High strength Refractory Bricks Approved GB/T10699-1998

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Product Description:


Refractory Brick approved GB/T10699-1998 
Thermal Conductivity:<0.35w/m.k 

Company Introduction:


Surya Thermal Insulation Material Co.,Ltd major exports all kinds of insulation material:calcium silicate board,ceramic fiber blanket,insulation bricks and other insulation material.We can supply calcium silicate block insulation ,pipe insulation,curved sheet and paste with kinds of denaity and sizes.Our products can be widely used in industries of metallurgy,building material,petrochemistry,nonferrous metal,machinery,electric power,light-industry and so on.Annual output is 60,000 cubic meters.The products have been exported to more than fifty countries and areas in the world,such as Asia,Europe,America,Africa etc,and also get high reputation from our customers.


Refractory  bricks:---Description:


Heat insulation refractory bricks is my company the American advanced standard reference to the development and production of a kind of high efficient, energy saving, high grade product. The products have been widely used in metallurgical hot dip galvanized furnace, silicon steel processing furnace, blast furnace stove; The petrochemical industry ethylene cracking furnace, hydrogen furnace, a transformation furnace, sulfur recovery units; And other such as roller kiln, spindle type kiln, prevent (fight) carburizing (n) the stove and so on thermal device, and satisfactory results.


Refractory  bricks ---Product features :


1. High temperature resistant,

 2. Performance is good,

 3. High strength,

 4. Show low porosity,

 5. An acid, alkali resistant, aggressive good, etc.


Refractory  bricks---Technical parameters:

Al2O3%>45SiO2%40Fe2O3%                        <1.0                                         Cao%1.7Normal temperature the flexural strength MPa1.0-1.3Volume density %0.52-1.25Normal temperature compression strength MPa1.2-3.4Softening temperature °C1250Thermal shock stability (water) times / 1000 degrees air cold>15Coefficient of thermal conductivity W / (m.k) 350 degrees +-10 degrees-1Heavy burn line change %-1                      1300*12hThe highest use ° C temperature1230-1760


Refractory  bricks---Application:

Mainly used for thermal boilers, cement kiln, glass furnace, gas furnace, fertilizer, blast furnace hot-blast stove, coking furnace, electric furnace, casting and casting steel brick.

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Q:What is the high temperature limit of refractory bricks and refractory soil?
According to the preparation process can be divided into bricks, brick, electric melting brick (Rong Zhuzhuan), the refractory insulating bricks; according to the shape and size can be divided into standard brick, ordinary brick, specific rotation. It can be used as high temperature building materials and structural materials for construction kilns and various thermal equipments, and can undergo various physical, chemical and mechanical changes at high temperature.
Q:How high can aluminum bricks expand at 80O degrees of heat?
When an object is heated, the particle moves faster and thus occupies additional space. This phenomenon is called dilation.
Q:How to reduce porosity of high alumina brick
High alumina brick used as refractory products in refractory material, has a great application in masonry kilns, insiders pointed out that the quality of high alumina brick general porosity and it has a great relationship! So, how to reduce the porosity of high alumina brick rate is very important!
Q:Which is better, the soft core or the hard core?
When the current through the wire, it will produce a magnetic field in the vertical plane space of the wire, if there is a current two wire close by in the same direction, because they produce a magnetic field in the direction is opposite, it will produce a repulsive force is due to the magnetic field force. They will mutually inhibit current intensity of the other party, caused by the reduction of current in the wire, this inhibition of each current intensity, we called wire inductance. When the AC current line frequency is high, the inductance is stronger.
Q:How much is one ton / ton of high alumina refractory brick?
The market price of about super high aluminium brick price at 3000 yuan / ton, a high aluminum brick at around 2500 yuan / ton, two high aluminum bricks at around 2100 yuan / ton three grade high alumina bricks at around 1850 yuan / ton for reference, choose to buy the area is not the same as the prices are not the same.
Q:High alumina brick 80 with which high aluminum cement?
Which kind should be chosen should be determined according to the conditions of use, life expectancy and cost control. By the way, the quality of masonry is also very influential.
Q:Does the chimney have high acid resistance?
The chimney particles and gases, mostly coal tar products, material acidic, therefore, take good acid resistance, acid proof brick, Grouts also used potassium silicate clay acid is preferred.
Q:What are the reasons for the spalling of refractory bricks in the production of lime kiln?
In the course of the production of lime kiln, the local block of refractory brick is a very dangerous signal. It is suggested that you stop the kiln to prevent the collapse of a large area. Lime kiln is the main equipment for the production of limestone kiln and rotary kiln is two, with the growth of calcium carbide lime kiln industry, iron and steel industry, the construction industry to the amount of limestone has become the main production equipment, and refractory bricks became the heart of lime kiln.
Q:What is spalling resistant high alumina brick?
Using bauxite as main raw materials, the introduction of a small amount of ZrO2 (ZrO2 is due to phase transition, between monoclinic and tetragonal type can improve the thermal stability of the products), adding a certain amount of binder and additives, the particle size distribution control mud, forming and sintering of refractory products produced, called anti stripping high alumina brick.
Q:Refractory brick, high alumina brick, magnesia chrome brick or magnesia brick, clay brick, which type of high temperature refractory brick?
The super high alumina brick in high alumina refractory brick has the highest refractoriness, and the corresponding production cost is higher.

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