High-rise Steel Building

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steel construction


C purlin, H beam, sandwich panel(EPS ,PU, rock wool )


1.Steadiness frame :light and flexible frame provide safe and fulfill


2.Easy to install and dismantle:several reuse ,simple tools

installation.one worker could install 20-30 square meters per day,

six workers could work out 3KX10K house in two days.

3.Beautiful decoration:beautiful materials ,brightly color,flat surface

and art  decoration.

4.Flexible composition :Doors and windows could be install at any

position,separate wall could be built at any transverse axis.stairs

are outside the house.

5.Waterproof:water structure ,there is no other waterproof


6.Longevity:steel materals have been stainless processing,

its usage is over 10 years

7.Environmental:professional design ,easy install,recycle using,

no construction craps.

8.Extensive application ,it is widely used in road ,railway,and

other wild temporary house,also in govermment planning,business

and others,such as office, headquarters ,shop,dormitory,park,

school,hospital,exhibitionand gas station

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