high quality pvc membrane mdf wooden entrance door designs double door with glass inserted

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Product Description:

1) High quality with cheap price

2)Beautiful appearance,many designs and colors to satisfy customers' different needs.

3)The doors are well used in hotel,office,apartment,school,hospital etc,as bedroom room door,toilet door,study room door etc.

Specifications :

Door frame structure

MDF boards on both sides, pvc film coated on surface,plywood or mdf as in filling.                                                                                            

Door frame  size          


Door leaf structure

finger jointed fir wood as skeleton inside, 6mm MDF boards on both sides with good pvc film coated,particle board /fir wood strips or mdf strips as in filling.

Door leaf standard size

2000* 800*40mm


good quality lock,handles,hinges,architraves,rubber seal


many designs and colors for choose,could refere E-catalogue

2)Characteristic : fashion,Moisture-proof, crack resistant , non-painting , environmental protection,soundproof

3)Package: film enwrapped on surface and packaged by strong carton or OEM.

4)Minimum Order:200sets

5)Delivery time: 10-18days

6)T/T, 30% deposit ,balance paid in full before loading the container at factory.

7)Loading quantities referance: A 20 GP container can load 220 sets in standard size.

               A 40 HC container can load 530 sets in standard size

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Q:How much are full metal doors for a jeep wrangler?
If you live in New England, and if your jeep is a YJ (1987 - 1995) then I have a set of full doors that I'll let you have for $400 + your half doors. I'll deal face to face, but I'm not going to be bothered shipping anything.
Q:How do I spray paint my exterior metal front door?
Your door came primed from the factory. Just clean good, wipe and let dry. Lay flat on horses out of full sun. Make passes from left to right across short width of door. Don't put on very heavy. Let dry 10-15 minutes- check to make sure it's dry. Now make passes the long way of the door, short spray . It's better to put on less paint than to put on too much on a single pass. Now go back to spraying across the door and then the length. For a good job I would say if you make 3 passes each way- you should have covered all the metal and eliminated blotching. Let dry 1 day then flip and paint other side and edges.
Q:where i can find good and economical metal Doors?
Steel Door Manufacturer , Sheth Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. They have the wide range of all type of steel doors for Industrial applications,commercial and residential applications.
Q:Aluminum doors and windows installed a long time how to protect the protective film
Under normal circumstances, the installation of the wall after the wall should immediately tear off the protective film. If a long time did not lead to tear tear difficult, you can first tear up, while blowing with a hair dryer tear. Degumming need to use rosin and other organic solvents to clean up.
Q:How do aluminum windows and doors eliminate static electricity?
How could the metal take the static back to his head is not stuck or do not want me to use a hammer to help him repair
Q:Aluminum doors and windows how to identify the thickness of the door?
To see the sample! General production and processing have samples! GB also has provisions! Aluminum alloy wall thickness is generally greater than 1.4mm, wall thickness greater than 2mm measuring box ruler!
Q:Silicon magnesium alloy door how much money a meter? Mainly kitchen door and toilet door
Can be customized, 200 square meters
Q:What is the difference between aluminum-plastic co-extruded doors and windows and broken aluminum windows and doors?
Aluminum-plastic co-extruded doors and windows generally refers to plastic aluminum, theoretically can reach the strength of aluminum doors and windows, and not easily deformed! But in fact the case of aluminum and plastic heat and cold deformation of the varying degrees, the doors and windows have great damage, technology to be improved! Broken aluminum alloy doors and windows, refers to the doors and windows inside and outside the aluminum alloy is not connected but by the insulation strip stitching, to cut off the purpose of aluminum heat transfer!
Q:Titanium alloy door quality how
Alloy is the metal hardness and corrosion resistance of the best, never rust, nor deformation, the specific market brand I do not know
Q:Do you have this standard?
Application Analysis of Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Frame One, steel box form Doors and windows steel box, that is, before the installation of aluminum alloy frame, the first installation specifications for the 40 * 20 * 2 (according to different specifications of the different specifications) rectangular square steel frame (diameter than the window frame size slightly larger), and other civil facades After the completion of the construction of the aluminum alloy doors and windows frame installed in the sub-frame, in order to facilitate the construction of external walls of construction, to avoid the installation of doors and windows and civil construction cross.

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