High Speed 6Ft HDMI Cable With Ethernet For 3D

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Product Description:

 HDMI cable


hdmi cable 1.3


· 2×HDMI 19PIN,male connectors

· Gold plated connectors

· With nylon protection layer protect cable from abrasion

· Digital Transfers at rates up to 10.2Gbps

· High purity Oxygen Free Copper conductor

· Cable: High speed HDMI cable with ethernet and 3D support

· All materials conform to RoHs standard.

hdmi cable 1.3



hdmi cable 1.3

· A premium quality  HDMI to HDMI cable is suitable for use in HDTV, Home Theater,  DVD player,  projector, PS3, Xbox360 and other HDMI devices

· 24k gold-plated connector resists corrosion and ensures an optimum connection for  maximum signal transfer

· High pure Oxygen Free Copper conductor for maximum conductivity and reliability

· High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of EMI and RFI

· Compatible with multiple audio formats from stereo to multi-channel sound.

· Transfer Digital Audio & Video signals at warp speed of 10.2 Gigabytes per second

hdmi cable 1.3



hdmi cable 1.3

· 100% Open&Short Test

· Voltage: DC300V 5M ohm/10ms

· Insulation Resistance: 10MΩ min

· Contact Resistance: 2 ohm max

· Working Temperature: -25C-80C

hdmi cable 1.3

Kinds of nylon Colors for your choice:


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Commonly used standard test for the GB / T 3 (equivalent to IEC-1999); Refractory wire and cable refers to the temperature and time under the flame combustion, can still maintain the integrity of the wire and cable Commonly used standard test for the GB / T 6 (equivalent to IEC-21-1999); halogen-free low smoke wire and cable is divided into two types of flame retardant and flame retardant Flame Retardant refers to materials that are free of halogen, less dust generated during combustion, and have wires and cables that prevent or delay flame spread Commonly used standard tests are GB / T 2 (equivalent to IEC-2), GB / T 2 (equivalent to IEC-2) and GB / T 3 (equivalent to EC-3) Flame retardant and fire resistant type on the basis of the need to meet the requirements to maintain the integrity of the line, while the commonly used standard test increased GB / T 6 (equivalent to IEC); mineral insulated cables in the flame with non-combustible and smoke-free non-toxic performance, which itself will not cause a short circuit caused by fire Commonly used standard tests except GB / T 6 fire test, but also for the actual situation of the fire, with reference to the British BS standard test on the cable anti-spray water and anti-mechanical impact (heavy fall) the ability of the standard requirements At the same time, you can refer to the national standard "rated voltage 750V and below mineral insulated cables and terminals" (GBl3033-1991)
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Wiring frame calculation: 1-frame equipment can be welded 72-core cable (with 6 melt disk). Each fiber tray can be welded 2 cable (12 core), with a flange on the melt tray. Fiber jumpers according to your equipment to use the number of × . plus a few spare. Floor wiring between the use of fiber optic cable terminal box into the end of the pigtail, with 12 double-headed pigtail, welding can be broken when the 24-wire fuse.
Q:Is the computer connected to the TV line, the video cable and the audio cable combination of the line? In the end is the VGA or HDMI?
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Trough type is closed for residential building office, supermarket hotel, with a better seal should be exposed more safe and beautiful! The ladder is a ventilation, the majority of plant construction, are some of the current power requirements are relatively high.
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Dedicated video line is the analog video, network cable is compressed digital video, which is two things.
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Buy two bags of plugging the spirit of the wall around the empty walls are brush all over the cable through the foolishness of the cellar bogey whisper bleach after the gap with the plugging the spirit of the plug is also the most simple and most practical and most economical

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