High Quality Silver Plating Copper Wire Silver Magnet Wire

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100 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:silver plating copper wire by Plastic bobbin+Carton+Pallet
Delivery Detail:silver plating copper wire will be shipped within 15 days


silver plating copper wire silver magnet wire
Size: 0.02mm~2.60mm
Month Capacity: 10 tons
Material:99.99% silver & 99.99% cu




Product Description

silver plating copper wire silver magnet wire




JB/T 3135-2011 Silver coated annealed round copper wire .


ASTM B298-12 Standard Specification for Silver-Coated Soft or Annealed Copper Wire .


Advantages :

  1. High conductivity;

  2. Bright and smooth surface; 

  3. High corrosion resistance. 

Scope of Supply of silver coated round copper wire: 0.02-2.60mm



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The stretching of wire by longitudinal force: If F force applied across the crosectional area A of wire of radius r and lenght L then the wire elaogates in the dirextion of force Stress P = F / A A = pi* r^2 = (1.5/2)*10^-3 = 7.5 *10^-4 m^2 strain produced = dL / L = increase in length / original L Young's modulus or elastic (stretch) modulus for the maretial, within elastic limits, Y = stress/strain strain = stress / Y dL = F * L / A * Y = F * L / pi (r^2) * Y dL = 400* 1.5 / 3.14 (7.5 *10^-4)^2 * 6.2*10^10) meter dL = 0.005479 * meter dL = 5.479 millimeters increase in length
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Monster cable 10 awg
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That casing is called greenfield mainly used in commercial wiring. It does make the wires safe no rodent eating through that stuff. Its wire like that to protect the wiring. Feel blessed it was wired like that. That type of installation is high dollar wiring. additional info Starting in the 1920's, some wiring was manufactured in flexible metal cable. This Greenfield or BX wiring proved much better than the knob and tube wiring because it shielded the wires from damage. The armored cable on Greenfield wiring lacked a grounding wire; the metal coils of the cable provided the ground.

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