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steel construction


C purlin, H beam, sandwich panel(EPS ,PU, rock wool )


1.Steadiness frame :light and flexible frame provide safe and fulfill


2.Easy to install and dismantle:several reuse ,simple tools

installation.one worker could install 20-30 square meters per day,

six workers could work out 3KX10K house in two days.

3.Beautiful decoration:beautiful materials ,brightly color,flat surface

and art  decoration.

4.Flexible composition :Doors and windows could be install at any

position,separate wall could be built at any transverse axis.stairs

are outside the house.

5.Waterproof:water structure ,there is no other waterproof


6.Longevity:steel materals have been stainless processing,

its usage is over 10 years

7.Environmental:professional design ,easy install,recycle using,

no construction craps.

8.Extensive application ,it is widely used in road ,railway,and

other wild temporary house,also in govermment planning,business

and others,such as office, headquarters ,shop,dormitory,park,

school,hospital,exhibitionand gas station

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Here in Michigan you study and take an exam and are sponsored for your license by a local firm. Then there are continuing class every couple of years or so. As for the money, it is a strictly commission based job and very competitive you usually end up splitting 7-10% of the sale price of the house with the other broker in the transaction. Check your local papers sunday want ads (under sales jobs) for seminars on how to start in real estate sales, they are usually 1-2 hours long and explain how the system works in your area.
Q:Can I terminate a contract w/ real estate agent?
Six months is a bit long in the tooth for tying up your house after at least three months I would ask to get out of this contract I would explain that you are not satisfied with their company as your house is not selling~so keep the pressure on them until they let you off of this contract. you are not the first nor last person to be disstisfied with agents who love to list homes but don't follow through with proper marketing you house. Good Luck~~just be as firm as they are and they will finally get the message. This agent sounds very *pushy* when she lies down the law about who you can and cannot buy from. Myself I would call her bluff and tell her you have no intentions of her getting the commission if you buy as you have either going to buy from a home owner who is directly selling the home to you (private sale) or you just don't care for her business ethics and high handed manner Threaten to go to the Better Business Bureau if she continue to give you a lot of trouble. Talk to some real estate agens who are competetors of this agen. I am sure they will give you some good advice TOO Don't Sign again until you are satisfied Sin in haste and repent at leisure. Good luck~~we all suffer from Buyers Remorse~~sooner or later.
Q:Real Estate Agents only, please help!?
Here, you HAVE to have a sponsor to work. You can take the class, but you can't actually get your license without a sponsor. In a lot of cases, the broker will pay for the school (especially if he has a hard time finding decent agents who actually want to work) and then you may or may not have to pay him back. But, regardless of whether you have any type of agreement with the broker to pay for the course, you will still need a sponsor to get your license.
Q:what is the going percentage given for a real estate finders fee?
If you expect this, then you should negotiate this with the agent ahead of time. Like anything else, if you don't ask, and it wasn't offered, then there is no obligation and you should not have an expectation of it. Most agents will be happy to give you a gift upon the successful close of escrow for your referral. I usually give my clients a $100.00 gift card as a thank you for a referral. Note that in California, it is illegal to pay a referral fee to anyone except a licensed real estate broker. Therefore agents must keep the amount within reason, and treat it as a gift. Even the term finders' fee may lead to trouble if the gift is made to a private, non-licensed person. Whatever amount you negotiate with your agent, keep in mind they work hard to earn their commission and whatever they are willing to give you as a thank you is generous. You should be referring friends and family because you care about them and you know that particular agent is going to do a good job for them -- NOT because you are going to profit from it! If you want to profit from real estate go get licensed.
Q:Real Estate Industry?
Industry is in a leveling cycle. The real estate market took an upturn in 1990 and many profits were given to the sellers which were not earned. Now the market is in a give back mode which the sellers are in losing profits and buyers are the takers. The rents are high but the price of homes are low. this is a buyers market and will continue for another 2 and one quarter years or June 2013. As taxes are lowered new investors and buyers will move to fill the vacant homes and properties. New home starts will begin in 2013 again but very slowly as the builders are still at losses. Growth in real Estate is slowly growing as the homes are either destroyed or bought up. The only factor is resale and area.
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Q:Real Estate Agents. Advice please?
You could make it big, it depends on you and your willingness to work.
Q:Closing lawyer real estate?
According to Massachusetts state laws, an attorney must be present during any real estate closing. The real estate lawyer does not have to be appointed by the bank, however, as the law does allow for the parties involved to hire their own closing attorney. But real estate attorneys do much more than just show up at closing. Now, some of them are allowed to handle the entire sale from Offer to Buy to Closing.
Q:What is the average annual income of a real estate agent in New Zealand?
Agents are not salaried employees. If you hustle and have a lot of contacts that are buying and selling real estate, you will make a fortune. Literally. If you have few sales skills, and no contacts you will make nothing. Literally.
Q:Grants or student loans for real estate school?
Check with your local brokers. Some may offer signing bonuses or tuition payment for new realtors.

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