High Quality Round Strand Steel Rope with Quality Carbon Steel

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100 m.t./month

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stainless steel wire rope

Grade201,202,301,302,303,304,304L,316,316L,430,420,310S etc
Tensile Strength 200-2000N
Weight of Coilabout 3-30kg
Applicationaviation, weave, printin, electro communication, environment protection, medical treatment, dailyused goods and other interrelated fields as a industrial fundamental material.

Packaging & Delivery 

PackageStandard export package   coil,spool,bundle,wooden case etc or according to customer' requests
DeliveryOne Week or according to the quantity

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Q:Will 8 Gauge wire support 50 amps?
usually up to 60amps 8 gauge will be sufficient
Q:Using speaker wire to hook up subs and what gauge?
well speaker wire inside the box i never would wire them together but 10 gauge sounds ok but just buy an amp wireing kit and it will give you proper wires just to be safe make sure all your wires can handel the power other wise it will burn the wires up yes you should pull the apart cause it wont sound right i usaly do is like the wires i buy have a white stripe on them i use that 1 as a ground wire so i know whic 1 is what
Q:How to wire these speakers?
Seeing as the speakers have standard binding post connections, you will need regular speaker wire for them.
Q:can you use power as a grounding wire?
Eric? WTF are you talking about? 14 gauge is for speakers! Or a 20 watt amp, haha. Yes, they make 0 gauge wire. It doesnt matter what color the coating is, wire is wire! If you thought otherwise... well, I wont say it. Also, your question should have more info about what you are trying to do, etc. And its not a good idea to run a ground cable all the way back to the battery, hence why all amp manuals say use an 18 inch ground wire or shorter! If you have to use sandpaper to sand some metal and create bare metal, do it.
Q:How does one determine the load wires from line wires when there are multiple wires running to an outlet box?
Nine wires? sounds kinda sketchy. you may have normally two black (positive or load) and two white or neutral wires plus a green or bare copper cable for ground. it sounds like hobo joe who wired the place decided to add a few lights and whatever else to the positive feed of the original box. If you can find out what wires do what and add a junction box for all those extra wires.
Q:What is the current in the wire?
You need two basic equation: 1° Force acting on conductor in magnetic field: F = B I λ ..........(1) where B is magnetic field (also called magnetic induction) I is current λ is length of wire 2° Magnetic field near straight wire carrying current I B = μo I / (2πd) ..........(2) where d is distance from the wire μo is the magnetic permeability constant of vacuum (approx. same for air) μo= 4π*10^-7 Tm/A When there are two parallel wires on distance d carrying currents I1 and I2, each of them produce magnetic field causing forces acting on wires. Magnetic field from second wire creates force on first wire: F1 = B2 * I1 * λ Magnetic field from first wire creates force on second wire: F2 = B1 * I2 * λ These forces are equal in magnitude: F = μo I1 I2 λ / (2πd) ..........(3) When currents flow in same direction forces are attractive, and for opposite direction forces are repulsive. When I1=I2, F = μo I² λ / (2πd) ..........(4) Each wire, suspended on strings, decline from vertical position for angle θ=15°/2 = 7.5°, so that the angle between the strings holding the two wires is 2θ=15°. We find F from condition of static equilibrium of torques (relative to point where strings are attached to ceiling): F L cos θ = G L sin θ ..........(5) where G is weight of wire; G = m'gλ where m' is the mass per unit of length of each wire. L is length of strings from (5) we get relation F = G tan θ ..........(6) or F = m' g λ tan θ ..........(7) and from (4) and (7) : μo I² λ / (2πd) = m' g λ tan θ ..........(8) λ on both sides cancels, and we find current I as I = √(2 π d m' g tan θ / μo) ..........(9) You didn't say if there was some initial distance between wires, so we'll assume they are suspended in same points. In that case d = 2L sinθ ..........(10) and finally I = 2 √(π L m' g sinθ tan θ / μo) ..........(11) I = √[1.2 * 0.05 * 9.81 * sin 7.5° * tan 7.5° / 10^-7 ] I = 318.034 A
In a nutshell: a) Verify that your service drop has the capacity for the additional load - verify this with your utility. b) If you are planning to install a 200A service in the barn, and you are planning to bury the wire, you will need to use 3-0 wire in a conduit. Use separate conductors. Check with your local electrical inspector, but I do not believe you will need to run a separate ground within the conduit for this application. The code may have changed, however. c) You will need to install a 200A fused safety-switch at the pole, and a new 200A panel in the barn. d) The barn panel will also have a 200A main disconnect breaker in it. e) You will need to install an additional ground-rod (or rods) at the barn panel. 1. DO NOT use old/used wire. 2. Consider running triplex wire overhead as it will be less expensive and equally effective. 3. Get the work inspected by an underwriter - your fire insurance will be voided if you do not. Lastly, it is not rocket science, but the codes and standards that apply are there for a reason - follow them carefully and fully and you will be fine.
Q:How do I fix my outlet wire ?
using a wire nut just get the same size wire cut it about 4 inches long and make whats called a pig tail use the wire nut to connect the new wire to the short one its most likley a 14/2 wire if its on a 15 amp breaker if its on a 20/amp you should use a 12/2 wire
Q:How would you wire this?
If you are putting in two single pole switches, one for light and one for fan then each switch has two lugs. Take the two black wires that split from one connection point and tie one to one lug of a switch and tie the other black to one lug of the second switch. This will leave you with one remaining lug on each switch. Then tie the remaining black to the first switch and the red to the other switch.
Q:How do you solder wires together?
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