High Quality Square Wire Mesh

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Packaging Detail:packing in roll ,with plastic bag inside ,carton box outside customers' special reques also available.
Delivery Detail:15-20 days


square wire mesh
material:stainless steel wire
Wire dia:0.018-6.27mm
Mesh size: 2mesh-600nesh

square wire mesh

1)material: AISI 201 202 302 304 304HC 304L 309S 310S 316 316L 321 430

2)wire diameter:0.0385-6.270mm

3)mesh size:2 mesh-600mesh

4)standard length:30.5m

5)technique:woven,plain weave,twilled weave,ducth.etc.


7)application:filter,screen,interior wall insulation nets.

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Q:Did I buy the wrong speaker wire?
First of all, wires really don't make a difference at all - not for speakers anyway. Any cheap wire from home depot will work fine. The stuff they use for lamps works very well. Secondly, the colors, stripes, etc. don't make a difference either. Here's the only thing that matters - make sure you connect the (+) or RED wire from your amp to the (+) or RED terminal on your speaker. Likewise with the other wire. That's all you need to keep track of. If you don't do this, then your bass will suck.
Q:help with guitar pickup wiring?
Here's okorder.com/... The single coil will be very similar. You'll note that the humbucker has 4 wires, but two of them are soldered together. You can ignore them and wire your single coil like the other 2 wires. Bare wire goes to ground. White wire goes to the outside lug of the volume pot. Center lug of volume pot goes to output jack.....the part that connects to the tip of the plug. Opposite lug of volume pot goes to ground Outside ring of input jack goes to ground.
Q:Wire Working Questions?
For okorder.com/
Q:old electrical wiring?
a wire is a wire is a wire! the coatings were only put on to keep the continuity in sync. if you have all these blk wires, 2 go into 1 and connected to the lite and the other is connected to the lite, and there is no gnd wire. the 2 are running thru to another lite along the way as they did in those days. don't disconnect them, keep them together and call that your power/red or blk, the single coming down to the lite is the common/white...get tape and mark them so. electrical tape comes in colors. now you won't have that prob in the future. as for the gnd, you should have a metal box, just screw to that. at last resort if you have an attic, run a grn/gnd wire from a water pipe of someplace that will ground and wire nut it off. any Q shoot me an email...
Q:Outdoor Wiring Question?
You likely scratched the wire somewhere. When I did an outdoor shed the wire made a corner on some metal and scratched the insulation. It is a leak rather than hooking up the wrong wire, otherwise you would have gotten more than a tingle. First I would examine everywhere the wire comes in contact with the post. Second Check all the connections to see if some were improperly taped, or the wire was cut when stripping.
Q:Braces-First Adjustment & New Wires
No, you can't physically see the difference in the thicker wire, but you can feel the difference when they first put it in. It will feel kind of heavier and tighter. It won't last long though...maybe 2 or 3 days and you'll get used to it. No, you won't get a thicker wire at every visit.
Q:Africa Shaped Wire Earrings...?
as well as on the first page link above, under the category Wire-Framing (P.S. Why did you use initial caps on all words in your question?...kinda hard to read.) .
Q:what are the limitations of international wire transfer limit?
Your bank may set a limit on the amount they will allow per wire transfer, but that would be the only limit. My company accepts wire transfers for international business almost daily and there have been a couple of time when I have had to have the purchasing company send a 2nd wire for the balance because the 1st exceeded the banks allowable transfer amount. Of course when that happens you have to be sure that you include the mark up to the customer invoice because you will be charges for each wire transfer by your bank. (some banks don't charge for incoming wires, some do.)
Q:Can I solder wire connections that are covered with wire nuts?
First try twisting them together. Then put on the wire nut. Don't bother with solder since the wire nut makes a gas-tight permanent connection (but still could be removed if you want to make changes in the future).
Q:Auto electrical wiring?
if they all had power running through them they wouldn't work. sometimes they use a relay to make a ground. would help if you said what you are dealing with.

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