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Leather pu bed frame
1.Size: 4ft, 4ft6, 5ft
3.Package: 1pc/2ctns


1.OEM is offered.
2.Size of bed: 180*200cm.can be customize
3.Material: cloth fabric,wood.metal foot.
4.Economical price.

PU bed    home furniture  

ItemSizeLoading Quantity/40 HQ
Single Bed900*1900mm289pcs
Double Bed1370*1900mm239pcs
Queen Bed1520*2000mm 227 pcs
King Bed1570*2000mm197pcs

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Q:Do Walmart beds come with a mattress?
Beds are beds and mattresses are separate in most cases. Some people like them soft and some like them hard and some like them medium. There are so many variables in what people desire in a mattress that no one sells a bed with one.
Q:The house is West. How about the orientation of the bed?
1: for the bed itself, consider whether its length, width is sufficient, the bed is smooth, and whether there is good support and comfort. As for the height of the bed, it is advisable for the knee to be slightly higher than that of the person who is asleep. Too high to stoop is inconvenient. Remember that bed can not be posted, bed should be empty, not piling up debris, otherwise no ventilation, easy to damp. Can cause backache.2: on bed regardless of location, the key is who should be allowed to lie can be seen from the bed and the bedroom door and windows, and at dawn, there will be sunshine on the bed, help to absorb natural energy.3: the bed can not rely on the door to the bedroom if the limited space, and the bed at the gate side, the bedroom has violated the taboo.
Q:antique beds?
Have you looked up antique beds and gone from there? I'm sure they are out ther. Maybe start with antique furniture and go from there. Good luck.
Q:Dog Bed??!!?
I also have a puppy and when I first got her she liked to sleep with me, she likes her bed to nap in but wasn't to sure about it when it was night, her bed is small and comfy. What I did is at bed time, she would climb up on the bed and I would take her bed and put it on the floor beside my bed, and put her in it, she got out a couple times, but I continued to put her in it, and now she knows at bed time to sleep in her bed, you might want to get a fleece blanket for her bed, and put a snugle toy in there, that might work. Good luck
Q:sun tan or tanning bed ?
Sun tanning, tanning beds are cancer beds You'll be dead within 20 years if you use them. Good old mother nature and plenty of spf 15 or higher will keep you golden and sexy for years to come.
Q:Tanning bed questions?
They are suppose to be more powerful than regular bulbs so your skin tans faster. I've never noticed a difference.
Q:Which is better, fabric bed and solid wood bed?
Solid wood bedAdvantage1, pure solid wood, environmental protection performance is high, use assured;2. The floor under the bed can be displayed and easy to clean.3, bed, mattress and bedding were bought to focus on their respective strengths, try to avoid shoddy business.Shortcoming:1, the total price relative to cloth bed slightly expensive2, the size of the fabric bed less choiceFinally, of course, it's up to you to decide which is better.
Q:Help finding bedding?
I okorder.com/ Hope this helps!
Q:diy raised garden beds?
I want to do one also, get yourself some railway sleepers, not the heavy ones covered in tar, but the freshly cut ones, then mark and dig out the area you would like to make as your bed, so lets say a rectangle, mark it out and dig as deep as you like, i would personally go to halfway on the first sleeper, then stack them all on top of each other and use brackets to stick them together and of course for that you will need a power drill and some outdoor screws, then fill it with both earth and soil and put in your plants, good luck.
Q:Do you keep your laptop on your lap or on the bed ?
on my lap it over heats on the bed

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