High Quality Stripe PP Door Mat

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Technical Specification

1.Surface:100% Polypropylene


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:I have a round wool rug thats been professionally cleaned twice and the smell is still there...?
This rug has had topical cleaning treatments, however, it has not been soaked in enzymes for several hours or overnight, rinsed, dried, and left to air out in the sun. Dogs, and even cats, will pee on wool rugs because they sense another animal in there territory. They will do this numerous times once they start making the cleaning project a real challenge. This rug, if valuable, needs to go to a shop for special treatment, if the pets are still part of the equation, do not place it on the floor or the peeing will start over, guaranteed.
Q:Landlord charging for carpet damage, but upgraded to hardwood floors?
Is there hardwood flooring underneath the carpet? If so, it would be refinishing job which can be between $1.50-2 sq foot. Otherwise, if it is an installation job, you're looking at about $3 sq foot plus materials
Q:Does a rug doctor perform well on your carpet?
Yes, the rug doctor works great! Some think stains reappear quickly but some stains may need extra elbow greace depending on what it is and how long it's been left on the carpet. Some think the carpet gets dirty again quicker, but that's because your not used to seeing clean carpet - it's been so long since they were clean. Bottom line, the rug doctor works great, and some stains just can't be removed. If you have stains get the rug doctor pre treat solutions for your need and follow the directions. You'll be glad you saved the money by doing it this way.
Q:Carpeting question...?
Depends on your budget/what you can afford now and how long you want it to last/where the carpet is located. For a bedroom carpet, you want to denser, as you are walking around bear foot. For the entrance hall, perhaps something cheaper, with a rug or runner. What you should remember is the carpet, no matter what grade, gets covered in all the germs, dirt etc you walk in, you drop etc etc. So you should really swap it every so often anyway for hygiene/allergy reasons, regardless of the quality that goes down. A quick vacuum never gets the germs out, just the dust!
Q:Hi do you know the best place to get an Area Rug?
I suggest a local area rug store. Buying online is good if you know exactly what you want, but if you do not know the difference between a machine-made rug, a hand-knotted or hand-tufted rug, please let yourself be informed by professionals and do your research! This will prevent you from making the wrong purchase and throwing money out the window... Good luck on your search ;o)
Q:Using a rug as new carpet?
I have found some large rugs at Goodwill. In my state prices vary a lot, but the cheapest price can be gotten with a little haggling at Goodwill and my cost of this used bedroom rug cost me just $20. If Goodwill is not available where you live then try thrift stores or the Salvation Army Thrift Store for sales and or auctions. You could save lots.
Q:Does Pulling the Rug work against Demise OTK? Yu Gi Oh?
PINKUS THAI WARRIOR is correct. Ritual Summons are Special Summons and are, thus, unaffected by Pulling the Rug.
Q:Computers - Placing them on rugs, floors etc.?
Yes. Laptops certainly. This is because carpets have a very uneven surface, and they are spongy. What happens is the carpet will rest against the air intakes (which are on the bottom) and restrict air flow in. It also picks up a large amount of dust since carpet has a large surface area to trap such particles. If on a hard desk, the feet provide some elevation for air to move freely underneath so the fan can suck it up for cooling. This is desirable, however, computers will work pretty much anywhere.
Q:Hi,we are replacing are carpet,and would like to hear from anyone that knows about carpet.?
I agree with above answer... spring for the better padding.... you won't be sorry...
Q:Carpet stains?
Turpentine or paint thinner in a small amount on a rag then dab at the spot. We do this when the guy I paint with drips paint on carpet. We paint houses and he is always dripping paint. I could choke him sometimes.

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