High Quality Outdoor Portable Wireless Speaker,Mini Bluetooth Speaker

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Product Description:

High quality outdoor portable wireless speaker,mini bluetooth speaker


Product Description  

Bluetooth Version3.0
MAX Power output3
MIC Sensitivity-32db
Receive SensitivityBetter than -82dBm.
Data TransmissionUp to 3Mbps
UART Data Transmission Rate115200bps
Charing Voltage3.7V –4.2V DC
Working Voltage4.8V –5.5V DC
Working Current200MA. 32db 32db -32db
Quiescent Current>1UA
AntennaBuilt in 


Function & Feature:

1.100% and high quality;
2.This  product is a portable multimedia speaker, which is disign exquisitely,convenient to carry;

3.Supply HIFI sound quality, low power dissipation;
4.PC, laptop, computer, MP3, MP4, mobile phone which have audio output connector to it directly;
5.It is a mini  bluetooth speaker which can search radio station;

6.Wirless Bluetooth Input;Audio Transmission;Handsfree function. TF Card function,NFC Optiona;l

7.Hand gesture recognition"Prev/Next ,Stop and Play".



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Q:speaker impedance?
You gotta get 4 ohm speakers if that is what the amplifier is rated for, otherwise you risk an impedance curve that can overheat your amp or blow out your speakers.
Q:1991 Honda Accord LX speaker wireing?
You check engine light should be on. Goto Autozone and have them pull the codes for free. Post the codes here, that might help. Heck, just last week I thought my tranny was going bad. It was shifting hard and would not shift past 2nd gear (30 mph was the fastest I could go). But my posting the codes here, one of which input/turbine input speed sensor error. A tech told me it was a sensor on the tranmission. I dont usually replace random parts either ( I learned my lesson a long time ago, but everyone insisted it was that sensor). Since that sensor was only 16.99, I decided to try it. voila, car runs perfect now. So I went to thin king I had a 3k transmission job down to a 17.00 part, pretty sweet deal. So post your codes in here, might give a real mechanic a heads up and be able to help you better.
Q:Samsung PN50A450 TV hooking up speakers?
Sorry, you have to.
Q:Can you use any bookshelf speaker as a center channel speaker?
Two speakers.
Q:speaker audio in to audio output?
While it would be physically possible to install such a jack into the speaker, it will not work out electronically speaking. The speaker is not designed with the power boost it would require to drive other speakers or the audio output jack would already exist as a part of that circuitry. Attempting to jury rig this will result most likely in bad sound quality, weakening of the components in the speaker itself and possible permanent damage to the circuitry. Sorry, in this case you just can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, even with the right tools and techniques. My best advice, enjoy what it is intended for without modification.
Q:Connect Surround Speakers to Front Speakers output on Amplifier?
It would not be advisable to connect two 30 Watt 8 Ohm speakers to a single 30 Watt 8 Ohm Source. Connecting the speakers this way would change the Impedance (Ohm's) to 4 Ohms. That might damage your system and/or speakers. The all-in-one's were designed to connect one of the supplied speakers to each output. If you really must connect two speakers to the one output, try using two 15 Watt 16 Ohm speakers. You could also try using two 15 Watt 4 Ohm speakers connected in Series. Series would be the connecting the positive (red) from your amp to the positive of speaker #1. The negative (black) from speaker #1 to the positive of speaker #2. The negative from speaker #2 to the negative of your amp. I guess my only question to you is, Why would you not want true surround sound. There might be five channel stereo settings on your amp that would give your surround speakers the same sound of your front speakers. I could not find any manual for your unit on the net to check this out.
Q:Buying speakers for the car?
If you have 4 and 6x9 speakers in a Nissan I'm guessing that there is a Bose factory system in there. If you are still using the factory radio and amplifiers it is not a good idea to just replace the speakers if it is Bose because the factory speakers run at a real low ohm load (usually 1.5 or 2 ohms). If it is a standard Nissan stereo you should have 6.5 speakers all the way around, depending on the model of car. If this is the case you can replace just the speakers with no problem. The major benefit to adding an amp to interior speakers is that you have a lot more flexibility as to how you want the speakers to sound.
Q:Broken Bose lifestyle 12 speaker?
A friend of mine has a bose system. One time he dropped one of the speakers and it broke. So he called bose was honest with them and told them what happened, and they sent him a brand new speaker so he could have a complete system. Maybe they'll do that for you too.
Q:Help on finding speakers?
I don't know much about speakers and khz but i have ipod speakers made by logitech, they are loud enough for me and are really good quality
Q:93' Aerostar Speaker Size?
Front speakers Dash : 4 factory speaker note Far rear speakers Mid Panel : 6x9 Tail Doors : 3-1/2

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