High quality wind or dust nets/anti wind and dust fence

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Coal yard, metallurgy stockyard, thermal power coal yard, coal chemical projects, ports, etc. all need to wind the dustfall open yard.


Windproof performance, Ling is "Wind Dust Network opening rate of 40%, and single/double-layer mesh structure, super windproof performance; 

The" positive Ling Wind Dust Network makes protection the range of wind speed is reduced by more than 80%! Weaving their special way, the network not form the rear vortex; 

Flexible structure, rigid structure than choke wind wall better able to absorb the wind. Firm texture, full-featured! Ling is "Wind Dust Network is greater than or equal to 95% of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), anti-UV agent, anti-aging agents, flame retardants, crosslinking enhancer added in the production of raw materials; 

Wind high safety factor flame retardant is greater than the time 4S; 

Solid and durable, tensile coefficient 220KN.mm, impact factor in line with national standards. Can effectively absorb the sun's ultraviolet light, for city beautification. Life in the natural environment due to the excellent quality of raw material, in more than two decades!


A simple, efficient, high quality, low price! Flexible net light weight, simple and fast installation, maintenance save time and effort; easily tailored according to user needs, to meet the special needs of customers; price lower, almost without aftercare.

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Q:What is the use of wire
If the rust does not remove, this sponge-like rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, iron is rotten faster
Q:Is it possible to protect the radiation around the computer with a wire mesh?
Up to the computer screen is radiation, picture tube is there, there is no liquid crystal. CRT can be considered like a lot of people engage in block board hanging that (anti-radiation protection screen). But ugly, the picture will dark `
Q:This material of the barbed wire in the water I do not know how long?
Fenqiang barbed wire is cold galvanized welded wire mesh, is the choice of high-quality low-carbon steel wire welded wire welded wire mesh, advanced welding process in each intersection are vertical and horizontal welding,
Q:How is the wire mesh made
Iron wire production is simple, widely used and developed earlier. Wire or wire (the corresponding enterprise for the "wire mesh business") is the steel wire once again cold processing products,
Q:What is the effect of the wire mesh on the floor
to prevent the ground crack: barbed wire must be placed on the pipe above the concrete is better (ground crack tile rupture of the reason is not a barbed wire, the second is the ground concrete pouring too thin, concrete pouring to 4-5cm above).
Q:Barbed wire fence is what the iron ring
Thorns are divided into ordinary wire and barbed wire. Surface treatment process: electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, plastic, spray
Q:In the chemical experiment, how does the wire mesh use? What are the effects?
when below the sieve The reaction can be stopped to achieve the purpose of controlling the reaction.
Q:Wall tiles how to hang iron wire mesh
In the wall more nails, and then use the cement bonded wire mesh can solve the above problems;
Q:Wire mesh for wire mesh applications
In the era of peace, barbed wire is not only widely used in machinery, electronics, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, glass, food drying, plastics, paper and chemical fiber, picture tube and other industries, and barbed wire is also widely used in agriculture and life in all aspects.
Q:What is the mesh in the wire mesh specification?
In countries and regions using imperial units of measurement, the mesh size is expressed in holes / inch or lines / inch. The mesh can generally indicate the degree of tightness between the wire and the wire of the screen.

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