High Quality tyre flap 20.5-25 for car made in China

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  • We are the biggest  pfofessional butyl inner tube manufacture over the world.

  • We have the most advanced equipment and the technology.

  • Our products have a ready market.

The advantages of our product:

  • High quality.

  • Competitive price.

  • Good looking appearance.

  • Independent innovation ability  (we have a 16 years of experience) .

  • Good service and reputation.

  • Hot sell.

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Q:What kind of car tires are good?
Power control, send and receive freely. The world famous car supporting, driving the trend of the times. Pirelli tires.
Q:Will the tire tires in the running tire cause a puncture?
In the driving, the car tire leak will not lead to immediately puncture.
Q:Will you master, car tires to add a few pressure is generally the best pressure
2.2--2.5 within this range
Q:Can the car tire break the insurance?
An Rui Chi tire safety upgrade five functions: 1, resistant to leak 2, safety explosion 3, noise reduction 4, energy saving 5, to extend tire life
Q:Tire pressure?
1. There is no recommended inflation pressure written anywhere on the tire, only a safety warning regarding the maximum inflation pressure the tire is rated for. 2. ALWAYS inflate tires to the VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS recommendation which is normally found on the Vehicle Information Tag inside the drivers door frame. 3. Tires with a maximum inflation pressure of 44 psi are usually "Standard Load" sized tires which will achieve their maximum load carrying ability at 35 psi. Tires with a max inflation of 51 psi are almost always "Extra Load" sized tires. These can carry more weight than a standard load tire and at a higher pressure - 41 psi. If your vehicle is supposed to have XL tires front and rear and you only have them on one axle you run the danger of overloading your tires, potentially causing a failure. 4. Year/make/model of vehicle? 44 psi is highly unusual for a factory recommended inflation size. I suspect you may be incorrect about what the spec is.
Q:Car tire pressure how much is appropriate
High pressure tire; inflatable pressure of 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa (5 ~ 7kg / cm ²), high pressure tire for large cargo / passenger cars, inflatable pressure is generally about 0.5MPa, steel tires can be appropriately increased to 0.6MPa or so.
Q:tire pressure?
Icheck what your vehicle recommends (normally on the sticker in the door jamb area). go up a pound of 2 of pressure and you should be fairly close. each vehicle will be a little different. if you want to know 100% what the best pressure is for your vehicle, pick up some chalk and find a nice flat smooth piece of blacktop (new parking lot etc). bring the tire pressure up to about 40psi before you get there. Once your there take the chalk and rub it all the way across the tires tread , do this so its a few inches wide. drive straight ahead for 10-15feet and look how the chalk wore off. if the chalk is gone in the middle but theres some left on the edges let 2-3pounds of air out of each tire. repeat the test untill the chalk evenly wears off across the tread. this dont really take to long and youll have the ideal pressure for your vehicle and tire combo.
Q:What is balancing tires?
Balancing tires is done with whatever method the shop has available which for some is on the car and some shops off the car. Both simply find heavy sides to a tire and wheel combination and they add weight to the other side. If you look into it you will find there are many ways a tire can be out of balance which each of them will cause a vibration or even hard shake at certain speeds. The best balance involves inboard and outboard weights but this is beyond the needs of most driving so most shops simply add weights to the back side so as not to show. Yes, all tires need to be balanced if they are to go above 20 mph
Q:Make up a car tires how much money
Tire business license about 20 million it, how long is the evidence that rely on the relationship
Q:How is the car tires and hubs connected?
Car tires with the rim of the connection and the same bike, tubeless is the edge of the tire and rim through the design of a certain structure, inflatable self-sealing. Of course, the inner tube is sealed by the inner tube but made into a detachable form. The rim is bolted to the hub (or with the axle)

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