High Speed Best Quality PE Plastic Blown Film Machine

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Blown Film Machine
extrude HDPE and LDPE PE plastic film
1. steady fixed-die
2. single winder
3. auto lifting

Its extruder, cylinder and screw are made of quality alloy steel that have been nitrized and processed in a precision way. Hence it is sound in hardness, durable in corrosion resistance, The specially-designed screw is of sound quality in plasticizing, which helps increase the production capacity. It is applied to blowing the plastic films like low density polythene (LDPE), high density polythene(HDPE) and linear low density polythene (LLDPE). It is widely applied to producing the packing bags for foodstuff, clothing, rubbish bag and vest ones. It's the best blown film machine for your choice.

Optional devices:
1) auto loader
2) film surface treater (digital corona treatment)
3) rotary die device
4) air compressor
5) mechanical screen changer

Main Technical Parameters:

Model TR-FMA50/650 TR-FMA55/850 TR-FMA60/1100 TR-FMA65/1400
Suitable Material                                             HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE
Film Width (mm) 300-600 300-800 400-1000 600-1200
Film Thickness (mm) 0.01-0.05 0.01-0.05 0.01-0.05 0.01-0.05
Max. Extrusion Output (kg/h) 55 70 85 110

Screw Diameter (mm) Φ 50 Φ 55 Φ 60 Φ 65
Screw L/D ratio


Screw Material


Cylinder Material


Cylinder Cooling (kw) 0.25  0.25X2 0.25X2 0.25X3
Driving Motor (kw) 11  15 18.5  30
Temperature Control  3  3  3  4
 Average Power-consume (kw)  14  22 26 37

Die Size (mm)





Temperature Control


Air Ring


Air Blower (kw)





Center Steady Stick


Pinch Roller (Dia.width) mm





Height Adjustable Type


Take-up Speed (m/min)





Take-up Motor (kw)





Winding Type

Surface Friction Type

Winding Motor (N.m)


5/ 10


10/ 16

Winding Speed (m/min)





Cover Dimension (m)





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