High voltage 6KV Converter Frequency

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Specifications of High Voltage 6KV Converter Frequency 

1. Soft Start

2.Energy Saving

3.No impact

4.Speed Regualtion

Technical of High Voltage 6KV Converter Frequency 

SNO Technical specification UOM RXPE
1 Rating KW 190kW to 52000kW
2 Model   RMVC Series
3 Indiviual power cell temp. monitoring   Yes
4 Input Transformer   Dry type,Class-H Insulation
5 Input Power Factor   > 0.95 for peed range 25 to 100 % 
6 Technology   Multilevel cascaded based 
multi-level switching IGBT PWM
7 Voltage   3kV/3.3kV/4.16kV/6kV/6.6kV/7.2kV/10kV/11kV/13.8kV/33kV/34.5kV
8 Voltage tolerance    ±10%
9 Under voltage dip   -35% 30 sec
10 Input Frequency   50Hz/60Hz
11 Input Frequency tolerance  Hz  ±5%
12 Output Frequency   Max to 200Hz
13 Rectifier device    Diode/IGBT/IEGT
14 Inverter device    IGBT-H bridge/IEGT
15 DC link capacitors    Thin Film Capacitor
16 Variable speed drive efficiency (Including transformer) %    >97%
17 Voltage cut ride through    duration 5 cycles
18 HMI   Window base for all operation+ 
19 Controller DCS compatible    Yes
20 Cooling    Air cooling/Liquid Cooling
21 Enclosure protection     Max to IP56
22 Ambient temperature maximum  ºC  40
23 Humidity (non condensing)  <90
24 Altitude (maximum)  1000
25 Noise at 1 meter  dB(A)  <80
26 Control supply   380/400V±10% AC 3PH 4 Wire 15kVA
27 Over Load Capacity   120% for 1 min for Normal Duty/Heavy Duty on Request
28 Special requirements customization   Acceptable

Picture of High Voltage 6KV Converter Frequency

"High voltage 6KV Converter Frequency"

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Q:How do I select a drive? Which brand is better
 Ampang letter company can provide different types of inverter, the user can according to their actual process requirements and the use of occasions to choose different types of frequency converter. When selecting the inverter, note the following precautions:     1, according to the load characteristics of the inverter, such as the load for the constant torque load; fan, pump load should be selected AM300 inverter.     2, select the inverter should be the actual motor current value as the basis for selection of the inverter, the motor rated power can only be used as a reference. Also should take full account of the output of the inverter contains high harmonics, will cause the motor power factor and efficiency will be bad. Therefore, with the inverter to the motor power supply and power grid power supply compared to the motor current increased by 10% and the temperature increase of about 20%. Therefore, in the choice of motor and inverter, should take into account the situation, the appropriate margin to prevent the temperature rise is too high, affecting the motor life.     3, the inverter to long cable operation, this time should take measures to suppress the long cable to the ground coupling capacitor, to avoid the inverter output is not enough. So the inverter should be amplified or selected to install the output reactor at the output of the inverter.
Q:Fuji inverter motor set the number of poles will not have any effect?
The number of motor poles corresponds to the speed of the motor, the number of poles is not set when the speed of the control error, in the high speed requirements of the transmission is not allowed.
Q:ASUS power adapter Acer can use it
See whether the power adapter is suitable for notebook use, the following three conditions for reference: 1. The output voltage of the adapter is the same as that of the notebook.
Q:Will the asynchronous motor pole change the number of speed control can also be combined with the frequency converter
but the use of the inverter is based on changes in the load by changing the frequency of power into the motor at any time speed control, you can achieve a smooth and accurate stepless speed control is Now widely used in a speed control method, especially for the load often change or often in the light load operation of the motor.
Q:Three-phase two-pole motor can be used to reduce the frequency of the inverter
With the electromagnetic governor can be, cheap only 50 yuan or so
Q:Siemens g120 inverter torque limit what is the meaning
Torque is a strain, the inverter can not actively control the output torque size, only according to the size of the load demand torque, the output of the corresponding torque.
Q:90KW inverter start 90KW, 4-pole motor and 6-pole motor j What is the difference? The inverter can be used for it?
Two motors can use the same frequency converter, but the motor nameplate data through the parameters to adjust the input when the inverter should pay attention to some
Q:Motor 2 pole and 4 pole in the inverter with what set to show
The inverter has a parameter that requires you to enter the number of motor poles, see the direct input of the number of poles
Q:First reduce the frequency of about one-third of the test, not the case, then appropriate adjustments!
In short, then connected to the bk-dk electrical appliances, is a resistor for the discharge effect
Q:How many types of CVT are classified?
CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) technology that is continuously variable technology, which uses the belt and the working diameter of the main and driven wheel to match the power to transfer, you can achieve a continuous change in transmission ratio, resulting in transmission and engine conditions of the most Good match
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