Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C8

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The Ferro Manganese Description

The introduction of the ferro manganese

There are three kinds of ferromanganese according to its different carbon content: low carbon FeMn, middle carbon FeMn, high carbon FeMn. And there are two different types of high carbon FeMn according to their different chemical composition: electric furnace FeMn and blast furnace FeMn.

Application of the ferro manganese

Deoxidizer, alloying agent, desulfurizer.

The pictures of the ferro manganese


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Q:What are the YT and YG carbide cutting tools for each occasion and why is it necessary to improve the quality of the machined surface?
But modern machining, has no strict distinction between the T and G class, but in different types of processed materials and processing conditions, different ways such as the use of different materials, and with appropriate coating, to reduce the cost requirements.Cutting parameters need to be selected according to different cutting occasions and different materials to be machined.
Q:What kind of carbide alloy is used in stainless steel processing?
Machine tool steel. Better cooling, liquid viscosity and sulfur chosen for good cooling performance, the pressure of the cooling liquid chlorine.
Q:What are the standard units of measurement for carbide inserts?
Manufacturers usually use KG, which is used inside the shop
Q:Method for assembling hard alloy cold heading die
If it is made of hard alloy cold die core and the steel bushing assembly, depends on the heat treatment hardness you cold die steel sleeve to be, if not steel heat treatment, direct heat bushing, the amount of interference for hard alloy core diameter of about 0.6%, if the steel heat treatment to HRC40 about the amount of interference for hard alloy core diameter about 0.3%.
Q:The difference between carbide knife and white steel knife
1, two kinds of material composition is different: the former WC+Co+TiC, etc., the latter is generally C+Cr+W+Mo+v2, forming methods are generally different: hard alloy is powder metallurgy process (of course, some are powder metallurgy high speed steel)
Q:What is the resistivity of the yg13 cemented carbide?
Four, YG13 tungsten steel product featuresYG13 ultrafine particles and by using tungsten alloy in low pressure sintering, uniform grain distribution, good compactness, no pore free porosity and uniform microstructure and excellent wear resistance, 90.5HRA hardness, flexural strength up to 4000MPa and have high wear resistance, comparable to the quality of imported tungsten steel material, some performance parameters are better than similar imported tungsten steel material.
Q:Why carbide fracture?
Hard alloy is made by casting sintering of tungsten and cobalt, nickel, titanium and tungsten powder, cobalt and nickel matrix, and it is easy to break a bonding metal, quality and technology, process equipment, but also related to the amount of metal content and bonding, in short, hard alloy production is very complex, the quality is strictly, in order to produce good toughness, wear-resistant tungsten is a long-term process of exploration, experiment, a link may not have a good grasp of the products are not qualified.
Q:The use of cemented carbides YG and YT
Three, need to point out is: YG, YT, YW each alloy has different models, each model has different applicable range, the above refers to the comprehensive analysis.
Q:What is the difference between hard alloy steel and high speed steel?
5, the scope of application is not the same: the general tool materials used carbide, complex difficult to shape, or require very sharp, high toughness and other field applicable high-speed steel
Q:Classification of Cemented Carbides
Cemented carbides are classified into tungsten, cobalt, tungsten, titanium, tungsten, titanium, tantalum and cobalt. Tungsten cobalt carbide knife with: YG6, YG8, YG8N and so on, such carbide cutting tools for processing non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, cast iron and other materials;Tungsten carbide hard alloy knife has: YT5, YT15, etc., this kind of carbide cutting tools for processing steel and other tough materials;Tungsten, titanium, tantalum, cobalt carbide knife with: YW1, YW2, YS25, WS30, etc., this kind of carbide cutting tools for processing heat-resistant steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel and other difficult materials.

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