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Name:onion bags potato bag leno bag for package
A.specification of bags
1.Size: we can produce various sizes of leno mesh bags, our regular sizes are
of bag
We also accept customerized sizes.
2.Color: as the client's request.for example, red, green, yellow, orange, violet,
milky white etc. We guarantee all the colors are bright and beautiful.
3. Drawstring:tough quality!
4. Hold capacity: from 10kg to 50kg
5. Raw material:
PP tape+PE wire or PP tape+ PP tape.
6.Bottom: fold once, sealed with one or two stitiches.
B. Shipping details.
1. Delivery time: within 20 days for 20 Container or 40 container..
3. Usage:for packing various kindsof vegetable and fruit. Such as potato, cabbage,
onion, carrot, garlic, tomato, eggplant and lemon, orange, apple, pear etc.
4.Environmental friendly, non-toxic component,durable and good appearance.
5.Samples free within 3 days.
C. Aobut factory.
We have complete working procedure:

Now have 500 employees.

Warp-making machines---3 sets

Weft-making machines---4 sets

Tubular leno mesh bags-making machines---210 sets

Plain leno mesh Bags-making machines---45 sets

pp fabric roll-hot cutting machines---4 sets

sewing machines---300 sets

bale packing machines--- 4 sets

We are one of the TOP THREE mesh bags manufacturer in China, being in this field for over 18 years.

onion bags
1.passed SGS and ISO
2.18 years' manufacturer
3. best quality and prices
4.your reliable supplier!

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