high-voltage Class 10KV S11 series transformer

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Rated capacity (KVA)Voltageconnection group tabLossunload current(%)resistant voltageweightMeasure(MM)Distance of Din rail
high-voltage(kv)extend connectionlow-voltage(kv)unloadloadempty weightoil weighttotal weightlength(L)width(W)height(H)cross(M)×length



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Q:What exactly is the history of the Transformers.? (Starting with the comics)?
I am a fan but I haven't been able to find that out myself, if you find out let me know.
Q:eee pad transformer or ipad 2?
Well, it does really depend on what you are searching for! If I am not wrong, the transformer can be put into a dock? and also includes android 3.0 the newest software made by google now, which offers you some custom roms and more freedom in your tablet while the iPad 2 is made by apple. Well, I have tested it my self and have noticed that it is just perfect! Processor (A5) Memory and more components. Although I recommend you take a look at the motorola xoom or wait for the next models of samsung galaxy tabs which will be thiner and will contain a bigger screen of 10.1. Just wait for the moment because the technology is really changing. Nvidia tegra 2 is included in the transformer_! Keep that in mind, one of the best gpu's available right now!
Q:1000KVA transformer no-load loss is how much?
No-load loss is 1% of the rated capacity of the transformer, then 10KVA per hour. A year down about the loss is 87600KVA.
Q:How to use a multimeter to determine the quality of small transformers
Small transformer primary coil is generally 1 ~ 2k ohm, the secondary coil tens of ohms. If the problem with a multimeter measuring coil or open circuit, or open. There is also a fault that there is a short circuit in the middle of the coil, so that you only take the same transformer to compare the coil resistance.
Q:Transformers and Efficiency?
Q1. Let the number of primary turns Np; number of secondary turns Ns. Let the primary voltage Vp; secondary voltage Vs. Then fundamental transformer theory gives us: Vp/Vs Np/Ns. So: Ns (Vs/Vp).Np i.e.: Ns (220 / 11,000).3200 64. The turns ratio is 50:1 Q2. The product of volts and amps is called the V-A of the transformer: volts x amps. An ideal transformer would generate zero losses in transferring electrical energy from primary winding to the secondary winding. But there is no such thing as an ideal transformer: the transference of energy means that some energy gets lost: in heat, eddy currents and hysteresis losses. For this Q, the input VA 220 x 3 660 V-A, and the output V-A 110 x 5.6 616 V-A. The V-A efficiency (V-A out) ÷ (V-A in) 616 / 660 0.933 93.3 % N.B. This is not the same as the watts efficiency, power in ÷ power out: the V-A efficiency does not take power factor into consideration.
Q:What if I put a rectifier before the transformer?
You are asking some strange questions. You do not have a very good understanding of transformers. A transformer ONLY works with AC. This is why Tesla argued for AC being supplied to houses. With a simple transformer, the voltage could be increased for less loss on transmission lines and then with a step down transformer, the AC could be brought into homes. Edison, on the other hand, loved DC and wanted all houses to be supplied with DC. Edison, in an attempt to prove Tesla wrong, invented the electric chair to show how dangerous the larger voltages would be. Edison even electrocuted animals in his electric chair to demonstrate the effects of higher voltages. Fortunately, Tesla won the argument, or we would not be able to transmit electricity over high power lines from generators to homes. Now, a rectifier in the strict sense, does not change AC to DC (with ripple) but simply reflects the negative wave to make it positive. Thus adding a DC component and doubling the frequency. The DC component will simply pass through the transformer (no heating) and the higher frequency will work just great with the transformer. In fact, you can make smaller transformers by using higher frequencies. This was a technique that Sony used many years ago to make great amplifiers and Fisher and Paykel use to make better appliances. (Other companies might also, but I am not aware of them.) So, your transformer will only see an input of 60 V AC and step that down to 12 V. Thus, you will not have the 24 v you need. Why don't you get a better bridge??
Q:Is the transformer a power adapter?
It depends on the transformer voltage, current, power and other data can be suitable for your job requirements of a machine. Such as computers
Q:Who would win in a battle to the finish Voltron or the Transformers?
Q:100kVA transformer can withstand much of the current? What is its formula?
Three-phase transformer: rated capacity S = √3 * rated voltage U (line voltage) * rated current I (line current) On the subject: S = 100KVA High pressure U1 = 10 KV I1 = S / (√3 * U1) = 5.77 A Low pressure U2 = 0.4 KV I2 = S / (√3 * U2) = 144.34 A
Q:What is the principle of the conversion of the transformer? How to restore the secondary side to the primary side?
3. The sum of the current: I2 '= I2 / k 4. The sum of the impedance: r2 '= k ^ 2 * r2 x2' = k ^ 2 * x2

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