High quality wire BV 4 single core environmental protection home installs wiring

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Product Description:


PVC insulated wire (JB8734-98)




Product use:

This product is suitable for rated voltage up to and including 450/750 of household electrical appliances, instruments, instrumentation equipment, power line fixed laying cable (wire).


Conditions of use:

1, ac rated voltage up to and including Uo/U for 450/750

2, cable long-term allowed working temperature does not exceed 70 ℃ (except BV - 90, BV - 90)

3, the cable temperature under installation should not below 0 ℃

4, outer diameter (D) is less than 25 mm cable allowed bending radius should not less than 4 D,

Diameter (D) of 25 mm or more permissive bending radius of cable should be no less than 6 D.




Model and name

BV copper aluminum poly ethylene insulated wire

BLV aluminum core poly vinyl insulation grade aluminum wire

BVR copper aluminum poly ethylene insulated flexible wire

BVV copper aluminum copper poly ethylene vinyl insulation poly aluminum sheath round wire

BVVB aluminum core aluminum copper poly ethylene vinyl insulation poly aluminum sheath parallel wires

BLVVB aluminum core aluminum copper poly ethylene vinyl insulation poly aluminum sheath parallel wires

BV - 105 copper heat 105 ℃ PVC insulated wire


Working temperature

BV - 105 does not exceed 150 ℃, and the other does not exceed 75 ℃, laying temperature not lower than 0 ℃.


Technical performance

1, finished product wire, insulated wire and finished products in 20 + 5 ℃ for at least 1 h at room temperature water, can withstand voltage test stipulated in the table below.

2, cable has good electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties and ductility can, quality is reliable, convenient and durable.

3, finished product lines of the surface of the insulation or sheath should be continuous sign production name, type and voltage.



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PVC pipe 6 points of course, more than 4 points in large, the score is in English, every 8 points is 1 inch, equal to 25.4mm, it represents the pipe diameter. 4 points corresponding to the tube diameter of .6 points corresponding to the tube diameter of .1 inches corresponding pipe diameter of 32. PVC type pipe with PVC pipe with PVC pipe has PVC electric tube JG / T3050-1998PVC electrical casing classification, divided into L type (light) M type (medium) H type (heavy) First, the implementation of standards: JG / T3050-1998 Second, the product specifications: divided into light -. medium -. heavy-type -405 three. . light -205 outside diameter ¢ 16mm- ¢ 50mm. medium -305 outside diameter ¢ 16mm- ¢ 50mm. heavy -405 diameter ¢ 16mm- ¢ 50mm Third, the nominal diameter were: .... . the thickness of the product is as follows: .16 outside the light, medium and heavy thickness were: 1.00 (light, allowable difference +0.15), 1.20 (allowable difference +0.3), 1.6 (weight, allowable difference +0.3) The The medium and heavy (no light) thickness of the outer diameter of .20 are: 1.25 (medium, allowable +0.3), 1.8 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). .25 outside the diameter of the weight (no light) thickness were: 1.50 (in the allowable difference +0.3), 1.9 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). The light, medium and heavy thickness of the outer diameter of .32 are: 1.40 (light, allowable difference +0.3), 1.80 (medium, allowable +0.3), 2.4 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). .40 outside the light, medium and heavy thickness were: 1.80 (light, medium, allow the difference +0.3), 2.0 (weight, allowable difference +0.3). Fourth, the national standard wall thickness 16: I20: 1.125; 1.332: 1.540: 1.950: 2.263; 2.7 These are more commonly used.
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Wall wear wire tube recommended with a diameter of 20mm. Too fine to heat up.
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If there is no wall, you can in the wall when the embedded tube, if it is already a good wall, it is necessary in the wall slotted wiring, how to do depends on your wall status.

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