High Voltage Frequency Drive 10KV 800KW VFD VSD

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Advanced Speed Sensorless Vector Control Algorithm:

Speed sensorless vector control, can have lockedrotorrunning and output 150% rated torque at 0 Hz;

Own patent technology parameter identification method,can have accurate rotation or resting generator parameters
self-learning;Convenient adjustment, easy operation, providing higher control accuracy and response speed;

Apply to winding control, load distribution of multimotor working under the same loads etc.

Rotational speed tracking function

Own patent technology rotational speed tracking algorithm; speediness and smoothness, zero impact tracking generator free rotation speed, only used for MHMD centrifuge, induced draft fan, electromobile etc.

Torque and speed control superior performance

Speed control accuracy can arrive positive and negative 1rpm under 100% torque. Without sensor vector control, torque

response<20ms. With sensor vector control, torque response<5ms.< span="">

Apply to over 10000 turns high speed numerical control main axis.
Decelerate and stop, high performance, 0.1s fast and accurate stopping.
Apply to loads for precision machine tool, synchronized operation, oil pump etc.

Protect Machine’s torque limitation

VTP6 Variable-frequency Drive can provide torque limitation.When torque exceed the maximum torque that machine can
bear, Variable-frequency Drive will limit the torque to its setting maximum torque and protect the equipment's safety
more properly on the premise that the machine develop to the best efficiency.
Reliable torque limitation (torque limitation value 150%),adapt to loads of crane, extruder, etc.

Speediness current-limiting function can avoid Variablefrequency Drive's frequently overcurrent warning. When current exceed current protection point, speediness current-limiting funtion can limit current quickly in current protection point.

In this way, it can protect the equipment's safey and avoid overcurrent warning caused by impact load or other disturbs.

High Starting torque

VTP6 Series AC Drive can provide 150% starting torque at 0.5Hz (sensorless vector control), and 180% zero-speed torque (sensor vector control);

Apply to big starting resistance, fast accelerating and decelerating occasions, and loads for crane, puddling machine, blender, double housing planer, injection molding machine, extruder etc. 


1.Output Power:0.75kw-400KW

2.Rated Frequency :50hz

3.Output Frequency Range:0~300Hz(Vector control way)

4.Input Voltage Range:3 phase 380V±15% 

5.Output Voltage Range:3 phase 380V±15% 

6.Overload Capacity:G Type machine:150% Rotational current 60s;180% Rotational current 3s.

7.Control way: Open loop vector control(SVC)      V/F control

8.Starting Torque: G type machine:0.5Hz/150%( SVC)

9.“High precision”, “high performance”, “high cost-effective”.

10.High control precision

11.Rapid torque response

12.High starting torque 







A03/175 ~A03/220









Rated output current (A)






Motor power (kW)






Input frequency


Rted input voltage


Input power factor

0.95 (>20%load)


0.96 with rated load

Output frequency


Frequency resolution


Overload capacity

120% 1 min, 150% immediately

Analogue input


Analogue output


Acceleration/deceleration time


Digital output/input

expanded according to requirement

Ambience temperature


Storage/transport temperature



air cooling

Ambience humidity

<90% without condensation


<1000 m

IP class






Weight (kg)

3000 ~5000

5000 ~7300



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Q:What is the motor series parameter setting of the inverter? If it is with the spindle,
The number of motor poles can be estimated by the parameters: 1000Hz corresponds to 60000rpm, According to "Speed in rpm = 60 * Frequency in Hz / (Number of Poles / 2)", Number of poles = 60 * Frequency indicated by Hz * 2 / Speed in rpm = 60 * 1000 * 2/60000 = 2 poles. The same is true with 333Hz and 20000rpm projections. The number of motor poles for the frequency converter should be entered with the number of poles of the motor that are directly connected to the frequency converter.
Q:What are the differences and links between the soft starters and the frequency converters, and their respective principles and uses?
The soft starter is activated by adjusting the voltage and current, and the frequency converter starts the motor by changing the frequency of the power supply. The soft starter can theoretically smooth and gradually start the motor to the maximum speed. No impact current (ordinary start-up current is 6-7 times the rated current) The inverter is best suited for tap water and fans, etc. The soft starter is not suitable for everything except for heavy load start.
Q:How to choose a Siemens inverter for a 5.5KW three-phase motor (2 pole)?
Beijing easy to create a website with Siemens inverter selection manual! You can log on online! Or contact them directly, they will give you professional answers!
Q:What is the difference between AC and DC frequency converters?
Inverter air conditioner is relatively speaking in terms of ordinary air conditioning, ordinary air conditioning compression motor using AC induction motor, speed unchanged, 50HZ when the speed is about 2880r / min. The inverter air conditioner is the first 220V, 50HZ single-phase AC into three-phase inverter AC (25 ~ 118HZ, 56 ~ 160), the supply of compressors, through the frequency changes to adjust the compressor speed, so that continuous cooling capacity to adapt to air conditioning Load needs. L inverter air conditioner works: inverter air conditioner compressor by the variable frequency motor drag, the power inverter output frequency changes in the alternating current to the motor, so that the motor speed can be based on the needs of indoor cooling and continuous change, the final compressor cooling capacity To achieve continuous changes in the automatic control. In order to meet the continuous changes in the cooling capacity, the refrigeration system uses an electronic expansion valve, the pulse motor switch valve core, rapid control into the evaporator refrigerant flow. Power frequency changes from the inverter to achieve, as shown in Figure 1: 220V, 50HZ of the mains input, the frequency converter A / D AC / DC conversion, D / A inverter, the output frequency required by the three-phase alternating current, Room switching power supply principle is similar.
Q:In the official website to buy ThinkPad notebook, to the power adapter?
Hello, generally there will be a power adapter with Kazakhstan, unless there is a special note bare metal
Q:18: 5 kilowatts bipolar multi-pole pump motor with inverter
Under normal circumstances, with 15KW inverter on it.
Q:400w 6-pole motor should be equipped with much of the inverter?
400w 6-pole motor with frequency converter, as long as 1kw inverter can be a.
Q:Laptop power adapter repair how much money
Different notebook power adapter models are different, the price gap is large.   Maintenance costs to see the specific model and damage level position. Generally do not recommend maintenance, it is recommended to replace the more appropriate. If you are not covered by the warranty period, you can repair free of charge. Hands-on ability to recommend self-repair, pay maintenance department recommended. After all, once again a greater chance of damage.
Q:What is the principle and implementation of the inverter?
How the inverter works: 1. DC can be converted into alternating current through the oscillation circuit 2. The resulting AC power is then boosted by the coil (in this case, the alternating current of the square wave) 3. Rectify the resulting alternating current to obtain a sine wave
Q:What is the difference between the electronic governor and the frequency converter on the motor speed regulation?
Electronic governor is for single-phase motor, by changing the access winding resistance and capacitance to adjust the motor speed, the speed of the power supply power for the output does not change, so this speed is not an energy Type of speed control methods, such as home for the use of fans and the like. Inverter speed is the original direct input three-phase asynchronous motor power first access to the inverter, in the inverter through the PWM and other electronic converter technology to rectify the frequency AC, inverter, become a frequency controllable AC In the input to the motor, in the motor running through the V / F control, output torque control, vector control and other control methods to adjust the frequency, change the loop current, to achieve energy-saving operation, especially in the light load energy efficiency is obvious, An energy-saving products that have been widely promoted and applied

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