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Automatic Pulp Ejection
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3years for whole machine and 10years motor

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1.Spiral and Mesh used PC material
2.Electromagnetic induction switch
3.Fine-copper Motor
4.Reverse rotation
5.DC motor

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Q:How to use the juicer all kinds of delicious fruit juice?
How to make vegetable juice1, shopping materialsAccording to the fruit juice formula purchase materials, it is best to buy mature, flesh full of fruits and vegetables. If you choose organic vegetables and fruits as much as possible, you must peel them and use them if they are not organic vegetables or fruits.2, cutting vegetables and fruitsGenerally speaking, the first dish can be washed and cut into sections, carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables must peel, citrus, lemon, pineapple, kiwi fruit peeled, diced meat, apple, plum, grape juice can not peel.
Q:Is there a juicer and soymilk machine integrated?
However, the juice of this type of soybean milk machine is actually crushing and mixing, for example, add melon, watermelon, choose juice file, the machine has a blade will break it. If you want to implement the same function as the juicer, there is not yet.
Q:What fruit can not be squeezed by a fruit Juicer?
BlenderA machine that uses a motor to drive a blade at a high speed to stir, smash, and cut food is collectively referred to as a food mixer. Most of the mixers on the market are mixers, including a soybean milk cup, an abrasive cup, and a meat cup. There are also a small number of products is a mixer, and less than a functional module, consumers in the purchase must ask the owner clearly.
Q:How to use the juicer and how to maintain the juicer?
The juicer keeps those thingsFirst of all, after the juicer to squeeze the juice, the first to cut off the power supply, the separation barrel and cup machine, the machine first simple and clean, don't wait until the blender after those fruit residue and debris condensation to clean, so will be very troublesome. We have to deal with these bits and debris in time, and that's good for the juicer. Conditionally, you can remove the knife head, because it is easy to wrap around the fruit fiber and debris, it should be along the direction of winding, slowly dragged out these residues, and then clean the knife head. But I don't recommend removing the knife head every time, because it's not very good. Don't remove the cutter head frequently, so it's not advisable. We just have to clean it regularly according to the actual situation.
Q:How to choose a juicer
Selection of juice machine, mainly in the following aspects:1. squeeze the juice in a low pressPress the way to extract juice, so there is no damage to the nutrients, to maintain the natural flavor.
Q:What's P on the juicer?
Such products, P represents the instant connection, and then return to the zero gear immediately after the release function
Q:What's the difference between an extractor and a juicer?
The most obvious difference between the two is the use of different;Also known as extraction solvent extraction or liquid-liquid extraction (as distinct from the solid-liquid extraction, leaching, extraction (also known as) used in petroleum refining industry), is a kind of liquid extraction solution immiscible with the dual or multi-component solution, to achieve mass transfer separation separation process. Is a kind of widely used unit operation. Extraction machine common ultrasonic extraction machine, microwave extraction machine, centrifugal extraction machine, extraction machine using the compounds in two immiscible (or slightly soluble) solubility or the distribution coefficient of solvents, the compound transfer from one solvent to another solvent.
Q:What's the difference between a beater and a juicer? Is it necessary for a family to prepare two?
It's also good to use a beater for one machine. Now eat more fiber, and I make juice, usually in the mixer, stir it. It's a pity that the fiber in the fruit is filtered out if you use the juicer. I often break the tomatoes and then break them with my skin. The tomatoes in the sand will thicken when they break. I need a spoon to help them. Once, bought a sweet watermelon, as a result, put a tomato in, the taste is different.
Q:What's the difference between a juicer and a hank machine?
It can be used to make fruit mixer is playing Soybean Milk, can also be used for meat and grinding powder (hot pepper noodles and pepper)
Q:Vegetables, fruit juice, which can be squeezed together?
There are many things that can be squeezed. Watermelons, oranges, carrots, grapefruit, rape, cabbage, celery, potherb, cucumber and so on can all be fine. But the best thing is to eat now, because the juice time is long, nutrition will lose.

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