High Voltage Frequency Drive 10KV 800KW VFD VSD

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Advanced Speed Sensorless Vector Control Algorithm:

Speed sensorless vector control, can have lockedrotorrunning and output 150% rated torque at 0 Hz;

Own patent technology parameter identification method,can have accurate rotation or resting generator parameters
self-learning;Convenient adjustment, easy operation, providing higher control accuracy and response speed;

Apply to winding control, load distribution of multimotor working under the same loads etc.

Rotational speed tracking function

Own patent technology rotational speed tracking algorithm; speediness and smoothness, zero impact tracking generator free rotation speed, only used for MHMD centrifuge, induced draft fan, electromobile etc.

Torque and speed control superior performance

Speed control accuracy can arrive positive and negative 1rpm under 100% torque. Without sensor vector control, torque

response<20ms. With sensor vector control, torque response<5ms.< span="">

Apply to over 10000 turns high speed numerical control main axis.
Decelerate and stop, high performance, 0.1s fast and accurate stopping.
Apply to loads for precision machine tool, synchronized operation, oil pump etc.

Protect Machine’s torque limitation

VTP6 Variable-frequency Drive can provide torque limitation.When torque exceed the maximum torque that machine can
bear, Variable-frequency Drive will limit the torque to its setting maximum torque and protect the equipment's safety
more properly on the premise that the machine develop to the best efficiency.
Reliable torque limitation (torque limitation value 150%),adapt to loads of crane, extruder, etc.

Speediness current-limiting function can avoid Variablefrequency Drive's frequently overcurrent warning. When current exceed current protection point, speediness current-limiting funtion can limit current quickly in current protection point.

In this way, it can protect the equipment's safey and avoid overcurrent warning caused by impact load or other disturbs.

High Starting torque

VTP6 Series AC Drive can provide 150% starting torque at 0.5Hz (sensorless vector control), and 180% zero-speed torque (sensor vector control);

Apply to big starting resistance, fast accelerating and decelerating occasions, and loads for crane, puddling machine, blender, double housing planer, injection molding machine, extruder etc. 


1.Output Power:0.75kw-400KW

2.Rated Frequency :50hz

3.Output Frequency Range:0~300Hz(Vector control way)

4.Input Voltage Range:3 phase 380V±15% 

5.Output Voltage Range:3 phase 380V±15% 

6.Overload Capacity:G Type machine:150% Rotational current 60s;180% Rotational current 3s.

7.Control way: Open loop vector control(SVC)      V/F control

8.Starting Torque: G type machine:0.5Hz/150%( SVC)

9.“High precision”, “high performance”, “high cost-effective”.

10.High control precision

11.Rapid torque response

12.High starting torque 







A03/175 ~A03/220









Rated output current (A)






Motor power (kW)






Input frequency


Rted input voltage


Input power factor

0.95 (>20%load)


0.96 with rated load

Output frequency


Frequency resolution


Overload capacity

120% 1 min, 150% immediately

Analogue input


Analogue output


Acceleration/deceleration time


Digital output/input

expanded according to requirement

Ambience temperature


Storage/transport temperature



air cooling

Ambience humidity

<90% without condensation


<1000 m

IP class






Weight (kg)

3000 ~5000

5000 ~7300



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Q:Is the laptop power adapter AC and DC?
Most laptop power adapters can be used for 100 ~ 240V AC (50 / 60Hz). Basically, most of the notebook computers are external power supply, with a power cord and the host connection, which can reduce the size and weight of the host, only a very small number of models built in the host power.
Q:Do you need to rectify before switching?
There are two ways to convert frequency, that is, cross and cross the intersection, the latter need a direct current, need no rectification, depending on your DC situation.
Q:What is the number of parameters of the motor frequency of the Siemens inverter?
It is best to provide the model of the inverter Oh!
Q:What are the types of power adapter used in notebooks?
With the increasing popularity of notebook computers, the power requirements have increased. In addition, because the battery capacity (or density) increased, charging requirements also increased - so the laptop computer power requirements have doubled. However, larger and / or hoter power adapters are not an attractive option for millions of users who carry laptops around the world. Attractive is to have a compact, but instantly charged laptop adapter. Of course, it will not produce heat, and will not cost too much. In recent years, the development of electronic products has not increased the hope in this regard, and whether the future revolution can be achieved is still a pending issue. We also want to use a laptop adapter that can be used globally without the need for a 110/220 volt operating voltage selector switch - so the laptop adapter must be designed for truly universal line voltage operation. At the same time, regulators and OEM expectations also play a role.
Q:Laptop power adapter how to detect?
No voltage output when no load.
Q:Siemens g120 inverter torque limit what is the meaning
For example, you have 100kg of power, but you can send the power and you lift the weight of the object, if the object weight of 10kg, you can only use 10kg of power.
Q:5.5 kW 4-pole motor with the fastest speed can exceed the rated speed?
Because the frequency converter can reach 60 Hz frequency, while the three-phase power supply is the standard 50 Hz. So the inverter can make the motor speed faster than the rated 1500 rpm. The fastest up to about 1800 turn.
Q:Please recommend a high performance laptop power adapter?
See what model you notebook ah, according to your power adapter voltage, rated current to match.
Q:How can a variable speed multi - speed three - phase asynchronous motor be controlled by a frequency converter?
Yes, but it is not necessary, if it is old motor that is another matter, tell you that you can use, but can not be in the frequency conversion process for the pole, this will cause the inverter protection or failure
Q:My motor is a low frequency 8 pole motor, about 80W. I would like to choose a frequency converter
Poor match, the program is unreasonable Current 1.5A, choose a single-phase 220v power supply, 370-500w inverter it

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