high quality wilton carpet

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100000 m²/month

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100% PP
Cut Pile
Machine made
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China (Mainland)
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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Packed in rolls with PVC bag wrapped.
Delivery Detail:In about 15 days after deposite.


1. Wilton carpet
2. Carpet for hotel
3. Commercial carpet
4. PP


1. Fireproof: Astm D 2859 and Bs 4790,

2. Static Control: Aatcc-134 Under 3.0 Kv

3. Stain resistant

4.Sound proof

5. High level abrasion proof

6. Stability: B S En 986 < 0,2%

7.Structure: cut pile

8. Technology: Tufted carpet.

Detailed Information:

Product: Wilton Carpet

Material: 100% PP or 10% NewZealand Wool, 90% PP

Size: 340x8-8.5mm

Usage: Hotel room wilton carpet, corridor wilton carpet, guestroom wilton carpet, restaurant wilton carpet, ballroom wilton carpet, public space wilton carpet, reception hall wilton carpet .

OEM, ODM accepted

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Q:nail polish out of carpets??
oops u can bye it at wal-mart
Q:Solutions to Ugly Carpet in an Apartment OTHER than Area Rugs?
Area rugs are your ONLY choice. I am a landlord and in the few carpeted units I have (most of mine have ceramic tile floors), I also will not let tenants mess with the carpets...if they do, I'll take it out of their deposit when they move out. Your furniture is not the cause of your carpets scrunching up, YOU are. When you walk or move around, the carpet beneath is moved and because the top carpet is not anchored to it, it shifts around. Try a small area rug in a high traffic area...get some velcro strips, the hook side, and using some fabric glue, glue the strips to the back of the area rug...make sure you put a big patch in the middle. Now put the rug down so that the velcro hooks grab the carpet beneath. Now, let it stay there for a few days and see if there is any scrunching...if there is, add some more velcro to the underside of the rug OPPOSITE the scrunch, because the carpet is moving from that direction. If you can make this work on a small rug, you should be able to make it work on larger ones. I have used it in rentals to fix a mat to the carpet just inside the door to minimize soil...worked fine.
Q:How to clean the tea stain on the carpet?
Q:Shampooing the carpets?
It's time to pull up the carpet. At this point with all the wear and tear, it has become a reservoir of germs, allergens, and dust mites. It's nasty and ugly and you deserve new carpet. Mother's day is coming up and new carpet is on the agenda of wishes. Have a great week.
Q:where can i get heart shaped rugs?
If you know where a carpet warehouse/supplier is, they can make one any shape, any size, out of any carpet you choose. Designs, football team logo's, names, anything you can think of, as long as you have it written or drawn so they have a blue print to go by. Dare to be unique! Or you can go to Kmart....
Q:Black dining table, red dining chairs... what color wall, and what color rug?
i could think of stressful until eventually now portray purple with plum (will could assume this to be a dismal purple because of the fact the link replace into no longer of purple chairs). Your rooms can appear like a dungeon with each little thing so dark..i could think of a pair of tuscan yellow ... something no longer too dark or too mild... picking an analogous shade to this in a mid selection hue. Use the deep purple for accessory colorings on your artwork/centerpieces/glass bowl or vases/flowers.
Q:Putting a rug on a horse?
the correct way is to fold the rug in half so that the back is level with the withers. You should not throw the rug over but slip it over the withers until it is in place but still folder in half. You do up the front straps, unfold the rug back and make sure it is lever but do not pull it back tight against the horses chest. Then you do up the belly straps then leg straps if there are any. Removing the rug you do it in reverse, undo leg straps and do them back up on the outside of the leg. Belly straps, chest straps and then you fold the front of the rug back to the top of the tail and slip it off the horse.
Q:add a small amount of metal fiber in carpet is to
So in order to prevent the electrification by friction and having fire, it can transfer the charge to the earth timely,in case of that, we need to add some stainless steel wire in the carpet: When people walk on the carpet and the stainless steel is a conductor, so the friction of soles and the carpet will produce electric charge: due to the electrification friction and stainless steel is a conductor, so it will produce more and more charge and easily cause fire if the charge does not transferred in time.
Q:What material is the carpet?
Q:Yucky carpet?
Add a little bleach, and baking soda. Works well for me!

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