Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C8

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The Ferro Manganese Description

The introduction of the ferro manganese

There are three kinds of ferromanganese according to its different carbon content: low carbon FeMn, middle carbon FeMn, high carbon FeMn. And there are two different types of high carbon FeMn according to their different chemical composition: electric furnace FeMn and blast furnace FeMn.

Application of the ferro manganese

Deoxidizer, alloying agent, desulfurizer.

The pictures of the ferro manganese


The Packaging & Shipping of the Ferro Manganese

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Q:What are the types of cemented carbides?
3. Indexable cutters, including indexable carbide end mills, indexable face mills, indexable dovetail cutters and indexable three edged blades.4 、 high speed steel cutting tools, including high-speed steel forming cutter, left-hand drilling, spherical milling cutter, cobalt high speed steel cutter and various non-standard high speed steel cutting tools.
Q:What blade does the high carbide material use?
No ceramic blade, with PCD, the wear resistance of the ceramic blade or worse, the car hard alloy finishing non diamond tool, we have tried before, the crude car available the whole CBN tool, we use the case of personal data, some contact, welcome to consult
Q:How are hard alloy fittings machined and polished?
Cutting tools or ceramic cutting tools for cubic boron nitride material, cobalt alloy cutting tools, etc.,Diamond grinding materials for polishing.
Q:Detailed comparison of cemented carbide with diamond properties
Diamond is hard and brittle, with excellent performance, most of the material processing, as is the emerging industry, the production level is uneven, the high price range; processing hard alloy is less, the price is relatively cheap, because it is a traditional industry, level of production is relatively mature. If you are now worried about the choice of a tool for processing, using diamond tools or carbide tools?
Q:General carbide and high-speed steel blade cutting speed? (about the range is OK.)
Carbide wire feed rate F0 per revolution. 08-0. 2, high-speed steel: F0. 03-F0. 1, see what processing materials, machine tools, steel and sex
Q:Model of grinding carbide wheel sheet
Generally, diamond grinding wheels are used for grinding carbide, and diamond grinding wheels are usually divided into diamond size. Check the manual and choose it by roughness.
Q:Carbide cutting tool type
YT15 (P10) = 91 for hardness of carbon steel and alloy steel continuous cutting and semi refined car finishing. Intermittent cutting when finishing. The cyclone car wire, the semi finish and finish milling, rough and fine hole expansion. YT14 (P20) = 90.5 hardness suitable for carbon steel and alloy steel uneven surface roughing the whole continuous cutting, interrupted cutting is the semi refined car and finishing, the rough milling, casting hole reaming etc.. YT5 (P30) = 89.5 for hardness of carbon steel and alloy steel [including forging. Rough parts for stamping and casting. Rough planing, half fine planing, rough milling and so on. YG8 (K30) = 89 for hardness cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloys, rough turning, non-metallic materials, uneven surface and intermittent cutting the rough planing, rough milling, drilling hole and deep hole reaming. YW1 (M10) = 91.5 for heat resistant steel material hardness, strength of steel, stainless steel and alloy steel and other hard steel processing, is also suitable for ordinary steel, machining of cast iron.YS25 (P25) = 90.5 for hardness of carbon steel, cast steel, high manganese steel, coarse high strength steel and alloy steel, milling and planing. YG6X (K10) = 91 for hardness of alloy cast iron. Finishing and semi finishing machining of cast iron. YS8 (M05) 92.5S for hardness is more than or equal to the iron-based, nickel based superalloy, high precision machining of high strength steel, finish machining of chilled cast iron and heat-resistant stainless steel, high manganese steel, hardened steel. YG8N (K20K30) = 90 for hardness rough machining of cast iron and non-ferrous metals, is also suitable for the finishing of the rough machining of stainless steel. YT30, YS30, YG6A, YG3, YG3X, YW2, YD777, and various non-standard products.
Q:Which one is better made of cemented carbide?
Overall, Zhuzhou cemented carbide works, Shanghai alloy materials factory, Zigong cemented carbide plant, new carbide knives are good. But the single pair of milling cutters is not clear! There is no YL!
Q:What is the difference between tungsten cobalt alloy and YG8 and YG6 series cemented carbide?
YG6, YG6X, YG8, YG8C, YG11C, and so on,YG6 hardness and wear resistance are slightly higher than that of YG8, but strength and toughness are not as good as YG8
Q:What are the main uses of carbide round rods?
I have some hard alloy round bars (tungsten steel) and high speed steel round rods (all used for cutting tools). Now I want wire cutting, laser, diamond, wire cutting

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