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Type:Bedroom FurnitureSpecific Use:Home BedGeneral Use:Home Furniture
Material:WoodenAppearance:ModernStyle:Water Bed,Modern
Folded:NoInflatable:NoSize:any size is available
structure:woodern frame+high density foam+real leatherFunction:Homecertification:ISO9001:2000


new leather furniture bedroom, beds bedroom furniture
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Q:6 feet wide bed, what specifications of quilt cover, sheets?
Foot to meter conversions are as follows:1.1 meters = 3 Shichi, so 1 feet = 1/3 M = 0.3333 meters4.5 feet is 1.5 meters, 5 feet, 1.7 meters6 feet is two meters
Q:bed wetting?
Q:dog pees on bed HELP!!!?
That really depends on what kind of breed your dog is. If he/she's the one that can be VERY obedient, then, I'm sure you can train him/her. Or at least shout or tell him that what he's doing is wrong. If you see him going up your bed, make an angry face and shout, Sssh! or something like Ha!. Getting that smell on your bed... hmm... now, THAT'S hard. Haha. Why don't you try spraying cologne or at least washing it off with a REALLY REALLY nice-and-strong-smelling soap. Hope that helps. ^^
Q:Does Sears sell good beds?
Beds are made in a variety of types of construction. You need to decide whether you want a box spring and coil spring mattress or a water bed, floatation bed, foam or air, etc. If you are looking to compare the traditional box spring and mattress, you will need to take a look at the 'cutaway' that every store should have on display. That will tell you the gauge of the steel that has been used in the coils, the number of layers of foam, sisal, etc. Lie on the sample beds and find the one that is the most comfortable for the way that you sleep. If you sleep on your stomach, then wear comfortable clothes and go to the store and lie on the bed in that position. You will soon decide if it is too hard or too soft. Once you have decided, you can compare beds at several stores. Compare the gauge and the density of the foam. Is it fire retardant? Do you really need a pillowtop when it already has a layer of foam in the regular part of the mattress? It is impossible to tell by looking at it which is the best quality. Listen to the sales people tell you about the construction. If the store refuses to show you the cutaway, definitely don't buy there. You cannot compare by brand names as all brand names will make a variety of qualities of beds for their retailers. They will also make the same bed with different covers and different names but the inside will be identical. Good luck and good sleeping
Q:What is the difference between a flannel bed and a coral velvet?
These two fabrics are soft and have better heat preservation effect.
Q:Webkinz Super Beds?
I think you should get the Sugary Sweets Bed. Add me to your friends list I'm Jbeanie! Proud owner of 34 webkinz!
Q:buying bed spreads at bed bath and beyond?
Dear Stephanie, Go back to Bed Bath Beyond and ask to speak to the manager. I expect that they will sell the display bedspread to you (and maybe even discount it-if you ask). Check out the condition of the bedspread to make sure that it is not faded from being under the lights, ripped, or soiled before you make your offer. Volunteer to leave your name and number so the store can call you when they are ready for you to pick up the bedspread (they may not want to strip the bed at the moment you are there). If you are not able to strike the deal you want, ask the store manager to call another store and find your bedspread in stock at another location (this is often done). If you are not able to solve your dilemma while you are there, make sure you take the SKU number, name, price, and description of the linens with you so that you can go online and order your bedspread. Lastly, don't forget that there are 20% coupons for Bed Bath Beyond in the newspaper all the time (in my town, they accept expired coupons or coupons from like stores). Hope this helps you immensley, Dolores
Q:are day beds comfortable?
Well, I'd always bang my head against the bars in my sleep, which of course made me mad. By the end of my first year having it, I was so mad at it that I got a futon instead. Way less comfortable, but at least I'm not always hitting the bars. If you don't move around a lot, or can stand a bunch of pillows blocking the bars (I moved so much the pillows didn't work, they just got kicked off the bed) then it should be okay. Futons are comfortable if you don't get a cheapo $100. If you spend about $200-$300, they're good quality and comfortable. I like my futon a lot better than my day bed.
Q:Which type of bed do you prefer? Waterbed or regular bed?
absolutely regular bed. Water bad can be breach with every sharply thing. Regular bed is more simply to care, thank the other one...
Q:Bed bugs carried on clothing?
Wash clothes in Hot water and put in dryer. Take a vacuum and valcumm upholstery and mattress. Spray with bug killer. Clean the rails on your bed only. Spray along the baseboards of your wall and carpet. Be sure to keep your luggage out doors and spray. Inspect the ribbing around the luggage. Bed bugs hide in crevices out of sight. Use a flashlight. Recliners need to be turned over and sprayed. Remember the bed bugs hide and lay their eggs. If you have any bed bugs they will be in your bed and if you wake up with a bite then the bed bug has had his snack on you. They suck the blood from a live host. It's interesting that she told you after the fact. I think I would just send email instead of visiting. Jo Ann

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