour (if the head is 10 meters)Lift: MFlow rate: kg / sec (general water pump is cubic / hour, if 10 cubic hour / hour: 2.7 kg / sec)Efficiency: average 60%15000/102*0.6=88 kilograms per second88/10=8.8 kg / sec8.8*3600=31680 kg / h=31.6 cubic / hour
Q:are duralast water pumps any good?
We dont install autozone anything at our shop. I would say no.

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