high voltage XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

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1 Top class cable manufacturer in China
2 favourable price
3 IEC standard, ISO,CCC certification
4 On time delivey                


We are leading manufacturer of various power cables especially high voltage xlpe cable.

1.Has passed CE,ISO,CCC,PCCC..certificate
2.sell well in Europe, America, Asia Africa.


YJLW02, YJLW03,YJLW02-Z, YJLW03-Z, YJQ02,YJQ03, YJQ02-Z,YJQ03 -Z

YJLW02XLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PVC sheathed power cable.
YJLW03XLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PE sheathed power cable.
YJLW02-ZXLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PVC sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.
YJLW03-ZXLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PE sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.
YJQ02XLPE copper core lead wrapperred PVC sheathed power cable.
YJQ03XLPE copper core lead wrapperred PE sheathed power cable.
YJQ02-ZXLPE copper core lead wrapperred PVC sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.
YJQ03-ZXLPE copper core lead wrapperred PE sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.

 High voltage type  cable XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

    Mainly applied to large-scale hydropower stations, substations,  power plant construction , factory electricity supply and other large-capacity 110KV, 220KV, 500KV high voltage electric power circuit.

Cable standard

GB/T 5023, IEC 60227, CCC

Cable Character

a. Nominal Voltage


b. The allowed max. cable conductor work temperature is 90℃.

c. For short circuit(within 5s),max. cable conductor work temperature is 250℃.

d. The cable bend radius should be no less than 12 times of overall cable diameter.

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Q:The living room to the bedroom cable does not work
It is the audio cable connection is not good, you check the line and the machine at both ends of the socket is rusty, for the new line can be. In addition, the TV volume will be reduced, the set-top box volume can be filled!
Q:Cable zc_y v22 what does it mean
If you put seven 1.0 square conductor twisted together, as a power can of course. But you twisted the copper wire, how to solve the insulation? In addition, the manual twist, then there is the problem of density, can not be a bit twisted copper wire twisted round? And if you put the seven core core is not peeling, directly twisted together, then, when the wire when the core heat how you solve. So, do not use this line to do home improvement. But if you want to use this line to do the lamp line or can.
Q:Power cable casing buried what are the requirements
1 It is advisable to select the route to lay the cable in a suitable way: 1 Avoid the area where the corrosion of the acid, alkali, or stray current is seriously affected by electrochemical corrosion
Q:What are the varieties of wire and cable (detailed point)
Fiber engineering to see what you are doing, first of all is the cable selection model need to use the number of cable cable. There is a light converter, ODF frame. Open signal will use passive splitter, pigtail, fiber jumpers, optical modules. Brand you have a lot, and you want to domestic or foreign.
Q:What type of cable is the power cable?
Our unit to do the professional cable tray to the current domestic ranking before 3 I did not see we have this certification ah there is a professional health and safety management system has an environmental management system and other quality management system of other scientific and technological innovation patents have a lot of what I do not see the CCC, but you can do the next try you can log in China certification recognized information network - expert column, consult the above experts, these experts have all walks of life experience, can help to you.
Q:How high voltage armored power cable is grounded
Copper braided wire for cable and shielding lead wire. Stripped of the core of the copper shield with the outer layer of the plastic belt, the shield copper belt polished smooth, with electric iron, solder braided copper braid were welded in the three core copper shield tape. And then use the emery cloth polished armored steel strip welding area, with a soft copper wire and copper shield belt tied with three armored steel, and then use electric iron, solder braided copper braided with armored steel belt. In the sealed ground to fill the braided wire with solder to form a moisture-proof section.
Q:Wire and cable manufacturing process (to be detailed)?
Copper core per square of the safe current (continuous use) for the 2.5A, intermittent use of 4A, according to the power count 550W-880W.
Q:Copper core power cable laying cable sets what fixed
SDH is a synchronous time division multiplexing device, the electrical interface of the 2M signal into the optical interface of the high-speed signal (the use of digital fiber optic patch panel SDHsynchronousdigitalhierarchy) 155M, 622M, 2.G, 10G, etc.). 2 trillion of the signal can be in the DDF above jumper, easy to connect. The optical path signal is spanned on the ODF and is interconnected with the optical interface of the cable or other device. Usually with the network, telephone, etc. are specific business, their communication distance is limited, are generally carried through the transmission network to expand the communication capacity, extending the communication distance. SDH is the main equipment of the current transmission network. DDF and ODF are mainly used in the machine room. The physical interface between devices is BTS-DDF-SDH-DDF-BSC-ODF-MSC or BTS-DDF-SDH-ODF-BSC -ODF-MSC Of course, bsc and msc may also have a section of ODF-SDH-ODF, see the specific circumstances
Q:What is the power cable accessories used to do?
When using power, standby power, basically no radiation, can be considered negligible
Q:Emergency power off after the computer can not open the machine, an open is a lot of words appear seconds limit, you can
There is a collection of. There is a direct connection, there are T then. Electric well trunking without cover, how can be connected

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