Hign Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C8

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The Ferro Manganese Description

The introduction of the ferro manganese

There are three kinds of ferromanganese according to its different carbon content: low carbon FeMn, middle carbon FeMn, high carbon FeMn. And there are two different types of high carbon FeMn according to their different chemical composition: electric furnace FeMn and blast furnace FeMn.

Application of the ferro manganese

Deoxidizer, alloying agent, desulfurizer.

The pictures of the ferro manganese


The Packaging & Shipping of the Ferro Manganese

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Q:I would like to ask cemented carbide grade YK15,
Just found the carbide under YK15, its cobalt content in 10%.According to its brand, YK15 should be used to process cast iron, so the main ingredient should be WC+Co.So its WC component should be in 89-90% (just for inference, for reference only)Based on the molar mass of WC, the mass fraction of the W content is deduced
Q:The requirement of machining thread holes on carbide is higher
The shrinkage coefficient must be taken into account, but the technical requirement is quite high and the molding is difficultIn the processing of hard alloy threads, if high precision, small hole, can be used in EDM processing, now EDM with C axis, don't work fixture, the thread can play any pitch, as long as the processing thread electrode is.
Q:What are the well-known brands of cemented carbide materials at home and abroad?
A lot of foreign ah, Sweden Sandvik, German - Luxemburg, American Kenna, Israel - Domestic - hard line iscar; diamond, Zigong the Great Wall, Xiamen gol-egret etc.
Q:Hard alloy is tungsten?
General tungsten cobalt alloy is mainly applicable to: carbide cutting tools, molds and mineral products.Tungsten, titanium and cobalt carbideThe main components are tungsten carbide, titanium carbide (TiC) and cobalt.
Q:Is there any pollution in the production of cemented carbide?
There is no pollution, the most basic production, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide after heating, heavy water generated after, there are also the noise, dust, harmful substances should be there on the edge of it, so do the work people must take the mask ah, ordinary mask should be useless the kind of good filtration mask, good sealing performance should be divided into ordinary medical masks, and senior two. Ordinary medical masks cost is not high, protection is not outstanding; and senior medical masks is surgery the doctor or dentist, pay attention to the fluid barrier, filtration of particles, guarantee in precision work environment with permeability, haze and mean gray dust, haze (Yan Xia) in the air of sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other disorders that cause visual history of haze. The difference between haze and fog is that when the haze occurs, the relative humidity is not large, while the relative humidity in the fog is saturated. (if there is a large amount of condensation, the relative humidity may not reach 100%, it may appear saturated). Sources of toxic particulate matter in cities: first of all, automobile exhaust. Diesel vehicles are the highest standard American imports of medical masks, such as Beijing work guard Xin, filter good, not only anti particles, but also anti droplets.
Q:What type of carbide for punching dies? Better. Where can I buy it?
Stamping die is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping, need more different uses to choose different characteristics of carbide brand, you can understandZhuzhou same cemented carbide.
Q:Can hard alloy be welded with silver electrode?
Hard alloy can use silver electrode welding, some more liquid silver wire than general tin brass or iron brass, the cost is too high, the strength level than the ordinary copper electrode should be higher, personal suggestions for the selection of copper base up instead of silver electrode, such as the WEWELDING 46 electrode (referred to as Odin Wei 46 If the strength of electrodes), the structure is higher than silver, if it is to achieve the high permeability, it is still the ideal to silver, only from the strength level, is not WEWELDING 46 copper based electrode.
Q:Several hard alloy cutter lathe with?
2 kinds! They are clamp type and welding type.
Q:What is hard alloy grinding?
Diamond grinding wheel in grinding hard alloy and non-metallic materials, has a unique effect, but in the grinding of steel material, especially grinding special steel, the effect is not significant. It is composed of cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding cubic boron nitride particles sticking to the ordinary wheel surface only a very thin layer, the abrasive wear the hardness, toughness and durability of corundum wheel is 100 times, the most suitable for processing high hardness, high viscosity, high strength, low thermal conductivity of grinding hard steel and high or super high speed grinding.
Q:What does carbide wet grinding mean?
3. shape of the grinding bodyThe grinding body can be spherical or cylindrical. Our country generally adopts the spherical shape, which is easy to roll because of its spherical shape and has high efficiency, and can make the most effective use of the surface of the grinding body, and the abrasion is even, and the manufacture is easy.4. ball material ratioBall to material ratio refers to the ball to material weight ratio, the ball to material ratio is greater, the ball and material contact area is greater, the grinding efficiency is higher.Experiments show that in a certain range, improve the ball material can not only improve the grinding efficiency ratio, change the performance of mixture, and can obtain the structure of hard alloy structure and good performance, but the ball ratio can not be too large.5. solid-liquid ratioThe solid-liquid ratio is the ratio of the weight of the mixture to the volume of the liquid medium. Usually expressed as a volume of liquid added to a kilogram of material. But the solid-liquid ratio of slurry is suitable, and the grinding efficiency has the best value!

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