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high quality PP spunbond non woven fabric

What is nonwoven

broadly defined as sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments (and by perforating films) mechanically, thermally or chemically. They are flat, porous sheets that are made directly from separate fibers or from molten plastic or plastic

Line of Production

Intake materials -- high temperature molten -- spunlaid -- high temperature hot--rolled -- Cutting & Convoluting


100% polypropylene


-- Technic:spunbonded

--weight range : 9gsm- 300gsm

-- Width :160cm,240cm, 320cm (cab be split)

-- Embossing: dot, cross

-- Color: various color as customer request


-- Eco-friendly, water repellent

-- can have anti-UV, anti-bacteria,anti-static,flame retardant function as request

-- tear resistant, shrink-resistant

-- Strong strength and elongation, soft, non-toxic

-- Excellent property of air through


--(10~40gsm ) for medical/hygiene such as cap,mask,gown

-- (15~70gsm)agricultural covers, wall cover,

-- (50~100gsm)  shopping bags, suits pockets,  gifts bags, sofa upholstery

- (50~120gsm) sofa upholstery, home furnishing, handbag lining,shoe leather lining


-- PE bags

1. Weight:

9 - 300g/sm

2. Max Width:

3.2m 2.4m 1.6m 1.8m (can be split)

3. Colors:

Different Colors Available

4. Composition:

100% Polypropylene

5. Roll length:

According to Customers' Request

6. Max. Roll Diameter:


7. Minimum Order:


8. Payment:


9. Deliver Lead Time:

Within 10  Days After Got Deposite

10. Price Terms:


11. Outer Packing:

Plastic Bag

12. Produce Ability:

600 Tons/Month

13. Embossing:


14. Characteristics:

Anti-pull, environmentally-friendly, good tensile strength, feeling soft, non-toxic, water-resistant, air- permeable.

15. Applications:

protective masks, nappying, garment interlining. operation gown ,surgical dressing, medical face masks ,shopping bags ,bed sheet, pillow cases ,table cover, laboring garments, suit cover

16. Other Products:

Spunlace nonwoven


1.We have a professional control process, management process

2.No hurm to invironment passed ISO9001

3.Exported to more than 20 countries in Europe and America

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Q:What is the best quality area rugs?
I have always had hard wood floors, so I use area rugs and rug runners under foot. I have found that the best rugs are wool rugs. My all time favorite rugs are hand hooked rugs. They are very durable.
Q:Fruit punch on a white carpet?
It might be a little late, but go to bed bath and beyond or some store like that and find a product called WineOut. If it can handle red wine out of my white carpet it should easily handle fruit punch.
Q:Carpet iron is different from ordinary iron
The most common way is to use a vacuum cleaner along the direction of the hair vacuum, such as local pollution, can be carpet dry cleaning agent or ordinary dry cleaning agent, and then wipe with a damp cloth, and dry in the shade;
Q:How to choose study carpet when decorating and designing
The study is mainly used to work and study, so it needs to create a serious feeling. Furniture should be selected of American style or European style with cluture ambience carpet. the matching color is monotonous, the furniture should adopt its good qualities and aovid its shortcomings, it's easy to depress the whole study and work.
Q:area rug thin.11'x13' pad needed. Hardwood floors?
A true pad won t really work since it ll bunch up,make it to thick and cause a tripping hazard.. What you should use is a special mat made just for rugs over hardwood. This type allows the rug to stay it place w/o slipping and bunch up, allows the wood to properly breathe and not stain the wood . These are bought any where wood and flooring are sold, just get the kind made for rugs over wood. Since you know your rug size you can get the closest size to your rug. You can even cut these and trim them to fit so the whole rug is covered from below. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:What is the name of a steel carpet that is used to filter dirt on the front door of the hall?
The middle part is made of metal materails. It's called aluminum alloy dust mat which can be put on the doorway because it's dust removal effect is particularly good, you can also see them in some office buildings. Generally, you can see them in the large-scale hotels.
Q:How do I stop my cat from scratching the rugs...?
my cat usually scratches the couches and i tell her to get off, i put a rough ''welcome'' rug outside and whenever my cat wants to scratch she goes there, just get a really hard and rough rug, and put it on the rug that it scratches , worked for me, hope it works for you :)
Q:does shag area rugs look good on berber carpet?
You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who lived through the 70s and has any fondness for shag. It's something best left in Brady Bunch reruns.
Q:A spot on my sons rug smells like skunk! why? and how do I get rid of the smell?? 10 points best answer?
Boys track all kinds of smelly things into the house on their feet. It could be skunk smell. Everyone who has told you to use plain white vinegar is right. If you want to heat it to near boiling, that could not hurt either. Then dry as best as you can with white towels or color fast towels. Use the shop vac to extract as much water as you can and put a fan on the spot. You want to get it as dry as possible. Health food stores and pet stores sometimes sell safe enzymatic cleaners for pet stains. They really do work on all kinds of animal or urine stains and odors. Tomato juice works because of the enzymes in tomatoes. I would not put it on your carpet. It will smell like rotten tomatoes over time, and stain your carpet red. If your son did get into a patch of ground where a skunk had been, some of the smell might also be lingering on his shoes and clothes. Sometimes time is the best solution to bad smells. Time, fresh air and sunshine all work wonders. If you can't pick up the smell right away, just keep the room picked up, open a window when you can, run a fan to keep air circulating around, and open the blinds.
Q:Can you do a round throw rug with a round dinning room table?
I think that this would be fine - its repeating the round theme in another part of the room - tho I would not have the same colours but rather make them tone with each other say one patterned and the other plain etc

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