High Quanlity New 2014 Mini Led Folding Desk Lamp For Mobile Cell Phone

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Product Description:


Product Features

1.ultra-slim and  fashion streamlined design.

2.with LED desk lamp and wireless charger functions.

3.LED lights to pretect your eyes.

4.touch switch can adjust three gear brightness.

5.with 78% wireless charger transfer

6.with usb port,the one to two charging method.

7. Wireless Charger Compatibility- can suit for all smart cellphone: for iPhone, SAMSUNG I9300/GalaxyS3/Note2, Nokia 920, LG Nexus 4 /Lumia 920/Lumia 820,LG Spectrum/LG Optimus, HTC Droid DNA ,HTC Droid DNA,HTC Incredible 2, HTC 8X,NEC,Sharp,Fujitsu etc. for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C ,  for Samsung Galaxy S3(I9300,I9308) & S4(I9500,I9505,I9508) & Note2(N7100,N7108) & Note3, for HTC 8X & ONE (MAX)  Droid DNA / Rzound / Incredible 4G LTE

Nokia Lumia 920/928/925/820 and Lumia 720/720T , for Google Nexus 4 /Nesus5/Nesus7


Product Specification

product name        desk lamp with wireless charger
Lamp output power   18W
Color temperature   4000K~4500K
Average illuminance   800luc
compatiable   All qi standard smart phone
Input/Output   12V/1.5A ;  5V/1A
Charging frequency   100-200 KHZ
charging effiency   78%
charing distance   4-8mm
wireless charging mothed   one to two
working temperature   -10°C ~ 60°C
service life   >50000hours
product dimension/weight   45.8*20*40.5cm/1kg
certification   QI/CE/FCC/UL
colour   black,or customized
package   neutral Package,or customized


Our Advantage

1.with TI solution,high efficiency and low consumption.

2.strict cost and produce control,provide product with reasonable price and good quality.

3.we have R&D team,can provide technology support.

4.All our products must be tested before we delivery to our clients.

5.provide one year warranty and best after-service. 


Package Details

1.Wireless charger desk lamp  *1pc

2.Power Adapter *1pc

3.User Manual *1pc

4.Neutral Box*1pc



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30-40 business days

1. 3-10 business days for Sample Orders; 7-40 business days for Bulk Orders.

2. "Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.

3. DHL and UPS cannot ship to military or P.O. boxes address.

4. The Shipping Service above is for reference only, for any other questions, please feel free to contact us. 



1.The sample rules: To express our cooperation sincerety,we will return the sample cost and shipping fee,it means you can get the free sample to expand your market.

2.The OEM/ODM service:To meet client's needs of package and technology etc.


Our Services  

1. Warranty: We provide one year warranty for all products,please contact me if you need our detailed warranty terms.

2. Your emails will be answered within 24 hours,Or please kindly leave a message though OKorder.com


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Q::Rechargeable led bulbs on the desk lamp is a few volts?
Voltage can be determined. You can also to baidu search, the introduction of this respect or many. I wish you well.
Q:Hello, I would like to ask you, if the desk lamp of household how much leds W?
In general, the bright LED lights, the brightness of the 1 watt equivalent to 20 watts incandescent lamp, therefore, used as a table lamp at close range, 3 watt LED lamp brightness should be sufficient. About the color temperature, personally think that as long as you feel comfortable, but the color temperature is too high may feel dazzling, easily tired... Might as well choose between 3500 ~ 6000 ° K.
Q:The service life of LED lamps and lanterns is true?
General lamp life 50000 hours, mainly depends on the service life of the power drive, the design of the ordinary not so long, but no electrolytic solution can be in fashion now.
Q:Plug-in socket 12 led small desk lamp What is its battery model, the input and output voltage of each?
4.5 V to 6 V dc power supply, 12 leds is divided into three groups, each group of four, in parallel, each group of string a 60 euro / 1 w resistor. Charging desk lamp is LED (Light Emitting Diode) the desk lamp of the light-emitting Diode as Light source, with lithium battery and USB charging function, the LED is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into Light.
Q:The problem with LED charging lamps?
1, if the discharge to the LED desk lamp out recharging, the battery is already in a state of over discharge, discharge will seriously affect the battery life; 2, usually, when the discharge to about 80% of the nominal voltage battery, should be used to recharge the battery. Such as: the nominal 3.7 V lithium electricity, discharge to about 3 V, must charge nominal 6 V lead-acid battery, discharge to about 4.8 V must charge; 3, LED desk lamp is very save electricity, if the battery capacity is larger, continuous discharge ability is stronger, in the process of the whole light, LED lamp brightness change also be aware of not easily, just by visual inspection, indeed not easy to decide when discharge end; The easiest way to use multimeter test battery voltage to judge whether the charge. Hope the above reply to help you.
Q:Small leds, charging when hear the sound of the PI PI is what circumstance?
Is generally small damage to the battery, electric charge not sparking discharge into the battery internal crack formation. If power cuts back light can light, such as the residual power after use, there is no next time. Change the battery available in theory, but the lamp was selling point is cheap, no place to repair; Oneself know words, not expensive for a few dollars online battery, can add the postage is not cheap.
Q:Study desk lamp high-power led is more appropriate
Preferred the desk lamp of dc, because traditional 220 v ac 50 hz residual current fluctuations, causing light stroboscopic phenomenon. Stroboscopic is easy to cause eye fatigue, vision loss, deepen myopia. And preferred light yellow light, the light is warm, warm and comfortable, stable, not dazzling. Another is to see whether there is ultraviolet (uv) radiation.
Q:LED the desk lamp that shield an eye the choose and buy, should consider what respect?
Brightness, brightness is too light or too dark can cause eye fatigue, so appropriate brightness is very necessary, we suggest electrodeless lamp dimming
Q:Elementary school students with what kind of table lamp is the best? The LED lamp?
From the perspective of the characteristics of the LED light source which has: no stroboscopic (traditional lamps and lanterns is constantly flickering just frequency are thought not to come out, this is a big damage for eyes) with the effect of eye protection, no pollution, long life, environmental protection, etc.; So it is recommended to use the LED desk lamp, but pay more attention when the choice, now LED market is chaotic quality time not neat, so when the choice is to pay more attention to the strength of LED desk lamp seller to ensure his quality and after-sale, 2 it is to see the buyer on his evaluation, 3 it is to see a few with power LED lamp price, the price is too low, not to buy. The hope can help you
Q:How long will leds last?
The life of the LED lights has a connection with the quality of the power supply board, power board is a great gap with the theory of life quality is bad life, suggest to buy a good power supply board.

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