High-voltage current limit fuse for transformer protection

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It can be used in indoor system of 50Hz and rated voltage of 12kV. Used together with other switch facilities such as loading switches, vacuum contactors, it can protect electric transformers and other electric facilities against overloading or short circuit, It is also a necessary accessory for high- voltage switch box, circular circuit cabinet, high/low voltage top - loading transformer substation.

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Q:what other possibility is there for a no spark response after replacing all distributor components?
You'd get a better answer if you'd tell us make, model, year and engine. Is there a crankshaft sensor outside of the distributor? Is the ignition coil built into the distributor?
Q:what would make a fuse blow in a kenwood ka 995?
Kenwood Ka-995
Q:what components do i need to hook up an amp and 2 subs to a 07 civic ex stock stereo?
just see a specialist, especially if you have an ex stock stereo
Q:My Car Keeps Blowing a fuse!!!!!!!! Whats causing this?
When does the fuse blow? A: After you've been listening to the radio at high volume or extended period of time? If this is an aftermarket radio it may require more power then the original one did. Check the power requirement for your radio. If it requires more power then what your current circuit is rated for, then I would have a mechanic or car audio technician run a new circuit from your fuse box to power you radio. B: When you turn on your rear view mirror light? check wiring around the light maybe there is loose a loose connection somewhere that is causing a short. C: when you hit the trunk button? Check wiring around the button and in the trunk. Maybe a wire got pinched somewhere and the bare wire is now exposed causing a short whenever it rubs up against the body of the car. D: randomly? Could be A, B, or C.
Q:Blown fuses (subs?) amp in protect mode now? Helppp?
you probably blew your subs, or fried the amp
Q:Broken T.v?
Its got a short circuit. u only got to change a little piece in the tv.
Q:my car battery is over charging AGAIN, I replaced the altenator, and put in a new battery, sulfur smell again ?
What is added to your electrical system to cause this? Look for added Equipment. And disconnect or have the radio place install the COMPONENTS correctly, not to a electrical supply to the Fuse box. What is added to the electrical System? Which is not factory installed? Look for tape, cover-ups, around battery, and under the Dash modifications, and all ad ons. Change of wire colors, connectors, non factory wiring. Is the first start I would look for. Use Factory Alternator, after these have been Viewed and re-checked, and can use a reliabale Component.
Q:2000 chevy metro Fuse blowing to take it out of park, why?
Some where in the circuit for the D range in you car is a short to ground weather it be right after the shifter all the way down to one of the solenoids in the transmission shift assembly? If you can find the short it'll fix right away? Have it scanned for trouble codes this might help find it? But major don't increase the fuse size this is extremely bad it will cause the wire the harness or the component it's attached to to receive vary high current this will cause the for mentioned things to burn and fail this could cause a 50-60$ repair to be at worst a 2-3000$ dollar reapir
Q:why did i lose my dash lights on my ford escape?
check the fuses one may have blown. if so change it and see if it blows again. if this happens, take the instrument cluster back out and check for a pinched or naked wire
Q:What's the most common component effected by electrical surges?
Typically the power supply. Sometimes as simple as a blown fuse, other times it can wreck the transformer, bridge, regulation circuits and of course resistors etc. Check fuses first.

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