High Quality Outdoor Portable Wireless Speaker,Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

High quality outdoor portable wireless speaker,mini bluetooth speaker


Product Description  

Bluetooth Version3.0
MAX Power output3
MIC Sensitivity-32db
Receive SensitivityBetter than -82dBm.
Data TransmissionUp to 3Mbps
UART Data Transmission Rate115200bps
Charing Voltage3.7V –4.2V DC
Working Voltage4.8V –5.5V DC
Working Current200MA. 32db 32db -32db
Quiescent Current>1UA
AntennaBuilt in 


Function & Feature:

1.100% and high quality;
2.This  product is a portable multimedia speaker, which is disign exquisitely,convenient to carry;

3.Supply HIFI sound quality, low power dissipation;
4.PC, laptop, computer, MP3, MP4, mobile phone which have audio output connector to it directly;
5.It is a mini  bluetooth speaker which can search radio station;

6.Wirless Bluetooth Input;Audio Transmission;Handsfree function. TF Card function,NFC Optiona;l

7.Hand gesture recognition"Prev/Next ,Stop and Play".



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Q:300zx center speaker?
does your car have door speakers and rear speakers aswel or just the centre front speaker and 2 rear speakers?
Q:What are some good affordable speakers?
i okorder
Q:Hooking up Speakers?
Look at the back of the stereo or in the manual and see what Ohm range it supports. It will say 8 - 16 ohms or 8 ohms or something like that. Then look at the back of the speakers or in the manual and make sure they match or fall into that range. This is a must. There are ways to correct this if they don't fall into the receivers range, but that's another story. The stereo should have minimum and maximum watts as well as the speakers. Make sure the receiver doesn't put out more watts than the speakers can handle. If it does, you risk blowing the speakers at higher volume levels. Notice that speakers have normal watts and peak watts. If your receiver exceeds the peak watts, that's risky. You shouldn't run your speakers at peak watts for long durations in any case. Email me if you have questions. Good Luck!
Q:which brand speaker is better ?
My advice is to always buy a speaker from a 'real' speaker company. One that makes speakers as it's main business. Bose does not count because it spends 5 times the budget on Marketing than Engineering. Therefore - it is a Marketing company. What is important? Well - speakers have 'flavor'. You are used to some speakers and if you buy speakers that dont sound right with music you like - you are stuck. Take a CD (not a compressed MP3) and go audition the speakers. Pick the one that sounds good with a favorite CD. Some brands like Klipsch are 'forward' but are good for rock and rap. Some brands like Paradigym are neutral and highly prized for Jazz, Classical type of music. Other brands - are a mix. You just have to decide if you like what you hear.
Q:problem with speakers for computer?
Are the speakers powered (i.e. need AC power)? If yes, the power adaptor may be spoilt. Connect a good pair of speaker to check whether it is the speaker or the PC that is faulty. Alternatively, connect an MP3 player to the speaker to check that speakers are working alright.
Q:What is the difference between all the different types of DJ speakers?
Monitor speakers are for your ears only so you can hear what you are doing, loudspeakers are another name for speakers, 2 way speakers are those with a woofer and a tweeter. these are not the most efficient, but they sound good for compact bookshelf speakers. would'nt use them for DJ'ing though, too much distortion at high volumes. PA speakers are Public Address. These are the type found in your high school intercom system, good for voice but lousy for music and terrible with base tones. Hope that helped some.
Q:How do Speakers work?
In very simple terms: An electrical current travels from the audio source to the speaker. The current turns an electromagnet on and off very quickly in response to the audio signal. The electromagnet is near a metal disc on a flexible cone, the cone vibrates when the electromagnet turns on and off. The cone vibrates and causes the air molecules to vibrate as well, these vibrations are detected by your ears.
Q:ipod touchspeakers?
What speakers? EDIT: Yes the speakers would work with an iPod Touch 4th Gen.
Q:How does the loudspeaker sound?
Right click on the lower right corner of the small speaker to select the playback device to see if there is no disabled playback device.
Q:Can my speakers hurt my computer monitor?
I don't think so for LCD, however, this may affect the old monitors and old TVs.

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