Hign Carbon - Ferro-Manganese C7 Chinese Supplier

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Hign Carbon - Ferro-Manganese C7 Chinese Supplier

Ferro manganese

1. Mainly used as alloy additives and deoxidizer in steelmaking.

2. Used as alloy agent ,widely applied to be widely applied to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and
heat-resistant steel and abrasion-resistant steel.

3. It also has the performance that it can desulfurize and decrease the harmfulness of sulfur. So when we make steel and cast iron, we always need certain account of manganese.

FeMn manufacturer

The specification and size can be made as your demand.


Hign Carbon - Ferro-Manganese C7 Chinese Supplier

Hign Carbon - Ferro-Manganese C7 Chinese Supplier

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Q:How to detect carbide material is raw material or recycled material, what is the difference?
The original material has uniform particle size and stable performance.
Q:YC45 carbide cutting tools 10
YC45 hard alloy cutter is made of tungsten alloy tool. The main alloy components are tungsten and cobalt, which have better wear resistance, good weldability, and good effect in processing solid wood, redwood and so on. Is a widely used, stable quality alloy, can also be used for cutting tools of various metals. Tungsten alloy containing tungsten 18%, hardness of Vivtorinox 10K, second only to diamond. The product has the characteristics of tungsten steel is not easy to wear. Commonly used in lathe tool, drill bit, glass knife head, tile cutter, hard but brittle annealing.Cemented carbide is a kind of alloy material made by powder metallurgy process of hard metal and bonding metal of refractory metal. Hard alloy with high hardness, strength and toughness, good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent performance, especially high hardness and wear resistance of it, even at a temperature of 500 DEG C also remained unchanged, at 1000 degrees C still have high hardness. Hard alloy is widely used as a tool material, such as turning, milling, planing, drilling, boring, used for cutting cast iron, non-ferrous metals, plastics, chemical fiber, graphite, glass, stone and steel, can also be used for cutting steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel and other hard processing materials. High hardness (86-93HRA, equivalent to 69-81HRC); good thermal hardness (up to 900-1000 DEG C, 60HRC); good wear resistance.Carbide cutting tools than high speed steel cutting speed 4-7 times, 5-80 times higher tool life. Manufacturing dies and measuring tools, life expectancy is 20-150 times higher than alloy tool steel. Hard material that can be cut around 50HRC. But the hard alloy brittleness, cutting can not difficult to make the whole cutter with complicated shape, usually made of different shapes of blade, mounted on the body or use a knife die body by welding, bonding and mechanical clamping method.
Q:Carbide and carbon steel
Hard alloy knife, cutting knife, carbon steel is the food, so simple.
Q:Purchased welding wire, carbide grinding head, diverter, bolt, gear, etc.,
Carbide grinding head, drill bit, tap, is a tool of low value, easy to wear goods.Welding wire, flux, welding rod and protective welding gas belong to raw material
Q:Where does Tianjin sell yt30 carbide tool?
Now there are the same, express, everything is not afraid. I am the agent of Zigong the Great Wall brand cemented carbide, quality assurance, definitely authentic.
Q:What does carbide K15-K20 refer to?
generally used to process Cast Iron and non-ferrous metals15 represents its abrasion resistance or impact resistance,The smaller the value, the harder the hardness of the table is and the less resistant it is to the impact;
Q:Carbide blade yc35 and YS25 what is the difference between which is suitable for processing stainless steel materials?
Friends, according to your question, if change my words, I choose YS25Grade ISO grouping, code name, density, bending strength, hardness, useYS25 12.8 P25 13.2 = 1780 = 90.5 for carbon steel, cast steel, high manganese steel, high strengthRough turning, milling and planing of steel and alloy steel
Q:What is the consciousness of YG in YG cemented carbide?
For brittle materials such as cast iron, materials such as air cut and cast steel, the YG carbide cutting tools can be used in the cutting process. The wear resistance and impact resistance of these alloys are better
Q:What are the contents of cemented carbide production test 20
From the simplest to the complex,Density test: Milito balance is good or bad, the equipment price is not the same, 3000 or soDetermination of coercive force: coercive magnetometerSpecific magnetic saturation intensity: magnetic saturation intensity testerHardness: Rockwell hardness testerBending strength: bending strength testerLook at the metallographic structure: Zeiss metallographic microscope
Q:What are the cemented carbide coatings?
The hard alloy coating is used to form high hardness wear-resistant coating on the surface of metal, Beijing Naimo company according to the composition of the alloy is divided into:1.jp8000 spraying tungsten carbide coating2. nickel tungsten alloy coating3. cobalt tungsten alloy coating

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