High-temperature micro Coaxial Cable。。。

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The product is mainly used for the transmission of radio frequency signals in electronic network, radio communication, medical equipment and other related electronic equipment under the condition of high temperature. The cable has the uniform characteristic impedance, low loss, low delay, minimum attenuation properties.

二、Product structure  

TypeInner conductorInsulationOuter conductorJacket
RF-0.81Silver copper7/0.050.42Silver copper Single Braid0.100.81
RF-0.98Silver copper7/0.0640.53Silver copper Single Braid0.120.98
RF-1.13Silver copper7/0.080.68Silver copper Single Braid0.121.13
RF-1.32Silver copper7/0.080.68Silver copper Double Braid0.121.32
RF-1.37Silver copper7/0.100.88Silver copperSingle Braid0.181.37

三、Electrical properties

TypeImpedance Ω Withstand voltage kVCapacitance pF/m Rate %Insulation resistance MΩ.km 

四、Attenuation constant

1000MHz 2000MHz 3000MHz4000MHz5000MHz 6000 MHz

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Q:PCI-e 6 pin Graphics card power cable?
That potential supply is right for that card... do not hardship approximately it... The 4890 takes much less potential than a 4870 and my previous equipment with a 4870 relatively purely used 330W with dissimilar 120mm case followers a 92mm and an 80mm... in case you have already got that PSU then save it....
Q:Where can I buy a replacement power cable for my ps3? I can't find one anywhere.?
Sony will help you out if you call them. If not , try OKorder
Q:Will any power cable work for ps3 fat?
If you are talking about the HDMI cable that goes from your HD TV to the ps3 - then you have to find out the resolution that your tv supports and then find a HDMI cable that matches that resolution you can get these cables at major electronics stores It is best to have a HD TV with the HD cable (improves graphics)
Q:Why does my laptop shut off when I remove the power cable?
Your laptop hates you
Q:Would this work? 2 SATA cables to 2 Molex cables to 1 PCI Power Cable?
I okorder.com) And no, it won't work. The PCIx power is drawing from a different part of your PSU than the molex is. Send me an email, and we can talk about upgrading that PSU. If we figure something out, I'll edit the post on here to reveal our findings. Cool?
Q:amp wont turn on but its getting power from cables?
check the remote wire
Q:do you know if there any router power by rj45 cable not an AC adapter?
If i rember right a CAT 4/5/6 all gve 2.5Volts Nothing close to rune that. And you would not want to pull that load on your mother board that would make it die way FAST If you dont have an outlet you could look in to a battory pack
Q:How to setup the Power Supply Unit cables in my Intel i3 PC?
CD/DVD drives and hard drive all use the same power connectors (multicolored), so plug them in whichever way you want. There is no specific order. Don't remove any ribbon cables, and if you wish to have a floppy drive, the power cable is slightly smaller than normal ones. Commonly, fans can be plugged in to any port on the motherboard as long as they reach without straining the cable. They can only be inserted one way and are likely three-prong so it should be easy. The numbers on your cords don't matter.
Q:power cable to amp question?
always go with the 4 gauge...u dont need to go any bigger like 2 or 0 gauge unless u just want to....alot of people say to go 2 gauge or 0 gauge when u add more power but look at ur powerline to ur house...its 4 guage and it generates 10x the current ur car will.....
Q:Can I adapt my old mac power cable so that it works with my new magnetic MacBook Pro port? ?
you could try but you could blow your the new computer so I wouldn't try

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