high voltage XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

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1 Top class cable manufacturer in China
2 favourable price
3 IEC standard, ISO,CCC certification
4 On time delivey                


We are leading manufacturer of various power cables especially high voltage xlpe cable.

1.Has passed CE,ISO,CCC,PCCC..certificate
2.sell well in Europe, America, Asia Africa.


YJLW02, YJLW03,YJLW02-Z, YJLW03-Z, YJQ02,YJQ03, YJQ02-Z,YJQ03 -Z

YJLW02XLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PVC sheathed power cable.
YJLW03XLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PE sheathed power cable.
YJLW02-ZXLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PVC sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.
YJLW03-ZXLPE copper core wrinkled aluminum wrapperred (or welding wrinkled aluminum wrapperred) PE sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.
YJQ02XLPE copper core lead wrapperred PVC sheathed power cable.
YJQ03XLPE copper core lead wrapperred PE sheathed power cable.
YJQ02-ZXLPE copper core lead wrapperred PVC sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.
YJQ03-ZXLPE copper core lead wrapperred PE sheathed longitudinal water-proof power cable.

 High voltage type  cable XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

    Mainly applied to large-scale hydropower stations, substations,  power plant construction , factory electricity supply and other large-capacity 110KV, 220KV, 500KV high voltage electric power circuit.

Cable standard

GB/T 5023, IEC 60227, CCC

Cable Character

a. Nominal Voltage


b. The allowed max. cable conductor work temperature is 90℃.

c. For short circuit(within 5s),max. cable conductor work temperature is 250℃.

d. The cable bend radius should be no less than 12 times of overall cable diameter.

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Q:Why is power connector longer than data cable connector on a sata hard drive?
There are more pins on the power connector (because more are needed).
Q:How much is a ps3 HDMI cable and a computer power cord?
no longer all ps3 video games help 1080p, alot are purely 720p. in case your television is an entire hd television (helps 1080p) and it says 1080p on the again of the game case, then it will be in 1080p. If it says 720p on the again of the game case, then it will be in 720p.
Q:What does the cable ZR-YJV22-4 * 16 mean?
Copper core XLPE insulated PVC sheathed flame retardant power cable, three core, nominal cross section 6 square millimeters, rated voltage 0.6 / 1kV, model specification specification: ZR-YJV0.6 / 1KV3X6mm ^ 2.
Q:I want to put a switch in a power cable heading to USB Hub?
Before you attempt this, make sure you have the following items: -Wire strippers -Electrical tape -Two terminal switch -Scissors IMPORTANT! make sure that the cable is unplugged from the computer and the hub before you do this! 1st, cut the cord halfway with the scissors. Next, remove the outer wire insulation from the two new ends you just cut with the wire strippers. Now strip the small colored wires that are now exposed. Then connect the red wire from one half of the cord to a terminal on the switch. Do the same with the other red wire from the other half of the cord and connect it to the other terminal on the switch. Strip the other small wires and connect them back to their appropriate colored wire. Finally, wrap each wire individually with electrical tape, then wrap the entire gap in the cord with it. Now plug the cord in and try it out!
Q:Latching hard drive power cable?
No. Latching cables as you call them are available at retailers. Try Newegg...
Q:My cable box will not show power?
I have a Scientific 2200 and it won't power on either. I've tried everything. It happened 2x in the last week. The other time it came back on by itself after a little while. This time -nothing. Tech is coming tomorrow. Better be bringing a new box......
Q:When buying computer parts from Newegg, do they include any necessary wiring/cables?
they gained't come assembled, whether it extremely is lots much less demanding to construct a computing device than maximum persons think of. My first build I merely plugged each little thing into the only place it suits and accompanied the %interior the mobo handbook for the 7 tiny wires from the front of the case that bypass into the backside appropriate of the mobo. additionally positioned the processor and fan and ram into the mobo b4 you install it into the case. positioned the dvd stress and difficult stress in b4 you place interior the mobo too. lots much less demanding this way. For the thermal paste smear an extremely skinny layer on the right of the cpu then scrape with a razor blade, too lots isn't stable.
Q:what is the best GPU that doesn't need a power cable?
a hd 5670 is a good one
Q:Power cord(cable) size?
The only thing about SOOW is that the insulation is only rated for 600 volts, and the peak voltage of a 480 volt RMS system is 678 Volts. The peak-to-peak voltage is 1386 volts, and two adjacent phases will see a maximum potential difference of almost 800 volts This will be unsafe -- the insulation might breakdown (even though that 600 V is a conservative rating). Two adjacent phase cables will provide for 1200 volts rated total insulation and that is more than the phase-to-phase max of almost 800 volts, so you could take a chance, but I wouldn't recommend it. As for the wire size -- 10 gauge wire is definitely large enough to handle 16 amps. 12-gauge wire would even be sufficient, especially since you can compensate for the voltage loss. But, stick with the 10 gauge anyway, for a larger margin. You need cable that is rated for higher voltage. .
Q:What is this laptop power cable component called?
Looks like you will have to replace the whole adapter though it is working. Buy a new Adapter. There is no other way...

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