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Name:onion bags
Following is the brief introduction of our products and our company.
A.about products
1.Size: we can produce various sizes of leno mesh bags, our regular sizes are
of bag
We also accept customerized sizes.
2.Color: as the client's request.for example, red, green, yellow, orange, violet,
milky white etc. We guarantee all the colors are bright and beautiful.
3. Drawstring:tough quality!
4. Hold capacity: from 10kg to 50kg
5. Raw material:
PP tape+PE wire or PP tape+ PP tape.
6.Bottom: fold once, sealed with one or two stitiches.
B. Shipping details.
1. Delivery time: within 20 days for 20 Container or 40 container..
3. Usage:for packing various kindsof vegetable and fruit. Such as potato, cabbage,
onion, carrot, garlic, tomato, eggplant and lemon, orange, apple, pear etc.
4.Environmental friendly, non-toxic component,durable and good appearance.
5.Samples free within 3 days.
C. Aobut factory.
We have complete working procedure:

Now have 500 employees.

Warp-making machines---3 sets

Weft-making machines---4 sets

Tubular leno mesh bags-making machines---210 sets

Plain leno mesh Bags-making machines---45 sets

pp fabric roll-hot cutting machines---4 sets

sewing machines---300 sets

bale packing machines--- 4 sets

We are one of the TOP THREE mesh bags manufacturer in China, being in this field for over 18 years.
D. Certificate.
We have been awarded with the certificate for compliance with the international
standard GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008.That prove that we passed the
So we think it is safe to say that our quality is first class. Our quality is our pride.


onion bags
1.passed SGS and ISO
2.18 years' manufacturer
3. best quality and prices
4.your reliable supplier!

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Q:would plastic be cheaper?
Plastic have been used ever since it existed and I would still say that it is harmful especially to our environment because it takes years to decompose. Now, if you want cheaper used for packaging we have recycled bags of today which have been recommended to be used.
Q:Question about plastic dog bowls?
The only problems I've heard about plastic bowls is because bacteria spreads easily in plastic. I don't really see it as a huge issue as long as the bowls are washed regularly, especially the water bowl. I've never had a problem, but I switched to metal bowls anyway...
Q:How to handle packing bags?
A variety of plastic packaging materials processing methods should be based on different packaging forms and quality, as well as the nature of plastic packaging materials targeted. The general principle is that it can not cause two pollution in the process of recycling and the most efficient recycling of resources and energy. Therefore, the waste plastic packaging materials to form a set of comprehensive recovery complete governance model, taking effective comprehensive measures, so that waste plastic packaging materials can be fully recycled, to reduce "white pollution on the environment caused by the" burden, promote the development of circular economy.
Q:Why arent more plastics recycled?
Well as already mentioned most plastics can only be recycled a few times, some not at all, whilst others are designed to bio degrade not recycle. PE plastics can be recycled 4-5 times, then make excellent fuel replacement for power stations (only giving off water and CO2 nasty but nothing worse less, than CO2 than wood of the same weight). but how do companies know how often something is recycled? Also often plastic is used in Food and Chemical packaging. Generally it is safest to use Virgin plastic. Before this is then recycled it must be non hazardous and that's expensive. We could help by making sure all recyclable plastic is clean before we send it off, and keep asking manufacturers for goods made with recycled products.
Q:Does anybody know where to buy plastic?
drinks isle in the supermarket
Q:what is the chemical formula for plastic?
which plastic?everyone is different and there are thousands of them
Q:Plastic used in wallets for ID cards?
You can get plastic id cards and badges for your organization or business here.You also get information regarding your question here.
Q:singapore going plastic free?
The aims are noble. I mean who can fault them for wanting to protect the environment. I agree with owenrich that in a sense, we are lagging behind many other countries in this regard. For non regular shoppers like me who do not have a habit of carrying shopping bags wherever we go, we would not mind paying for the bags. What irked me however is having to fork out money to advertise their company. Bags have been traditionally a marketing tool for department stores and supermarkets. During festive seasons like Christmas, shoppers are known to patronize stores that have beautiful shopping bags created specially for the seasons. To the stores, the publicity they get far outweighs the cost of the bags. It is not a Christmas season now, and the bags you see are their normal dull looking bags with nothing but the stores' logos and slogans all over. What more, we are now paying to publicize their stores. Doesn't that seem somewhat ridiculous? If it is just environment issues that they are concerned with, they should give shoppers a choice to purchase eco-friendly bags which do not bear their company names at all. Otherwise, they will have the last laugh at the expense of consumer dollars.
Q:Why plastics are white pollution?
It refers to polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other polymer compounds made of all kinds of living plastic products, used to be discarded as solid waste,
Q:Plastic cups. or glass?
GLASS ALWAYS Plastic causes many health issues that we don't see until its too late...and if you use plastic to microwave, thats a whole new can of worms. In 2010 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, along with the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, moved to conduct additional research and update regulations regarding Bisphenol A, commonly called BPA. BPA is an additive used in polycarbonate plastics as well as epoxy resins used to line food cans. The Environmental Working Group cites laboratory studies that show BPA is a hormone disruptor, with the potential for causing a variety of ailments, including birth defects, infertility and breast cancer, even at low levels. Wouldn't you know, businesses in Japan and the United Kingdom moved to decrease use of BPA in plastics in the late 1990s and early 2000s, respectively. All polycarbonate plastic, labeled as number 7 recyclable, contains BPA, but number 7 also includes other types of plastic that may be BPA-free.

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