high quality magnesium oxide board

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Product Description:

high quality magnesium oxide board

Product introduction:Xinlong magnesium oxide board  is made of magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, glass fiber cloth of middle alkali , expanded perlite, sawdust and other auxiliary materials and additives, which is advanced process, stripping, conservation, anti-reversion halogen processing and drying processes .What's more it is popular building materials in the world . It is divided into building materials and fire resistance board according to processes, formulas.Its technical indicators are completely compliance with the requirements of GB25970-2010 “inorganic non-combustible composite board”standard.

magnesium oxide board Features:

Serial No

Inspection Items

Inspection Methods

Technique Data

Test Results




GB/T 7019-1997





Dry State Bending Strength,MPa

GB/T 7019-1997





Saturated Bending Strength,MPa

GB/T 7019-1997





Moisture absorption,%

GA 160-2004






GA 160-2004

No Water Drop,No Getting Damp

Compliance with Requirements



Combustion Performance

In-Furnace Temperature Rise,°C

GB/T 5464-1999




Fire Duration,S

GB/T 5464-1999




Mass Loss Rate,%

GB/T 5464-1999




Main application areas:

Fire resistance board series: used in the tunnel ceiling, steel structure column, beam, horizontal floor, fire partition wall, room dividers.

Decorative board series: used in hotels, office buildings, residential renovation.

Substrate Series:used in ceiling, partition, fireproof door core, warehouse board and lining board.

Sound-absorbing board Series: subways, bus stations, theaters, factories and other public buildings.



It is not suitable for building materials because its content is less then 60%, Light burned magnesium oxide powder price is 2 times the price of magnesite  what's more  it has much impurities .Fireproof performance is worse than   light calcined magnesite .

Light burned magnesium oxide powder

It is  suitable for building materials and fireproof materials because its content is more then 85%, Light burned magnesium oxide powder price is 2 times the price of magnesite what's more no impurities .Its fireproof performance is betterr than   magnesite .

More details:

MGO fireproof sheet is a kind of environmental-friendly fireproof board widely used in construction and decoration. It's made from magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fiberglass mesh, sawdust, perlite etc. We use, highly-purified active MGO as the main fireproof material of board, high-quality MgCl2 as the main cementing material to solidify other materials, alkali-resistance fiberglass mesh to ensure the high strength of board, soft sawdust and light non-combustible perlite as filling materials.

MGO fireproof sheet enjoys strong points in more fields compared with the plasterboard and the traditional partition board, either in the decoration for modern construction or the fire resistent division for the industrial workshops

Features of the products :
1. Strong fireproofing capability: All the specifications of this product has reached the requirement of GB8624 fireproof level A and JC688-2006.

2. Good shockproof capability: This product is designed with many layers of high-strength fiber webs, which can effectively absorb part of the energy from the earthquake to avoid the instantaneous collapse of the isolation wall.

3. Smooth and scratchproof face: Advanced European and American production technology and recipes is introduced for this product, thus the turned-out board material is of smooth face and high hardness, collision and impacting will not result in depressions and scratches.

4. Good safety performance: This product is 100% free of asbestos and radiation, nor will it create the organic substance harmful to human bodies.

5. Superior performance in sound insulation and heat insulation: When used as the partition, this product can be filled inside to absorb sound, whose performance in sound insulation is better than the single brick wall meanwhile the cold and green house effect is raised, which saves energy and increases the economic benefit.

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