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Q:Kaolin crusher refers to which crusher?
The kaolin in mined, is the first to kaolin crusher was broken by other equipment for deep processing, machinery and kaolin crusher have multiple choices, according to the different choices of crusher yield high speed on the line.
Q:Does the whiteness of washed kaolin mean natural whiteness or whiteness after calcination?
Whiteness difference is big, generally after light burning, kaolin whiteness will increase, and wash water will not significantly increase whiteness.
Q:What's the difference between calcined kaolin and washed kaolin?
Secondly, the whiteness difference is relatively large, generally after light burning, kaolin whiteness will increase, and wash water will not significantly increase the whitenessThird, the use of different. According to different calcination temperature, kaolin can be used as papermaking additives and refractory aggregate, and washed kaolin is generally used as papermaking filler
Q:How can kaolin be removed from iron?
In addition to iron, the high gradient iron removal machine can remove most of the weak magnetic iron, which is very effective for some kaolin, and is also the most environmentally friendly and ideal process at present
Q:This is a stone dug with kaolin. Does anyone know what it is?
The stones dug together with kaolin are quartzite,
Q:What's the difference between Ye Lashi and kaolin?
The main components of both are Si and Al compounds. The main difference is that the content of the main components is different. The content of Si and Al of kaolin is close to that of kaolin, and the amount of burning of kaolin is relatively large;
Q:How to remove the kaolin from the stone?
Kaolin has strong acid resistance, but its alkali resistance is poor. Try using this nature!
Q:Which mixer can be more evenly dispersed kaolin slurry?
Look at the mixer blade, is an important small details of the selection of mixer, mixer grinding effect is good, all on the blade. Therefore, the choice of blade, it is recommended to choose 4 or more than 5 blades of the blender, so that the intensity of mixing, and the effect of grinding will be better.
Q:How can clay sculptures not be cracked and preserved for a long time?
Unless you do otherwise could not crack with sludge, we do things often water and with a damp cloth and plastic cloth, or not how long will crack, another way is to turn out. China ancient sculptures are not easy to crack because it has very strong technology, the mud and gum. What are mixed together, do not remember the specific, there is no such process.
Q:How to distinguish kaolin?
It is a used porcelain porcelain, also called white clay, commonly referred to as gaoling. The chemical formula for kaolin is Al2O3 (alumina) 2SiO2 (silica) 2H2O (water). That is to say, kaolinite is hydrous silicate. Secondly, kaolinite does not dissolve in water. Other than hydrofluoric acid, it can not be dissolved by other acids, which is one of its characteristics. To distinguish kaolinite, mineral analysis methods can also be used. In recent years, the rapid development of modern science and technology, the application of kaolin is more extensive, began extensive use of kaolin as new materials in some high-tech fields, and even nuclear reactor space aircraft and spacecraft components with high temperature porcelain, made of kaolin. kaolin

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