High Speed Dobby Rapier Loom and Weaving Machine For Towel

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Product Description:

1. Details


Type: Water Jet Loom

Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Model Number:JSD508-150cm

Production Capacity:99.99%





2.Packaging & Delivery


Packaging Details:nude packing or as customer's request

Delivery Detail:Within 20days after get the T/T payment


3. Specification


1,Reed Width:   150,180,200,230,250,280,320

2,Rotation Speed: 170-200RPM

3,Weft Feed :Soft tape ,carbon fiber carries

4,Terry formation: Dobby control, Reed shifting motor

5,High of pile : 13mm

6,Beating : Crank shaft beating 

7,Type of towel :3 wefts or 4 wefts or 5 wefts towel 

8,Ground warp let -off: Sensors control, Gear reducer

9,Drive frange Dia:550,600

10,Power: 1.5kw




Q: How long time guaranteed we furnish?
A: One year after installing the machine

Q: What is the delivery time?
A: One month since the payment will be received

Q:Why we choose you?
A:We are gated company and member of top 500 company in the world






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Q:How can a more intuitive distinction between centrifugal fans and axial fans?
Because the gas flows parallel to the fan shaft. Axial fans are often used in situations where the flow rate is high and the pressure is low. The axial fan is fixed and moves the air.
Q:What types of fans are usually divided into?
Fans can be divided according to the use of material classification, such as iron fan (ordinary fan), glass steel fan, plastic fan, aluminum fan, stainless steel fan, etc.
Q:Is the fan pressure static pressure?
The pressure generated by the irregular movement of air molecules on the wall of the pipe is called static pressure. Calculation, the absolute vacuum for the calculation of zero static pressure is called absolute static pressure. The hydrostatic pressure at atmospheric pressure is called relative static pressure. Air static pressure in air conditioning refers to the relative static pressure. Static pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure is positive, lower than
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FT35-11 and BT35-11 fan performance parameters and dimensions are the same as the T35-11 fan. The fan requires a foot and motor voltage. Please specify when ordering.

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